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Todd Moyer Designs USA

Todd Moyer is the creative mind behind Todd Moyer Designs, based in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He grew up on the West Coast but also spent time on the fast-paced East Coast. This mix of experiences influences his work, blending laid-back West Coast vibes with the hustle of the East. His designs are a mix of art and technology, shaped by his journey and collaborations. If you’re interested in Todd’s story and the world of Deco art, you can explore his work and inspirations more.


Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about where you’re from

I’m Todd Moyer, the guy behind Todd Moyer Designs. I work from both Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I’m originally from the West Coast, but I spent much time on the East Coast while growing up. This mix of places has given me lots of different experiences. I’ve seen the West’s chill vibes and the East’s busy life. These various influences have affected how I think creatively, making my designs a mix of lots of different styles and ideas.


 How did you first become interested in deco art?

I became interested in how art and technology could come together during the early days of digital advancements. Growing up, I was drawn to how computer graphics and design worked together, which made me even more curious. I started looking into deco art, mainly experiential design. In this field, I found a lot of joy in mixing art with the latest tech to create experiences that grab people’s attention and inspire them.


Can you share some of your past projects and collaborations?

I’ve always enjoyed mixing art and technology to make experiences that grab people’s attention. My interest in experiential design has led me to work on different projects, from permanent installations to interactive museum experiences.

Here are some notable projects:

Project Name Role Description
Decision Trees Artist / Fabricator Permanent installation at Art Houz Theaters.
Laser Graffiti at Hopscotch Notable Projects Interactive graffiti experience at Hopscotch Interactive Museum.
Arboreal Technical Director / Fabricator Immersive digital environment for Eureka! The National Children’s Museum.
Interactive Lotus Blossoms Artist / Fabricator Installation of giant illuminated lotus flowers at Planet 13 Las Vegas.
“Vinal” Interactive Light Sculpture Artist Debut of interactive light sculpture at Van Nuys Arts Festival.
Projection-Mapping at Los Dells Music Festival Programmer / VJ Illumination of fabric swaths with high-power projectors.
EDC Caterpillar Designer / Programmer 37-foot rotating projection-mapped sculpture showcased at EDC events.

Todd Moyer Designs notable projects

What types of events have you participated in as a deco artist?

Being part of many events has shaped my journey as a deco artist. Each event has allowed me to explore, from big music festivals like EDC and Coachella to art exhibitions and interactive museum displays. I get to interact with all sorts of people and adjust my creative ideas to fit different spaces.  This mix of audience, venue, and art lets me keep trying new things and making great experiences that stick with people long after seeing them.


What are the services you offer?

We offer many services to help our clients bring their ideas to life. We can create 3D designs for stages, sculptures, and more, as well as visualizations for architecture and advertisements. We’re experts in 3D projection mapping for events and performances, and we can work with any size or shape.

We offer fabrication services like 3D printing and laser cutting and content production like animation and special effects. We can even help with graphics programming and web design using various languages and frameworks. And that’s not all—we also do laser shows, installations, and graffiti.

installations laser graffiti

Can you describe your artistic style and the themes you often explore?

At the heart of my style is experiential design. I want to create environments that completely immerse people, making them happy and curious. I explore themes like connections, nature’s beauty, and technology’s role. My goal is to build meaningful bonds between people and their surroundings. I encourage exploration and contemplation.


What materials and techniques do you most commonly use in your work?

In my creative process, I blend traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. This fusion lets me use various tools and methods, from innovative 3D printing and projection mapping to precise laser cutting and dynamic LED technology. By continually exploring and experimenting with these techniques, I can translate my creative visions into tangible and captivating experiences.

Materials and techniques

Could you walk us through the process of one of your recent projects?

We begin by brainstorming as a team and discussing ideas that match the event’s theme and audience. We move to the design phase once we’ve decided on an idea. Here, we create detailed drawings and models to show how our ideas will look.

Once the design is ready, we start making and setting up everything. We’re cautious about getting everything just right. We work closely with our partners to ensure everything fits perfectly in the event space. Then, we focus on providing the interactive parts and how we share information are as good as possible. We want our audience to be amazed and feel something extraordinary when they experience what we’ve created.


How do you typically approach new projects or collaborations?

I start new projects with an open mind and work well with others. Building good relationships with clients and partners is essential, as it means listening to what they want. I take a complete approach to design, making unique experiences that impress and stay in people’s minds.

Some of our notable collaborations include:

  • Collaborated with Imaisineteen (imag8nineteen.com) for 3D animation & content.
  • Partnered with Stratasys (stratasys.com) for 3D printing solutions.
  • Worked with Protomold (protomold.com) for injection molding services.
  • Engaged Hit and Run (thehitandrun.com) for live screen printing at events.
  • Teamed up with Leading Image for photography and videography services.

You can contact us here to learn more about collaboration or work with Todd Meyer.


What do you hope people feel or experience when they encounter your art?

When people come across my art, I want them to feel something special, amazed, and connected to what they see. Whether it’s an excellent interactive display or a whole room they can enter, I want it to make them happy and curious. I want them to think about things differently and imagine new ideas or adventures for themselves.


Are there any upcoming projects or events that you’re particularly excited about?

I’m excited about an upcoming project that combines Art Deco style with efforts to help the environment. We’re working with local communities to make interactive displays showing how important it is to care for our planet. We want to get people thinking about environmental problems and how they can make a difference.

This project means a lot to me, and I’m excited to see how it affects individuals and whole communities. It’s going to be unique.


Are there any specific challenges you face as a deco artist?

One challenge I often face is balancing creativity with practicality. Deco art is inherently experimental and boundary-pushing, but logistical constraints and client expectations must also be considered. Finding that balance between artistic vision and feasibility can be challenging, but it ultimately leads to more impactful and sustainable outcomes.


How do you stay inspired and motivated in your creative practice?

I keep myself inspired and motivated in my creative work by ensuring I have many different ways to draw inspiration. I love spending time outdoors and seeing the beauty of nature. I also like talking to other artists and creative people to hear their ideas.  I’m always interested in learning about new technology because it can open up many possibilities for creating things differently. All these different experiences helped me stay excited and full of ideas for my work.

Inspired and motivated Art

What advice would you give aspiring deco artists or creatives just starting?

I advise staying true to your vision and embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. Don’t be afraid to take risks and push boundaries; always remember to cultivate strong relationships with clients, collaborators, and communities. Most importantly, always continue learning and evolving as an artist; always remain open to new ideas and perspectives.

Todd Moyer Designs

How can people contact you?

People can contact me through our website and social media platforms, or by emailing me directly. I’m always eager to explore new opportunities and collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations.

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