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Today, we’re excited to spotlight Eulojio Ortega, a brilliant mural artist from the lively city of Chicago. He’s been painting murals for 15 years and has left his mark all over the United States with his incredible artwork, from fun designs for kids to massive masterpieces like the one at the world’s largest Starbucks. Ortega’s work isn’t just paintings; it showcases his incredible creativity and skill. Come along with us as we look at Ortega’s journey as an artist and uncover the stories behind his beautiful creations. 

Let’s dive into the colorful world of mural art, where every brushstroke has a story, and every wall is a canvas for community expression. Let’s make murals that inspire, uplift, and unite people.


What inspired you to start Ortega Studios Murals, and what’s its mission?

I started my journey as an artist twenty years ago, drawing pictures to tell stories. As time passed, I got into painting detailed portraits using oil paints, trying to show people’s beauty. Later, I also started painting landscapes and objects, aiming to improve my work.

Now, as a mural artist, I get to use everything I’ve learned to make huge artworks that make a big impact. When you look at my murals, I hope you can see my effort to make them great and feel excited to work on your mural masterpiece.

start Ortega Studios Murals

Where do you think Ortega Studios is going?

We’re looking to reach more people by working with cities focusing on revitalizing their culture. To do this, we’ll enhance our murals with technology, like augmented reality, to make them more interactive and engaging. Our main aim is to continue developing our artistic style while ensuring that we stay true to our core mission, which is to showcase the unique voices and stories of the local community through our art.


Can you walk us through your creative process?

Our creative process is a collaborative journey that begins by actively engaging with the community we work with. We listen attentively to their ideas, stories, and aspirations, which are the foundation for our artistic vision. Through interactive workshops and dialogue, we gather a wealth of inspiration that we translate into vibrant visual concepts.

Once we’ve drawn some basic ideas, we ask the community for their thoughts. This helps us make changes and improve our designs, ensuring they represent what the community stands for. After we’ve decided on the design, we carefully prepare the surface for painting. Then, using brushes and paints, we start bringing the mural to life. We add layer after layer, putting in lots of passion and creativity and ensuring every detail is correct.

Making something is like pouring our hearts into it from start to finish. Depending on how big and tricky it is, it can take weeks or even months. But every time we add a brushstroke, it’s not just about making something pretty. It’s about telling stories, sharing dreams, and bringing people together, leaving a lasting mark for years.

Starbucks Reserve Roastery Mural

Can you share some highlight projects that you’ve worked on?

As a mural artist, I’ve had fun working on different projects, from painting incredible murals for kids to huge ones like the five-story mural at the most giant Starbucks in the world. Each job has its challenges and sound bits, like making a school mascot look cool or turning a library into a fantastic story place. I love making spaces awesome with art and am always up for new and exciting projects.

Some Highlight projects are below:

1). The Starbucks Reserve Roastery Mural:

One of our acclaimed works is the five-story mural inside the Starbucks Reserve Roastery on Chicago’s Magnificent Mile. Selected from a competitive field of muralists, this project allowed us to merge art with architecture, creating a landmark on Michigan Avenue.


2). Educational and Inspirational Works:

At P.H. Miller Elementary, we transformed a cafeteria into a vibrant library with engaging murals, fostering a love for reading among students. Another notable project is the Cowherd Hall School Mural in Aurora, IL, showcasing our commitment to uplifting communities through art.

vibrant library

What has been one of your most challenging projects, and why?

One of our most challenging projects was a San Francisco mural depicting the city’s evolution from the Gold Rush era to the tech boom. Balancing historical accuracy with artistic expression while respecting the building’s integrity was a significant challenge. Additionally, using materials suitable for the historical structure added complexity to the project.


How do you make sure your projects show the local culture and history?

We must ensure that when we work on a project, like creating a mural, it truly represents the local culture and history. We start by getting to know the community well. We do this by holding workshops and meetings to involve local people in developing ideas actively. We also learned much about the area’s history and talked to the people there. This helps us understand what’s important to them and improves our mural designs. By working together like this, the community feels like the mural belongs to them, and they feel proud of it because it reflects who they are and where they come from.


How do murals change places and communities?

Mural art can uplift communities, spark conversations, and inspire change. Through our murals, we aim to create immersive environments that resonate with people profoundly, fostering a sense of pride and belonging within their communities.


How do you engage with local residents and businesses in the mural creation process?

Collaboration is central to our work. Before we begin any project, we reach out to the community to get their input, ideas, and feedback. We ask residents to share their stories, memories, and hopes for their neighborhoods. We also team up with local businesses, schools, and organizations to make sure our murals represent the various voices and views of the community. It’s a joint effort from beginning to end, and witnessing the enthusiasm and pride people have for the final artwork is extremely fulfilling


What inspires your choice of subjects?

My subjects draw inspiration from everyday life, nature, urban scenes, and historical contexts. Whether it’s a lively street scene or an iconic mascot, I aim to evoke emotions and tell stories that resonate with viewers.


What’s been the hardest thing to do in any project you’ve worked on?

Each project presents unique technical challenges, but one of the most demanding was the world’s largest indoor car mural at Irongate in Naperville, IL. The sheer size required meticulous planning and execution to achieve the desired impact.

indoor car mural

If someone wants to hire you for a mural, what’s it like working with you?

Clients can expect a highly collaborative process, from concept discussions to final execution. We strive to surpass expectations by incorporating the client’s vision while adding our artistic flair to create truly unique spaces.


How can People get in touch with you?

Interested people can reach out through our website https://chicagomuralist.com, where they can find a contact form, email, and phone number. We’re always eager to discuss new projects and collaborations.  You can connect with us on our social media accounts on Instagram @eulojio art and Facebook @Ortega Studios Murals to stay updated on our latest works and creative endeavors.

Ortega Studios Murals art

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