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Mind Manifest Project – Turkey

Mind Manifest Project - Turkey

Mind Manifest Project is a community dedicated to Psychedelic Trance since 2006. The project’s passionate team wants to share this music with people in Turkey and connect with others worldwide who enjoy similar festivals. They have organized many events across Turkey, including festivals, outdoor parties, and club gatherings. They work with a team from Lebanon called Psyleb, who ensures the events are actual. They also include local DJs and creative decorations.

The project also wants to blend Turkey’s beautiful nature with its music scene, creating a strong link between art, music, and nature. It brings famous DJs to Turkey and supports local talent, too. It also organizes events that focus on music and nature. For example, the Tree of Life 2012—Turkey stop had many DJs and producers. It aimed to promote a more mindful and caring generation. We will guide you through their unique journey, covering event logistics and vital info. Below, find everything you need about your Mind Manifest festival experience.


How did the Mind Manifest initiative begin its journey?

The Mind Manifest project started in 2006. It aimed to introduce Psychedelic Trance music to people in Turkey. It aimed to connect them to the global Psy-Trance community. Since then, they’ve organized many events across Turkey. They included the first Transparent Dimension festival in 2008.

The project works hard to spread Psychedelic Culture through festivals, parties, and collaborations at local and international levels. It focuses on high-quality music, creates immersive experiences, and cares about the environment. The aim is to unite people through music. It aims to encourage a greater appreciation for nature and inspire a generation that cares more about the planet. This is for a greener, more peaceful world.


What special projects have they done for music and art?

They’ve done special projects to discover music and art. These include:

Promotional services: Helping artists succeed.

MMM Academy: A place to learn and improve.

Social Responsibility: Doing good things beyond art.


What are famous festivals they have worked on?

Turkey has two big festivals: the Back to Nature Festival and the Tree of Life Festival. The Back to Nature Festival has been a big deal in Turkey since 2009. It lasts for six days and nights. It takes place at a lovely beach resort in the Turkish Black Sea region. Forests and a calm lake surround the resort. You can camp there, and they have some of the best psytrance music producers and DJs worldwide. It’s like a big family gathering, and if you want to go, you should sign up on their website to get the latest updates.

The Tree of Life Festival is also excellent. They pick top artists in music, decoration, and visuals. The goal is to create an atmosphere of peace, unity, and global respect. They’re busy planning the next one, but you can watch videos of past festivals to get an idea of what it’s like. They also worked on many festivals. These include Ritual, Gathering, Halloween TMX, Mind Birthday Gathering, and September Ritual Gathering 2023.

Tree of Life Festival

Can you share your insights into your Records?

Mind Manifest Records is a new record label. The people behind it have organized the Mind Manifest Festival. They’re interested in finding new talent in all kinds of music, especially psychedelic music. They invite aspiring artists to send them their music demos via a form on their website. You can also check out their shop for more products.

Mind Manifest shop

Who are the mind-blowing talents behind the Mind Manifest Project?

Behind the Mind Minefest project, there’s a talented person. Everyone wants to learn more about the team so that we will explore their details. Among them is Tmx Mind, also known as Dj Tihulu. He’s been a big part of spreading Psychedelic Culture in Turkey since 2006. Emo-V started the project. He loves bringing people together through Psychedelic Trance music. He works with artists from all over the world and supports local talent.

Kadir Güngör is the creative mind behind “Rave Language.” He mixes psychedelic, downtempo, and trance music. He has done so in Istanbul since 2014. Aslandj is a well-known figure in electronic music. He has performed with famous artists like Tigerskin and Ace Ventura. Aytaç Çelender, also known as iTouch.

Mind Minefest project talented person

Can you share a successful collaboration experience?

We collaborate with Tree of Life, and together, we have around 40 Events worldwide that support our annual festival. We also work with innovative labels like Looney Moon, Sangoma Records, Nano, and Iono Music, to name a few.


Are you curious about how to connect with Mind Manifest?

It’s easy to get in touch: Go to their website. Or, find MMP on Facebook and Instagram. You can learn about their upcoming events, workshops, and opportunities to work together. Mind Manifest aims to grow and explore. Get in touch with them today!


In final thoughts, the Mind Manifest Project has become a strong influence. It brings together fans of Psychedelic Trance music in Turkey with those worldwide. They’ve organized carefully planned festivals and partnerships promoting great music and environmental care. Their work shows that art, music, and nature can unite. They inspire people toward a more thoughtful and united future.

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