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Gummy Bear Pyramid | USA
Gummy Bear Pyramid

Dicapria is a multi-talented artist. They blend skills as an art director, installation artist, and experienced designer. They do this to create captivating and immersive art. They are from Peru and America. They infuse their creations with a rich tapestry of culture. It adds depth and diversity to their portfolio. Since 2003, Dicapria has been making installations. They transport audiences to fantastical realms where whimsy and imagination rule. Their projects include “Monsters of the Underworld” and “Nocturne-X.” These projects show their vision. 

They show their ability to work with others. In particular, the “Gummy Bear Pyramid Light Art Installation” project is an example of Dicapria’s innovative approach. They used over 200,000 hand-cast gummy bears and LED lights to make a stunning and colorful pyramid. The pyramid traveled from Burning Man to the Toronto Light Festival, spreading joy wherever it went. DiCapria commits to inclusivity and community. 


Please introduce yourself briefly.

I’m Dicapria. I’m from both Peru and America. I’m also Queer and Non-Binary. I live in Oakland, California. I work as an art director, installation artist, and experience designer. Since 2003, I’ve been creating art installations and extraordinary experiences. People can be part of them. My art is about making people feel like they’re in a different world, full of color and imagination.

Being from two cultures and being who I am makes my art unique. I enjoy working with others to create new and exciting things. I’ve found a great community in Oakland that helps me be creative. I’m always looking forward to making more art that makes people happy and excited!

Dicapria Artist

What kind of projects have you worked on?

I’ve worked on many projects. One of my standout projects is the “Gummy Bear Pyramid Light Art Installation” project. I used over 200,000 bears. I used them to create a gigantic pyramid. It was like building a vast candy tower! I placed each gummy bear to form the structure and then added LED lights to make it glow and shine. The result was stunning and colorful. It captured the imagination of all who saw it. It traveled from Burning Man to the Toronto Light Festival. This sweet creation traveled far and wide, spreading joy.

Monsters of the Underworld.” This try involved making monster creature puppets and costumes. They were for a unique Monster Parade, performance, and dance party. Another critical piece is the “Academy of the Forbidden Arts.” It is a 16’x8′ neon Gothic Hellscape stage. I spearheaded “Nocturne-X,” a 5000sq ft interactive glowing forest planet. Each project combines captivating experiences with ethereal and light art installations.

Standout projects

What themes and concepts do you explore in your art?

In my art, I like to explore fun and magical ideas. I create things that make people feel like they’re in a dream or a fairy tale. I use bright colors and lights to make my art exciting and memorable. I aim to make people smile and feel happy when they see what I’ve made.


How do you approach leading and managing large-scale art projects?

I like to keep things creative but organized regarding big art projects. First, I gathered a team of talented and friendly artists excited to work together. We talk a lot and share ideas to ensure we’re all on the same page. Then, I plan with clear goals and deadlines for each project step. But I also encourage everyone to try new things and have fun while we work. It’s all about teamwork and making something extraordinary together!


Can you describe your creative process when starting a new project?

When I start a new project, I like to explore and try out different ideas. First, I do some research to get inspired. Then, I brainstorm and sketch out my initial ideas. After that, I experimented with different materials and techniques to see what works best. Along the way, I ask for feedback from others to help me improve. I refine and adjust my ideas as the project progresses until I’m happy with the result. It’s all about exploring, experimenting, and having fun with creativity!

creative process

What role does technology play in your art?

Technology helps me make my art cool. I use fancy lights, augmented reality, and interactive stuff. These create worlds where people feel like they’re part of the art. I use LED lights to make things glow. I also make interactive installations that people can play with. Technology makes my art more exciting and fun. It’s like adding extra magic to what I create, making it even more special for everyone who sees it.


What challenges do you face as a non-binary artist in the art world?

I’m a non-binary artist. I face difficulties in the art world. People expect artists to fit into male or female categories. This can make it challenging to find my place and feel accepted. But I’m dedicated to making art inclusive. It should welcome everyone, no matter their gender. I aim to challenge stereotypes. I want to show that everyone’s story matters, regardless of gender. I want to do this for non-binary identities in art and beyond.


How do you stay inspired and motivated in your work?

I try new things and explore new experiences to keep myself inspired at work. Interacting with diverse communities and working with fellow artists also energizes me. Sharing ideas with others keeps my creativity flowing. It encourages me to push my artistic limits. Staying curious and open to new experiences is vital. It helps me keep my motivation and passion for creating art.


How do you incorporate elements of play and imagination into your work?

Adding fun and imagination to my work is essential to me. I want to have experiences. They will take people to magical places where they can use their imaginations. I want to bring joy to people of all ages. I do this by making a cardboard playhouse and creating creative scavenger hunts. I want to make my creations playful and imaginative. I can make everyone feel like a curious kid again.

Imagination Art work

How do you balance the technical and artistic aspects of your projects?

To balance my projects, I plan and pay attention to details. I work with technical experts, ensuring their knowledge fits my artistic ideas. This teamwork ensures that the technical and creative parts fit well together. I stick to my vision, but I also consider technical aspects. This creates projects that are both pretty and solid. It’s all about finding the right mix to bring my ideas to life.


What future projects or goals are you excited about?

I’m excited about future projects. They will improve immersive experiences and use the latest tech. I want to make installations that people can interact with. They might even work with different groups of people. It’s all about pushing the boundaries of what art can do and exploring new ways to engage audiences. I can’t wait to see where these projects take me. They’ll inspire others to think about art.


Have you collaborated with others on projects before?

Yes, I’ve worked with others on many projects, ranging from immersive experiences to large installations. Working with others is fun because we all bring different ideas and skills. Sometimes, it’s tricky, but solving problems together makes us stronger. Collaborating with others makes the creative process more exciting and rewarding.


What advice would you give aspiring artists looking to enter the field?

For new artists, stick to what makes your art special. Try out new things and find supportive friends. Feel free to experiment and see what works best for you. Share your work online and at local events to get noticed. Remember, keep going and keep learning—success will come with time!

Gummy Bear Pyramid USA

How can event organizers get in touch with you?

Event organizers can contact me through my website or social media pages. I’m open to new ideas and collaborations, so feel free to message me on platforms. You can also use the contact form on my website to get in touch. I’m excited to hear from you and discuss how we can work together to create immersive art experiences!

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