Hyperspace Lighting Art & Technology | USA

Hyperspace Lighting Art & Technology | USA
Hyperspace Lighting

Hyperspace Lighting is where science and art combine. They create amazing lighting. Dylan Lovinger founded the company. He has a PhD in Physics from UCSD. The company blends advanced technology with creative design. Dylan’s studies were on how light interacts with materials. His love for electronics and art inspired the products at Hyperspace Lighting. They include the HyperCube. Co-founded with TimM O’Connor, Hyperspace Lighting aims to turn everyday spaces into beautiful, exciting places with stunning lighting effects. Discover our collection and see how our lights can transform your environment!


Can you introduce yourself briefly and share your origin?

My name is Dylan Lovinger. I have a PhD in Physics from UCSD, where I studied how light interacts with different materials. I’ve always loved working with electronics in my studies and as a hobby. I’m also very into art. Besides science, I enjoy coding art projects, working with LEDs, and drawing.

Combining my technical skills with my love for art led me to co-found Hyperspace Lighting. With TimM O’Connor, we wanted to create something unique that merges art and technology. At Hyperspace Lighting, we design and develop innovative lighting solutions that bring light’s beauty into everyday spaces, making them more exciting and stunning to see.


What kind of projects have you worked on in the past?

In the past, I’ve worked on various projects that blended my passion for science and art. When I was at UCSD, I researched super-fast lasers. I wanted to see how light affects different stuff. I did experiments to learn how things change when you shine light on them. Outside of school, I like playing with electronics. I’ve built simple circuits and even more complicated things. I do it in labs and just for fun at home. These projects help me see how science works in real life.

I also enjoy doing creative stuff. I’ve used computer programming to make cool art that moves and changes, and I’ve played around with LED lights to create fun patterns and designs. All our projects show how much I like learning about different things. Whether it’s science, electronics, or art, I enjoy trying new things and seeing what I can create.


Please tell us the name of your project.

Our project is called “Hyperspace Lighting”. We create cool lights that mix technology and art. Our main product is the HyperCube, which uses advanced tech to make amazing light effects. With Hyperspace Lighting, I want to bring everyone beautiful and fun light experiences.

HyperCube Lighting

What inspired you to start the HyperCube project?

The inspiration came from our experiences at transformational festivals and events like Burning Man,  where art and technology unite uniquely. TimM O’Connor and I met in grad school at UCSD and loved working with light. We wanted to share the creativity and inspiration of those festivals with everyone through our work.


Can you tell us about your educational background and how it has influenced your work?

My educational journey began with a PhD in Physics from UCSD, where I focused on ultrafast laser spectroscopy. This field taught me a lot about how light interacts with different materials. My background is in electronics systems. My creative hobbies have greatly influenced my approach. I use it to create unique, high-quality consumer products like the HyperCube.


How did you and TimM O’Connor decide to collaborate on this project?

TimM and I met while working on our Ph. Ds at UCSD. We both studied light but in different ways. TimM has a background in NanoEngineering, and I have a background in Physics. Our skills complemented each other. We both love mixing art and technology, so it was natural for us to team up and create the HyperCube project.

Tim O'Connor and Dylan Lovinger collaborate.

What is the primary goal of Hyperspace Lighting?

Hyperspace Lighting’s primary goal is to light up the world. They do it with the beauty that comes from mixing art and technology. We want to create stunning lighting designs that show how powerful technology can be. Technology lets us express ourselves in many ways. We aim to combine advanced tech with creativity. We want to turn everyday spaces into exciting, inspiring places.


How has crowdfunding impacted your journey?

Crowdfunding has been vital for us. In 2018, we started our first crowdfunding campaign. Five hundred people helped us make the first HyperCubes, essential to starting Hyperspace Lighting. Since then, we’ve delivered thousands of HyperLights to people worldwide, and we raised over $1 million through crowdfunding.

