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Hakan Hisim Visionary Graphic Designs | Turkey
Hakan Hisim Art

Introducing  Hakan Hisim, a showcase highlighting the remarkable artistic talent of Hakan Hisim, a graphic designer extraordinaire. This project is a testament to Hisim’s lifelong dedication to creativity, which stems from his earliest days. His work is deeply influenced by his dreams and imaginative musings, giving it a unique and intriguing flair.

From crafting logos to curating visuals for music festivals, Hakan’s portfolio reflects his boundless creativity. Drawing inspiration from nature, ancient tales, and profound contemplation, he breathes life into his ideas using digital tools. Each artwork is a window into his vivid imagination, bursting with vibrant colors and intricate patterns.

Let’s explore the origins of his artistic journey and the sources of inspiration.


What’s the name of your project?

My project is called “Hakan Hisim.” It represents my lifetime of practice, study, and experience in psychedelic art. I have been making art since childhood. “Hakan Hisim” reflects my journey as an artist. I focus on fantastical themes and geometric sacred arts.

Hakan Hisim

What country are you from?

I come from the United Kingdom. I spent most of my childhood in Australia and the rest of my youth in Turkey. This mix of experiences has given me a balanced view of different cultures. I draw inspiration from both Eastern and Western art traditions. My parents taught me to appreciate all art forms, and their influence significantly shaped my creative path.


What sorts of projects have you had experience with?

I’ve worked on various projects, such as creating logos and art for music festivals. I also make videos and animations to add more excitement to my work. My inspiration comes from nature, ancient stories, and deep thinking. I started using digital tools in 2012, which helped me be more creative.

When I create art, I experiment with shapes and patterns until I’m satisfied with its appearance. Each piece may take different amounts of time to complete, but I’m always trying to learn and improve my art.


Which part of your work do you feel most connected to?

Through my art, I feel most connected to expressing the visions I’ve experienced in deep trance states, dreams, and meditations. These moments spark my creativity and drive my imagination.

My work often delves into themes of enlightenment and transcendence. Each piece strives to capture the intricate details of these mystical experiences. Creating art from these visions allows me to share a glimpse of these profound moments.


Briefly explain your design vision.

My design approach involves capturing the natural world’s wonder while juxtaposing it with the unearthly, transcendent essence of mystical experiences. I utilize vibrant color schemes to emphasize this inherent contrast and delve into themes of Enlightenment, Transcendence, and similar mystical states.

I draw inspiration from nature’s organic technology, ancient mythologies, and altered states of consciousness. Each piece manifests my visions from deep trance states, dreams, and meditations. Through a combination of geometric patterns and vivid imagery, I aim to create a visual narrative that reflects the delicate balance between reality and the mystical.

Hakan Hisim art design

What made you want to become a graphic designer

My journey into graphic design began with a childhood love for art. Immersed in various creative mediums, my parents’ encouragement inspired me. Their support fuelled my passion for artistic expression. Growing up, I was drawn to fantastical themes and dreamed of capturing their essence visually. The graphic design offered a gateway to bring these dreams to life. It became a canvas for my imagination.


Why did you focus on electronic music events?

I love electronic music events because they perfectly combine my passion for design and music. It’s like fitting two puzzle pieces together perfectly. To keep up, I dive deep into the scene. I go to events often, soaking in the atmosphere and excitement. Plus, I keep up with industry blogs and magazines to stay updated on new trends and ideas.


How do you stay creative?

To nurture creativity, I draw from diverse sources. Nature’s intricate patterns inspire me, while ancient mythologies add depth to my work. Exploring altered states of consciousness and esoteric concepts keeps my mind sharp and ideas fresh. By embracing this eclectic mix of inspiration, I ensure each design project is approached with renewed creativity and a sense of wonder.

Hakan Hisim creative art

How do you keep up with the latest trends?

Connecting with people who share similar interests is essential. We talk about our thoughts and experiences, which helps us stay inspired and informed. This constant interaction ensures that my designs remain fresh and in tune with the changing world of electronic music.


Tell us about a project you’re proud of. What challenges did you face, and how did you deal with them?

