The innovate story behind Novation Synth Company

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The innovate story behind Novation Synth Company

Novation Synth Company

Discover the fascinating journey of Novation Synth Company, a trailblazer in the world of music technology. Founded back in 1992 by Ian Jannaway and Mark Thompson, Novation has been all about pushing boundaries and making cool stuff for making music. From their very first creation, the MM10 keyboard add-on, to their famous Bass Station and Supernova synths, they’ve been shaking up the music scene. With over 30 years of history, Novation’s instruments and controllers have become must-haves for music makers everywhere. Let’s dive into the story of how Novation became a game-changer in electronic music!


The Story of Novation Synth

Novation’s journey began with the Bass Station, a groundbreaking synth that shaped their path in the music world. They continued to innovate with products like the Drum Station, building their reputation as leaders in synths and controllers. With milestones like the Bass Station keyboard and SuperNova rack, Novation’s legacy is strong. As they move forward, their commitment to innovation and quality ensures an exciting musical future.

Story of Novation Synth

Founding and Early Years of Novation Synth Company

Novation Synth Company was started in 1992 by two friends, Ian and Mark. They wanted to make musical instruments that were special. Their first big thing was the Bass Station synth in 1993. People loved it because it sounded different and was easy to use. As time went on, Novation Digital Music’s journey continued as they kept making cool stuff like the Drum Station and Super Bass Station. They became known for revolutionizing how music was made. It was the beginning of their amazing journey in the music world!



1992 Novation was started by Ian Jannaway and Mark Thompson
1993 Made the Bass Station synth
1994 Created the Bass Station Rack synth
1995 Introduced the Drum Station drum machine
1997 Released the Super Bass Station synth
1998 Launched the Supernova synth
1999 Made the Nova synth from Supernova
2000 Introduced the Supernova II synth
2001 Released the A-Station and K-Station synths
2006 Introduced the SL Series MIDI controllers
2009 Partnered with Ableton for the Launchpad
2010 Launched the UltraNova synth
2011 Made the Dicer and Twitch MIDI controllers
2013 Introduced the Launchkey MIDI keyboard
2013 Reintroduced the Bass Station II synth
2015 Released the Circuit groove box
2017 Launched the Peak synthesizer
2019 Made the Summit synthesizer
2022 Introduced the Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks groove boxes

Evolution of Novation’s Synths (1990s)

Novation’s Inception and MM10 Introduction

In 1992 Novation Synth Company started with Ian Jannaway and Mark Thompson teaming up to shake up music-making. Their first product, the MM10, was a game-changer in electronic music, making sound creation simpler. It put Novation on the map as a leading name in music gear, known for its innovative tech and fresh concepts.

Novation's Inception and MM10

Bass Station Revolution

In 1993, Novation Synth Company shook up music with the Bass Station synth. Designed by Chris Huggett, it was inspired by the MM10. The Bass Station introduced fresh sounds to musicians with special filters, digital oscillators, and simple controls. Loved by electronic dance music fans, it became a studio and stage essential globally, earning its spot as a classic synth.

Bass Station Revolution

Expansion into Drum Machines and Synth Racks

In 1994, Novation Synth Company got bigger. They started making more than just synthesizers. They added drum machines and synth racks. This was a big step. It showed they wanted to offer musicians more choices. The drum machines helped make different beats, and the synth racks let musicians build their own setups. Novation became known for making awesome gear for electronic music.


Continuation of Innovation

In 1995, Novation kept innovating. After the Bass Station’s success, they introduced the Nova series. These synths were small but packed a punch, offering lots of sounds. They were easy to use and loved by electronic music folks. Novation stayed ahead in the music gear game with these cool synths.


Further Enhancements with Super Bass Station

In 1997, Novation launched the Super Bass Station, an improved version of their popular synth. With added features like extra filters and effects, it became a hit among electronic music makers, reinforcing Novation’s status as a top player in music tech.

Super Bass Station

Introduction of Supernova

In the late 1990s, Novation released a new synth called Supernova. It had cool features and could make many different sounds. Musicians liked it a lot and used it in their music. Supernova became a classic synth for Novation.


Evolution into Nova Series

In 1999, Novation switched to the Nova Series for better synthesizers. They wanted top-notch sound quality with easy-to-use features. This move showed Novation’s commitment to quality gear for all musicians.

Nova synth from Supernova

Synth Innovation in the New Millennium (2000s)

Supernova II and Beyond

In 2000, Novation released Supernova II, a better version of their popular synth. It had more features for making music. They also introduced A-Station, another synth. These showed Novation’s commitment to making cool gear for musicians.

Supernova II

Expansion into MIDI Controllers

In 2001, Novation unveiled the MIDI controllers A-Station and K-Station. These controllers gave musicians intuitive control over music software with buttons and keys, revolutionizing music production and performance.

A-Station and K-Station

Introduction of SL Series MIDI Controllers

In 2006, Novation introduced the SL Series MIDI Controllers, making music production easier for everyone. These controllers were loved by musicians for their simplicity and advanced technology, solidifying Novation’s reputation as a leading brand in music equipment.

SL Series MIDI Controllers

Continuing the Legacy (2010s)

Launchpad Revolution

In 2009, Novation made Launchpad, a cool music gadget with Ableton. It changed how people play music live and make songs, making it easier and more fun. Musicians loved it for its simplicity and how it helped them make awesome music.

Launchpad Novation

UltraNova and Dicer

In 2010, Novation launched two cool gadgets: the UltraNova synth and the Dicer MIDI controller. UltraNova lets musicians make awesome sounds easily. DJs loved the Dicer for its precise control. These new toys showed Novation’s knack for cutting-edge gear.

UltraNova and Dicer

Twitch and Impulse

In 2011, Novation made Twitch, a cool DJ controller, and Impulse, a keyboard controller. People loved them because they made music in fun new ways. Novation became even more popular because of these gadgets.

Novation made Twitch

 Launch of Bass Station II and Launchkey

In 2013, Novation introduced the Bass Station II synth and the Launchkey keyboard. These products became popular quickly because they were easy to use and sounded great, making Novation even more famous for its cool music gear.

Bass Station II

Circuit Groovebox

In 2015, Novation made the Circuit Groovebox. It’s a small music-making device. People liked it because it’s easy to use and has cool features.

Circuit Groovebox

Looking Towards the Future (2020s and Beyond)

Peak and Summit

In 2017, Novation launched Peak and Summit, new synths loved for their great sound and flexibility, adding to Novation’s reputation for cool music gear.

Peak and Summit

Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks

In 2019, Novation released Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks, adding to their Circuit series. These new tools made it easier to create music, showing Novation’s commitment to innovation in electronic music tech.

Circuit Rhythm and Circuit Tracks


Novation Synth Company has always been about making cool stuff for music. From the ’90s to now, they’ve made all kinds of gear for musicians. They started with synthesizers, then added drum machines, MIDI controllers, and more. Their products, like the Launchpad and Circuit, are super popular among musicians. Novation keeps making new and exciting gear, showing they’re always thinking about how to help musicians make awesome music.

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