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Nico Psy arts

Meet Nico, a 41-year-old graphic artist living in a peaceful part of France away from busy city life. Being surrounded by calmness helps him focus on his art because he loves it. Nico is good at making all kinds of art for Psytrance events, like CD covers, flyers, and logos. He even made the logo for the extensive Freakplanet tour. You can see it on party flyers and this magazine’s cover.

Come and explore Nico Psy Arts France. Art meets Psytrance music here in a colorful world of creativity and imagination. We get a chance to talk about this brilliant designer. Join us for unique art, fun events, and a lively community. They all come together because of Nico.


What is the Name of your project?

My project name is Nico Psy Arts.


Which country are you from?

I am from France. Based in a quiet village near Bordo


Describe your vision when designing in short.

I aim to ensure that each design stands out as a distinctive work of art. I devote much time and effort to ensure that every piece is thorough and engaging.


Which scene are you most associated with?

I create vibrant artwork for the Psytrance scene, including CD covers, flyers, logos, and web designs. I infuse each piece with passion and creativity, and they resonate with the energy of Psytrance.


What inspired you to become a graphic designer?

My passion for psytrance culture inspired me to become a graphic designer. I stay inspired by exploring new ideas and techniques in my field, which keeps me creative.


What made you focus on electronic music events?

I was inspired to focus on electronic music events. I am particularly interested in Psytrance. My deep connection inspired me with the culture. I explore new techniques and technologies to stay updated with the latest trends. I also keep an eye on new artists and trends in the genre.


Highlight the best work. What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

Each project in my portfolio holds significance with its challenges and growth. One project I’m particularly proud of is the Freakplanet tour logo. The challenge was to convert a hand-drawn design into a digital format while keeping its essence. This required careful work in Illustrator and Photoshop, which resulted in a bold logo.

Nico Psy arts work

How do you start a design project?

For a new design project, I first gather requirements and insights from the client. Then, I sketch out ideas by hand before digitizing them using Illustrator. Finally, I enhanced the design in Photoshop, adding lights, effects, and details to bring it to life.


What was your experience with different design software and tools?

I use many design tools and software. They include Illustrator and Photoshop. I use them to bring my artistic visions to life. Also, I use about 30 computer programs for design. I use them for different tasks based on the project’s needs.


How do you manage tight graphic design deadlines?

To manage tight deadlines, I prioritize tasks. I break projects into steps and set realistic timelines for each. I also communicate clearly with clients to ensure that we meet expectations.


How was working with non-designer clients or team members?

I work with clients and team members who may need a design background. I do this by listening to their ideas. I also provide clear explanations and visual examples. This ensures we have good communication and understanding throughout the project.


Experienced compromising vision for a client’s project? How managed?

Yes, I have faced projects where I needed to compromise. It was due to client preferences or limits. In such cases, I handle it by carefully discussing the client’s needs. I try to understand their view and find a middle ground. This ground satisfies both their needs and my art.

Nico Psy graphic design

Have you done video editing or animation?

Yes, I have experience with multimedia design, including video editing and animation. I handle it using many software tools and techniques. I adapt to each project’s needs to create engaging multimedia that is visually appealing.


What do you believe sets contemporary graphic design apart from traditional design?

Contemporary graphic design differs from traditional design. It uses digital tools and technologies. They allow for more flexibility, experimentation, and innovation in visual expression.


Finally, what advice would you give to graphic designers?

I would advise aspiring graphic designers who want to enter the electronic music scene to dive into the culture, get to know the aesthetic preferences and trends, and network with musicians and event organizers.

Your work should showcase your unique style and creativity. To connect with me and get more information about the latest projects, advice, learning, community, and contributions, reach out to my email.


How can people learn more about your artwork and collaborate with you?

If you want to learn, work together, or connect with him, just check my website. You can also find me on LinkedIn and Instagram. You’ll uncover the rich tapestry of my journey through the Psytrance world there. They’re open to new ideas and collaborations. This is true for artists, designers, musicians, and enthusiasts.

Nico Psy arts

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