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Today, we’re going to enter the exciting world of Demibot Studio. A creative hub based in Germany that is redefining graphic design. Demibot Studio specializes in Techno, Psytrance, Drum & Bass, and Chill & Down Tempo genres. He creates eye-catching cover art that wows audiences worldwide.

It is led by a visionary artist whose passion for art and music began in childhood. The designs are inspired by nature, architecture, and fellow artists. Each has a unique and captivating essence. Amir has over 25 years of experience in music production and sound design. The shift to electronic music events was a natural step. Demibot Studio is great at working with clients and meeting tight deadlines. They blend efficiency with creativity.

His portfolio includes NFT art and motion graphics. It is complex and innovative, committed to pushing boundaries, and not just a design studio but a force for revolution in electronic music. Come to explore his journey, where new ideas and artistic talent make electronic music even more exciting!


What is the name of your project?

The name of my project is Demibot Studio.


Which country are you from?

I am from Israel. I am currently living in Berlin, Germany.


Which scene are you most associated with?

I’m closely associated with several scenes, including Techno (any subgenre), Psytrance (any subgenre), Drum and bass, and Chill and downtempo.


Describe your vision when designing in short.

I aim to ensure that every cover art stands out as a unique piece of art. I dedicate significant time and effort to make each one complete and captivating.

Demibot Studio Art

Why did you become a graphic designer, and how do you stay creative?

Art and music have been a part of my life since childhood, and I have drawn from a young age. It’s in my blood. I draw inspiration constantly from nature, people, architecture, and other artists’ work that excites me.


What made you choose electronic music events, and how do you keep up with the latest trends?

With over 26 years of experience as a music producer and sound designer, I found inspiration to specialize in electronic music events. Creating art for these events is my passion.


Could you share a project you’re proud of? What issues did you face, and how did you fix them?

Choosing just one artwork is challenging because I explore various styles and am not confined to one. Each piece excites me differently. If I had to choose, “Gypsy Moon” reflects my artistic journey. Like my music, I started with complexity and noise. But over time, I embraced minimalism. I learned that subtlety can be powerful. As I often say, “You don’t have to shout for people to hear you loud.” Today, my art and music reflect this transformation. My obstacle was creating pieces that were exciting with only a few elements.

Gypsy Moon

What’s your approach to completing a design project?

My approach to a new design varies depending on factors such as client input or starting from scratch. If a client has a clear vision, I work accordingly. Otherwise, I experiment with shapes, gradually adding elements until I’m inspired to develop a final idea. This process is similar to how I create music. After refining the concept, I conduct final checks, add details, and clean up the design.


What tools do you use for design, and How do you stay updated on design trends and new technologies?

I work primarily in Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom and play with some 3D art programs. I’m also a master in AI art. I bring it to a new level and use it for photo editing, adding elements to my art. Additionally, I have experience in video editing and aim to learn Adobe After Effects for motion graphics. I stay updated on new tools and trends by regularly immersing myself in art-related news and resources.

Demibot Studio design trends

How do you handle tight deadlines in graphic design?

I’m used to tight deadlines because I manage multiple projects at once. These include music artist projects, a graphic design studio, and a music label. The label releases music every 1-2 months. Thanks to my efficiency and speed, I’ve never missed a deadline.


Describe your experience collaborating with colleagues or clients who need to gain design expertise.

Collaborating with clients or team members without a design background is standard. Trust in my abilities helps them feel at ease. I had one challenging project involving three artists and a label manager with differing ideas for cover art. It took extra time, but ultimately, everyone was satisfied, which is my top priority.


Did you have to adjust your plans because of client preferences or constraints?

Sometimes, clients have insisted on their ideas or color palettes. But after I made changes, they preferred my vision, so I reverted. Typically, clients approach me because they’re familiar with my style and quality of work. Ultimately, client satisfaction is paramount, but maintaining the integrity of my work under my name is also essential.


Have you worked on multimedia design, like video editing or animation?

I have experience with video editing, and I’m currently delving into animation.


What do you believe sets contemporary graphic design apart from traditional design?

Contemporary graphic design transcends traditional boundaries. Good art stands out regardless of labels or classifications.

contemporary graphic design

Finally, what advice would you give to graphic designers? They are keen on entering the electronic music scene.

It doesn’t matter if it’s an electronic scene or something else. Just do art that excites you, and others will feel the same. In the electronic music scene, you have even more room to “dare” and do “crazy” ideas since there is nothing too crazy in that scene.


Where can audiences find more of your work and connect with you online?

Everyone can explore more of my work and connect with me on various social media platforms and my website. Visit my website https://demibotstudio.ju.mp/ for a comprehensive view of my portfolio and the latest updates.

Follow me on  my social media:

Those seeking assistance from seasoned artists and sound designers can discover creative and innovative work at @DemibotStudio. Everyone will find it beneficial.

Demibot Art

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