One project that stood out to me was working on branding for a music festival. It was exciting to capture the festival’s vibe through design. The tricky part was ensuring the design worked well everywhere, online and on posters. To do this, I did a lot of research and learned about the festival.

Working closely with the client was vital. They helped shape the design to ensure it was suitable for the festival crowd. I kept refining and adjusting the visuals until they perfectly represented the festival. It was a challenging but rewarding experience, and seeing the final design in action was incredibly satisfying.


How do you start a new design project? What steps do you take from idea to finished product?

To kick off a design project, I first grasp the client’s goals and the audience they aim to reach. This initial understanding sets the groundwork. Next, I brainstorm ideas, sketch out concepts, and craft prototypes. This hands-on approach allows for quick exploration and iteration.


What design software do you use? How do you stay updated on design trends and tech?

My go-to software for design tasks is Adobe Creative Suite. It’s a versatile toolkit that helps me efficiently bring creative visions to life. I engage in various educational activities to keep up with the latest design trends and tech developments. These include reading industry publications like design magazines and blogs, attending workshops led by experts, and participating in online forums where designers share insights and best practices.


Graphic design often has tight deadlines. How do you manage your time effectively?

To meet tight deadlines, I have a few tricks up my sleeve. First, I figure out what needs to be done and what can wait to focus on the most critical stuff without rushing. Breaking big tasks into smaller ones helps me chip away at them bit by bit, so I stay calm.

It’s also important to be realistic about how long things will take. I look at the whole project and plan each step, leaving room for changes and unexpected hiccups. Keeping everyone in the loop is crucial, too. I check in regularly with clients and team members to keep things on track.

Graphic design

How do you work with clients or team members who aren’t designers?

Clear communication is super important when I work with people who aren’t designers. I explain design ideas in simple terms, avoiding fancy words they might not know. Listening carefully to their feedback is also a big deal. Understanding what they want helps me tweak my designs to match their vision while keeping them looking good. I’m also flexible. I change things to suit their likes and needs while ensuring the design is top-notch.


Have you ever had to compromise on your creative ideas because of client preferences? How have you dealt with this?

Yes, there have been times when I’ve needed to change my creative ideas to accommodate the client’s needs. I balance what they want and what works best in those situations. I approach it by understanding where clients come from and why they want certain things. This helps me see things from their perspective and figure out where we can compromise without losing the essence of the design.

It’s also essential to talk openly with the client. I share my thoughts and explain why I made confident choices. By building trust and understanding, we can find solutions that make us both happy.


Do you have experience with multimedia design, like video editing or animation?

Yes, I have experience in multimedia design, encompassing tasks such as video editing and animation. I often integrate these skills into my projects to create dynamic, engaging visual content.

This proficiency in multimedia design allows me to craft visually captivating narratives that resonate with audiences across various platforms. Whether it’s editing videos to convey a compelling story or animating graphics to enhance user engagement, I utilize these techniques to elevate the overall impact of my design projects.

What’s different about contemporary graphic design compared to traditional design?

Contemporary graphic design differs from traditional methods because it focuses on digital mediums and interactive elements. It utilizes technology to create dynamic visuals, adapting to changing trends and user preferences. In contrast to traditional design, contemporary graphic design embraces minimalist aesthetics, favoring clean lines and simple color palettes. This minimalist approach enhances visual clarity and aligns with modern design sensibilities.


What advice would you give aspiring graphic designers wanting to get into electronic music?

My advice to aspiring graphic designers who want to get into electronic music is to immerse themselves in the culture, stay updated on music trends and design styles, and build a strong portfolio showcasing their ability to visually capture the essence of electronic music events. Networking with industry professionals and seeking mentorship can also help navigate the unique challenges of this niche market.

Hakan Hisim Artist

Please share your approach to collaborating with others in your design process.

In my design process, I focus on open communication and collaboration. I value feedback from clients and team members, ensuring their vision guides my work. I aim to achieve the best outcomes by actively listening and fostering strong connections. 

Please visit my website for more insights into my work and to connect with me. Please follow me on social media using the links below.

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