Our early supporters were the spark that got Hyperspace Lighting going. Their belief in our idea and their financial help allowed us to make our dreams a reality. We’re grateful for their support because it helped us grow and create new things. Crowdfunding gave us the money we needed. It also built a community of fans. They love art and technology as much as we do.


Can you describe some features of the HyperCube?

The HyperCube has some cool features. It reacts to sound with over 30 patterns and dances with your music. You can control it with an app, picking patterns and colors and adjusting how bright or fast it goes. It’s like having the little light show you can customize but want. Plus, it makes an endless display of light. It’s super mesmerizing and makes you feel like you’re in another world.

Features of the HyperCube

How do you ensure the quality and durability of your products?

It’s super important to me to make sure our products are excellent. That’s why I give you a one-year warranty on everything I sell. It means I’ve got you covered if there’s anything wrong with how it works. I work hard to ensure that our products are solid and last long. I test them extensively before selling them to ensure they’re good enough for you.


What kind of feedback have you received from customers?

The feedback has been positive. Customers have been happy with the HyperCube! They say it’s like a beautiful work of art and love how well it’s made. They especially like how it reacts to sound and makes them feel like they’re in their music video. Some even tell their friends about it because they love it so much!


How do your products enhance events and installations?

Our products are like the magic touch for events and installations! They’re built to fit any space and can be set up in a snap, whether you’re throwing a big party or creating an art display. What makes them unique is their sound-reactive feature. They groove to the music. They fill the room with endless patterns of light. The patterns change with every beat. It’s like having your light show that reacts to the music playing. It adds excitement to bars, gaming zones, festivals, and nightclubs.

Products enhance events and installations

What challenges have you faced in your journey, and how have you overcome them?

Like any start-up, We faced challenges. These include funding, production, and market competition. Crowdfunding played a significant role in overcoming financial hurdles. We also focused on maintaining high-quality standards. We listen to customer feedback to keep making our products better. Our dedication to our vision and the support from our community has been crucial. They helped us overcome these challenges.


Please advise people who want to get into art and technology.

My advice would be to stay passionate about your vision and be persistent. The mix of art and tech is a powerful space. It has vast potential. But it needs dedication and innovation. Use your unique skills. Work with others who complement your strengths. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Crowdfunding can be a great way to get started and build a community around your project.


What’s next for Hyperspace Lighting?

As someone working at Hyperspace Lighting, I’m excited about what’s next for us. We’re all about making cool stuff that mixes art and technology. We’re working on making even more incredible things and finding new ways to use our lights to make people say “wow.” We aim to share our amazing lights with as many people as possible worldwide. We’re just getting started, and there’s so much more we want to do to make the world brighter and more inspiring!


Can you describe the shopping experience on your website?

When you visit our website to shop, you’ll find that I’ve made it easy and enjoyable. You can browse our great products, including the HyperCube lights and accessories. I’ve included plenty of details and reviews to help you choose what’s right. Once you’ve found something you like, buying it is quick and safe. I’ve worked hard to make our checkout simple. This way, you can have a hassle-free shopping experience!

HyperCube lights and accessories shopping

What kind of customizations can customers make using the app?

Customers have the power to customize their HyperCube experience using our app. Many options are available. You can choose from different patterns. You can tweak colors and adjust brightness, speed, and intensity. Moreover, you can save your favorite settings for quick access later. This customization level lets you make the perfect lighting atmosphere. It suits your style and the mood you want to set.


What can we expect to see in your future product lines?

In the future, I plan to introduce some cool lighting ideas that mix art and technology in new ways. I’m working on designs with better features and uses to make them even more exciting. Our goal is to have a broader range of lighting choices that are not only versatile but also impressive for different places and events. So get ready for some awesome new stuff coming soon!

Hyperspace Lighting Art

Do you engage with your audience?

Engaging with the audience through social media platforms is fundamental to our artistic practice. We regularly share updates, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and completed artwork on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. It’s not just about showcasing our work; it’s also about building a community and fostering connections with people who appreciate art.

For more insights, you can check out our YouTube channel @Hyperspace Lighting. Full links to our social are listed below:

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