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StringAling String Art | Denmark

StringAling String Art

Ken is 36 years old. He is an artist from the northern part of Denmark. He is getting attention in the decor world for his project called “StringAling.” He’s really good at making geometric shapes using strings, and he’s connected to the Psytrance scene, which influences his unique style. But what’s interesting is that Ken didn’t start doing this art for fame. 

He started making pieces as a way to cope with his struggle with alcoholism. Since then, he’s put all his energy into making beautiful pieces, which have been shown at many events in Denmark. Ken likes to use recycled wood from building sites and yarn bought online, which makes his work eco-friendly.

Even though he mainly works alone, he’s collaborated successfully with other artists like Niel Gibson. Ken encourages other aspiring decor artists to follow their passion and share their art with the world. Are you ready to learn about Ken’s incredible journey and how StringAling changed his life? Join us as we’ve had an opportunity to learn more about Ken and his StringAling project.


Please introduce yourself briefly. Where are you from?

I’m Ken, 36 years old, and I live in Denmark’s northern part. I have been making string art for 2.5 years now.


What is the Name of Your Project?

My project is known as StringAling.


Which scene are you most associated with?

I’m associated with Psytrance (Any subgenre).


Describe your decoration style in short:

My decorating style primarily revolves around string art, focusing on geometric patterns.

StringAling decoration style

What Kind of Art Do You Create?

I create string art free from my mind.


Please Share Your Journey as a Decor Artist:

I had a big problem with drinking alcohol. So, I went to rehab, and today, I’m still sober. But now I have a lot of time I don’t know how to use, and string art has come into my life here. It kind of saved me from drinking, in a way. I’m in love with string art and what it brings me.

The decoration party started in May 2023 when I was asked to do some at a small party in the middle of Denmark called Herning. From there, it escalated to where I am today. 12 parties in 5 months for the first year and more bookings are planned.


How Do You Approach a New Decoration Project?

In my unique way, I rely on my craftsmanship background. I sketch ideas, produce prototypes, and sometimes sketch even more, but a significant portion of the process happens within my mind. It involves much contemplation and planning before any physical work begins.

StringAling deco Artist

What materials and resources do you typically use for your decor projects?

I go for recycled wood as much as possible. I get a lot from construction sites around, as I am a craftsman by day. I bought the yarn on the internet.


What Themes or Subjects Often Appear in Your Decor Artwork?

My art mainly focuses on shapes and patterns that aren’t easily recognizable, like abstract and geometric designs. I get a lot of inspiration from the detailed patterns you see in nature, and the Psytrance music scene also influences me.  With my art, I want to show feelings of peace and balance and how simplicity can be beautiful. Each piece I make tells a story about my journey of finding myself and overcoming alcoholism. They represent my strength and how art has helped me improve.

Decor Artwork

Tell us about a successful collaboration with other artists or decorators:

I’ve had a positive collaboration experience, notably with Neil Gibson in Århus, Denmark.


Do you have experience with multimedia designs, like video editing or animation?

No, my expertise lies primarily in traditional art forms.


Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring Decor artists?

I encourage aspiring decor artists to keep doing what they love, creating the art they’re passionate about, and sharing their creations with the world.


How Can Event Promoters Get in Touch?

Event promoters interested in featuring my creations can contact me via Facebook, Instagram, or email at [email protected].

StringAling art

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