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Meet Antic Studios. They make events unforgettable with stunning lights, sounds, and designs. At Antic Studios, they love to think outside the box and bring a sense of fun to everything they do. Join us as we embark on their journey to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary adventures. See how Antic Studios is changing how people experience live events. Get ready to be wowed by Antic Studios’ magic as they share their exciting work with the world!


What is the title of your project?

Our newest project is called “Antic Studios.” This project showcases our advanced design skills and ability to create immersive video and light experiences. We offer a complete package that includes design, light setup, and equipment rental. They made the tour look amazing.

Our work on the Visionquest Tour shows how we can make live events great. We do it with custom content and by paying attention to every detail. It reflects our high standards and creative approach that Antic Studios is known for.

Antic Studios design

Could you share where you’re originally from?

We’re based in the United States. At Antic Studios, we’re known for organizing top-notch production services for live events nationwide. Our main office is full of creativity and innovation. We specialize in creating great video and light experiences for all live events.


Which scene are you most associated with?

We’re most connected with the live event production and electronic music scenes. At Antic Studios, we’re experts at making immersive light experiences. They make live performances more relaxed, especially in electronic music. Our portfolio includes working with famous artists and events.

For example, we worked on Ganja White Night’s Wobble Rocks, Subtronics’ The Fractal Tour, and the Black Tiger Sex Machine Portals Tour. These projects show how we blend great design, light programming, and custom content to make the audience’s experience unforgettable.


What inspired you to become a Visual Artist, and how do you maintain creative inspiration?

We’re passionate about visual art, using lighting and video to make events awesome. At Antic Studios, we break boundaries in event production, staying ahead with new tech and trends. Working with great artists inspires us. This has been true on projects such as the INZO Visionquest Tour 2024 and Ganja White Night Wobble Rocks 2021. We’re always planning, problem-solving, and aiming for perfection. We keep our creativity alive and make every project exciting.


Could you share your journey as a visual artist? How’d it all start??

Our journey started with a strong interest in mixing tech and art. At Antic Studios, we saw how using cool tech with creativity could improve events. We began by providing complete production services for many live events, which laid the groundwork for our visual studio. Over time, we improved at light programming, stage design, and content creation, always trying to do new things in event production.

Our early project, Dancefestopia 202, let us show off and make a name for ourselves. As we got more projects, we grew our skills and embraced new tech to stay ahead. Now, with projects like the INZO Visionquest Tour 2024, we’re still pushing boundaries. We’re showing how we lead in live event production.


Which project you’re proud of? What issues did you face, and how did you solve them?

One project we’re super proud of is the Boogie T | Red Rocks 2023 event. It was a big deal for us at Antic Studios because it brought creative and logistical challenges. The venue, Red Rocks Amphitheatre, has unique rocks that make stage design and setup challenging. Plus, we had a short time to set everything up. Despite these challenges, our skilled team stepped up.

We checked the venue and worked closely with the event organizers to understand their vision. We created a stage design that matched the venue’s beauty and Boogie T’s performance. During setup, we worked hard to ensure everything looked perfect. We had issues with the complex stage design, but our team’s skills in light programming and stage setup helped us fix them.

By communicating well, working together, and aiming for top quality, we made a visual experience that blew everyone away. The success of the Boogie T | Red Rocks 2023 event shows how we handle challenges. It proves we produce excellent results and are leaders in live event production.


How do you start a new visual project? What steps do you take from start to finish?

Starting a new visual project at Antic Studios means careful planning and ensuring every detail is perfect. First, we talk with the client to understand what they want for the event. Then, we work together to turn their ideas into designs and concepts. We draw sketches and make models to show how things will look. Once the client likes the design, we start programming.

Our team of experts works hard to ensure that the lights, videos, and special effects work together perfectly. Testing is super important. We check everything to fix issues and ensure it matches the event’s goals and vibe.


Describe your artistic style and the mediums you prefer.

Antic Studios is all about creating wow-worthy experiences that stick with you. Our style is about being innovative and immersive, making sure our visuals pop and leave a mark on the audience. How do we do it? We mix things up with dynamic lighting and eye-catching visuals.

We also use custom-made content, creating environments that make live events unique. We love working with LED screens, projection mapping, and high-powered lasers. LED screens are super versatile, showing off high-def visuals with crystal-clear clarity.

Artistic style

How do you stay current with the latest design trends and technologies?

At Antic Studios, we keep up with the latest design trends and technologies by actively researching what’s new in the industry. We’re always on the lookout for emerging trends and technological advancements that we can use to improve our work.

However, we rely on more than just our research. We also believe in collaborating with others in the creative community. We do this by attending events like conferences and workshops. There, we can meet other professionals and share and learn from each other.


What themes do you explore in your visual artwork, and what messages do you convey?

Our visual art often focuses on themes like change, energy, and diving deep into an experience. These themes aren’t just lovely to look at – they also help us convey ideas of connection and emotion, making the audience feel more involved. By exploring these themes, we want to create environments that grab attention. They should make people feel something special.


Describe your experience collaborating with promoters or team members who may need a design background.

We often work with people who need to be designers, like promoters or team members. Good communication is critical in these situations. We ensure everyone knows the project and what we’re trying to achieve. Sharing pictures or examples can help everyone understand each other better. We can meet clients’ needs while staying true to our artistic vision.


Do you have experience with multimedia design, such as video editing or animation?

We’re good at multimedia design and can edit videos and make animations. These skills are crucial. They help us make great visuals, which improve live performances. Adding multimedia bits to our designs makes the event more exciting and fun for everyone watching.

What advice do you have for new visual artists who want to join the electronic music scene?

We advise focusing on honing technical skills, staying updated with industry trends, and building a solid portfolio that shows your ability to enhance live performances. It would be best if you networked with other artists and industry pros. It’s vital for making a name in the tough electronic music scene. By constantly learning and evolving your craft, you can set yourself up for success in this fast-changing and thrilling industry.

Antic Studios USA

What’s the best way for other artists to reach out and connect with you?

We encourage fellow artists to connect with us through our social media channels. Our team is active on Social media platforms, where we often engage with the art community. You can also visit our website, which provides a direct way to connect with us via our contact form. We value these talks and are excited to explore potential collaborations and discussions with fellow creatives.

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