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Alex Grey Visionary Artist

Alex Grey is a mystic Visionary Artist and co-founder of CoSM, Together with his wife,  Allyson Grey. He was born on November 29, 1953, in Columbus, Ohio. Alex Great is probably one of the most famous visionary artists. He’s well-known for making art about spiritual ideas extraordinarily. When he was young, his dad encouraged him to draw, and he was interested in skeletons, which started his journey.

As he grew older, he became interested in big ideas about the mind from people like Timothy Leary. This got him thinking about consciousness, which he explored more in his art as he grew up. To learn more about his work, let’s explore how he began and became a famous artist in his field.


What inspired you to become a Visual Artist?

My diverse experiences have inspired me, including working at Harvard Medical School and studying Tibetan Buddhism. My art, such as “Sacred Mirrors,” celebrates the beauty of human life and took a decade to create.

I explore creativity through music, books, and collaborations with bands such as Tool. I also share insights into art and spirituality through lectures and performances. Overall, my art aims to help people better understand themselves and see the world differently.


Can you share your journey as a visual artist?

Since I was young, I’ve loved art. My dad influenced me, and my teachers encouraged me. I’ve always been fascinated by life and death, which I explore in my art.

When I was twelve, a science project interested me in consciousness, which later became a big part of my art journey. Winning an art competition when I was seventeen showed me I was on the right path.

Then, a powerful dream made me focus on the idea of opposites, which led to my famous Sacred Mirrors series. Studying at Harvard Medical School helped me understand anatomy and consciousness even better.

I’ve always wanted to mix science, spirituality, and art. Meeting spiritual leaders and having psychedelic experiences inspired me. Working with musicians and being part of the psychedelic community expanded my artistic ideas.

Creating the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors with my wife was a dream. It’s a place for people to see visionary art and explore spirituality. Looking back on my journey, I’m grateful that my art can inspire others to think about consciousness.

Artistic vision Alex Grey

Share projects you’re proud of. What was tough, and how did you manage?

My art explores what it means to be human. I mix ideas about our bodies, minds, and spiritual sides. Since I was young and interested in life and death, my art has grown to show how we can rise above challenges and connect with something more significant.

My “Sacred Mirrors” project and “counter-culture historian” encourage people to think about their inner divinity by showing the connections between our bodies, thoughts, and spirits.

Working with bands like Tool has made my art more widely known, and I’m also passionate about using art to explore the effects of psychedelics. Overall, I want my art to show how everything in life is connected, and I hope it inspires people to learn more about themselves and reach for something higher.

My most famous works include the Sacred Mirrors series, Net of Being and Museum, [AVAM, Baltimore, Maryland].


How do music and art work together to show spiritual and significant insights?

I’ve discovered a strong link between music and visual art in expressing profound spiritual experiences. My art explores everything from our physical world to our spiritual essence, and music dramatically enhances these explorations. The connection between music and art isn’t just about showing spiritual moments; it’s about making gateways to something divine, where our souls can feel uplifted and connected to something beyond words.

music and art work together

What do you envision for the future of your art and its impact on society and culture?

My plan for the future of my art is to keep delving into the ideas of how we think and feel and connect with something bigger than ourselves. I want my art to help people change and grow individually and together. By showing my work in exhibitions, giving talks, and working with others, I aim to encourage people to explore their inner selves and find deeper meaning in life.


How did you make it easy for people to buy your art?

People can buy my art at our superb online store at CoSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) (check it out here: https://shop.cosm.org/) to make buying my art easy! It means anyone can get their hands on my life-changing artwork without hassle. You will find it cool.

Buy Alex Grey art

What do you hope people take away from your creations?

I hope my art helps people change and grow personally and spiritually. I want to encourage viewers to think deeply about themselves and to feel connected to all life around them.


How can people get in touch with you if your work inspires them?

If my work inspires you and you want to reach out, the easiest way is through my official website. You can see my art there, find out about upcoming events, and contact me. You can also find me on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, where I share my work and chat with people who enjoy my art. I love connecting with fellow seekers and art lovers, so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Alex Grey Art

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