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Regarding design and decoration, Wow Decor (World of Wonder) offers distinctive styles, turning ordinary events into enchanting wonderlands. Originating from Spain, this company has enchanted spaces worldwide with its mystical lighting and intricate embellishments, transforming average rooms into extraordinary realms. 

Meet the brilliant minds behind WOW Deco, the imaginative individuals who have infused magic into events. Explore their evolution from wow deco parties to becoming pioneers in event decor. Witness their inception with the Fantasy Forest and their ongoing commitment. Delve into how their passion for vibrant colors and lively atmospheres has created unforgettable event experiences.


Who Established the Company?

It’s a world wonder family business. It’s composed of Kohsun Rana and his parents, Chris and Donna Rana, and it’s been operating under various names. This project started in England in 1993. It all began with my parents, Chris and Donna Rana, traveling in Thailand, where they discovered psychedelic music and paints, which changed their lives forever.

They started by decorating family parties, events, and festivals in Thailand, transforming otherwise dark and dull venues into magical spaces filled with colors and creativity. So, our work started in Thailand and grew and developed over the years.

We’ve amassed a vast collection of paintings and honed many skills, decorating numerous events. Sadly, the project’s owner, Donna Rana, passed away suddenly three months ago, so we’ve been working hard for the past three months to carry on her legacy.

We specialize in designing, creating, and installing distinctive decor solutions for festivals, parties, and various events, ensuring a “wow” factor in every decoration.

wow deco artists

How has WOW Deco evolved over the years?

Our journey commenced with vibrant parties on the shores of Koh Pha-Gnan in the early 90s, where we were captivated by the lively colors and vitality. Infusing that same joy into the UK scene, Wildfrogz & Koh came into being.

Our initial breakthrough came with the Fantasy Forest, drawing inspiration from the electrifying vibes of Thai gatherings. In 1999, the inception of Tribe of Frog in Bristol marked the beginning of our expansion, a journey we have been steadily advancing on.

Following successful seasons in Ibiza, we ventured to Spain, dedicating ourselves to crafting ornate decorations for open-air occasions and festivals. Despite weather adversities, our commitment to crafting beauty persisted.

Under the name WOW Deco, we now specialize in creating enchanting decorations to elevate every event. Whether curating for our gatherings or offering services, our ultimate objective is to evoke a resounding ‘WOW!’ from all who are eyes on our creations. Catch a glimpse of our journey and creations on our YouTube channel.


What unique services does WOW Deco offer?

  • We specialize in transforming indoor venues like nightclubs, discotheques, and warehouses with captivating themed decor installations, creating an unforgettable atmosphere for events.
  • Our themed decor services offer a psychedelic experience, perfect for events like ADE, adding vibrant colors and immersive designs to any indoor location.
  • We creatively decorate drab walls and dark rooms, turning them into inviting spaces where guests can escape a world of wonder.
  • Unlike typical decor installations, we use a mix of elements, such as artwork, inflatables, lycra, 3D objects, and wood panels, to ensure an immersive experience.
  • We aim to create an environment where guests can let loose, dance, and have fun, making any indoor event memorable and engaging.


What are some of the standout projects WOW Deco has worked on?

WOW, Deco has been involved in multiple projects that showcase their creativity and expertise. From the enchanting Fantasy Forests reminiscent of tropical paradises to the ethereal underwater landscapes crafted for The Ministry of Sound in London, each project highlights WOW Deco’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of event decoration. Collaborations with renowned events and venues have further cemented their reputation as leaders in the industry.

One project that stands out vividly is our involvement in the Raveart Retro Halloween Festival in 2023. It was an exhilarating experience from start to finish. We were tasked with transforming two enormous tents into immersive, otherworldly spaces that perfectly complement the festival’s energetic atmosphere.

Another remarkable project was when we were invited to adorn the main room at Salarepvblicca for a house and techno night hosted by Wassaiclub. It allowed us to exhibit creativity and infuse our distinctive style into the event.

Retro Halloween Festival

Which themes and concepts are used behind the decoration?

The festival theme was a fiery fluorescent underworld, which allowed us to unleash our creativity and bring some genuinely mesmerizing visuals to life. We incorporated elements of spooky aesthetics while infusing the space with vibrant colors and dynamic patterns, creating an unforgettable ambiance for festival-goers.

For this particular event, we drew inspiration from the mystical allure of Atlantis. We wanted to create an immersive experience that would transport guests to an underwater paradise with vibrant sea creatures and ethereal landscapes.


What artistic techniques does your team employ to bring your designs to life?

The creative process at WOW Deco is collaborative, blending artistic vision with practical considerations. Artists employ various techniques, from intricate painting to innovative use of materials, to bring their designs to life. Balancing creativity with the logistical demands of event decoration is integral to WOW Deco’s approach, ensuring that each project is visually stunning and functional.

What’s the process of bringing this vision to reality?

It was a challenge, but one that we enthusiastically embraced. We spent weeks planning and designing the decorations, ensuring perfect detail. Once on-site in Cadiz, we worked tirelessly, often spending long hours in cherry pickers to hang our creations with precision and care.


What was the most rewarding aspect of this project?

The most rewarding part was seeing the reaction of the festival attendees as they entered the decorated tents. Their faces lit up with excitement and wonder, and knowing that we played a part in enhancing their experience was incredibly fulfilling. Plus, showcasing our artistry on such a grand scale in a beautiful location like Cadiz was truly a dream come true for all of us.

incredible wow deco event decoration

How did Donna’s passing impact the team and the creation process?

Donna’s absence was deeply felt throughout the creation process. Her spirit and passion were integral to our team, and her loss left a void that could never be filled. However, we were determined to honor her memory by pouring our hearts into every aspect of the installation.

What message do you hope to convey through this project?

We wanted to pay homage to Donna’s incredible talent and indelible mark on our lives. We wanted to show that, despite her physical absence, her spirit inspires and guides us in everything we do. People interested in our incredible decoration styles can connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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