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Today, we have the opportunity to talk with Ilya Barannikov, a deco artist and designer. Originally from the former Soviet Union, he resides in Kona, Hawaii. He’s always loved art, especially telling stories with pictures. In Hawaii, he found lots of inspiration in the beautiful landscapes. He makes art that mixes human feelings with the deep sea, calling himself ‘SoulWaters.’ He cares about the environment and uses eco-friendly materials for his art.

Ilya has been doing this for over 20 years, always learning and working with others. His advice for new artists is to stick to your beliefs, keep exploring, and think about the planet. You can find him online if you want to see his art or work with him.


Could you introduce yourself briefly and share your origin?

My name is Ilya Barannikov. I am originally from the former Soviet Union, but I now reside in the tranquil landscapes of Kona, Hawaii. I’m a designer and artist, passionate about blending the ethereal with the tangible through art. Growing up surrounded by art and creativity, I was drawn to visual storytelling. From a young age, I knew art was my calling.

I found inspiration in Kona, Hawaii, amidst lush landscapes and clear waters. Nature’s beauty fuels my creativity. My art bridges the gap between the ethereal and the tangible. It’s about evoking emotions and connecting with something more significant.

Each piece I create reflects my journey of exploration and transformation. I share my vision with the world through intricate designs and bold statements. My art is diverse, reflecting the human experience and celebrating diversity. In essence, I paint my vision on the canvas of life, reminding us of the magic around us.


What is the name of your project?

My project as a deco artist is titled “SoulWaters.” It’s a fusion of the human spirit and ocean vastness. I aim to blend inner depths with external expanses, linking humanity with nature. Through “SoulWaters,” I explore introspection, exploration, and interconnectedness. Each piece delves into the soul and embraces the ocean’s beauty, creating harmony between inner and outer worlds.


Which scene do you primarily associate yourself with?

I’m mainly into Psytrance music and its different styles. It’s a lively scene with many different sounds, trippy visuals, and cool vibes. Psytrance parties are like total experiences with music, art, and a great atmosphere. Being part of this scene inspires me with its spirituality, creativity, and sense of togetherness. I love adding to the awesome vibes at these parties, making them even more unforgettable.


Briefly describe your decoration style.

I decorate in a way that’s good for the environment and looks cool. I use eco-friendly materials and make pieces that send a message about taking care of our planet. I hope to encourage people to think about how their art choices affect the environment. Basically, I want to make art that’s both beautiful and green and get others excited about it, too!

your decoration style

What kind of art do you create in your decor projects?

In my decoration projects, I like to try out different art materials. I enjoy using old stuff people don’t want anymore and turning them into something cool and new. Whether it’s old wood or metal, I find it lying around, and each material has its own story in my art. I also like to try new techniques, like stretching film by hand, to add more detail and texture to my making. By using these things, I make decorations that look great and show how important it is to take care of the environment. Each piece I make shows how much I care about being creative and looking after the planet.


Could you share your journey as a decor artist?

For more than twenty years, I’ve been working as a decorator, learning and growing along the way. I’ve tried out lots of different styles and techniques, from old-fashioned ways to the newest technology. Each project I do helps me get better and try new things. Whether working with wood, metal, or new materials, I always look for cool ways to show off my creativity. I’ve faced challenges and grabbed onto opportunities, always learning and improving. It’s been an exciting journey of trying new things and making beautiful stuff.

Journey as a decor artist

How do you approach a new decoration project?

When I begin a new decoration project, I trust my gut feeling and dive right into it. I spend time in the space, soaking up its vibe and atmosphere. This helps me understand the place better and imagine how my artwork can improve. Working together with other artists and decorators is essential. It brings in new ideas and makes the project more interesting. When we combine our thoughts and skills, we create a final result that’s rich and lively, and it fits the space and the people who use it. This way, each decoration project isn’t just about looking nice; it also has a deeper meaning and leaves a lasting impression.


What materials and resources do you typically utilize for your decor projects?

I use old materials like wood from old buildings or pallets in my decoration projects. These materials have a story and give my creations more personality. I also add metal strips from roofs and stretched-out film to make my pieces more interesting to look at and touch. Using these old materials again makes my work look unique and also helps the environment by reducing waste. My artistic style is to care about sustainability and not waste resources.


What themes or subjects often manifest in your decor artwork?

The themes in my decor artwork often focus on connections between things, spirituality, and taking care of the environment. I use these ideas to tell stories visually, making people think about more profound meanings. Whether through symbols, small details, or how everything looks together, I want my art to make people think about how everything is connected and our relationship with nature. Each piece is like a doorway to exploring big questions about life and our role in the universe.

Decor artwork

Can you recount a successful collaboration with other artists or decorators?

Working with Chia Chia in Melbourne for an Arteq Productions warehouse party was fantastic. We teamed up to make a stage design using recycled stuff. We aimed to make the stage look excellent and eco-friendly. We planned everything carefully and worked hard to make the stage stand out. People loved it, showing how teamwork and creativity can achieve great things. This experience reminded us of the power of art to bring people together.


Do you have experience with multimedia designs such as video editing or animation?

I mostly create art for decorations, but I also know how to edit videos and make animations. These skills help me create experiences that really draw people in and connect with them in different ways.

Finally, what advice would you offer to aspiring decor artists?

To those who want to be decor artists, here’s my advice: Stick to what you believe in, try new things, and be eco-friendly in your work. Let your art show how much you care about improving the world.

Aspiring decor artists

How can event promoters reach out to you?

Event promoters can reach out to me through my website or social media channels. I’m always open to new opportunities for collaboration and creative expression.

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