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Lyons, Colorado native Andrew “Android” Jones has been creating art since childhood. After honing his skills in traditional mediums at the Ringling School of Art and Design, Jones worked at Industrial Light and Magic before launching a successful career as an independent artist in 2005. Known for his psychedelic digital paintings and live performances, Jones has become a leading figure in the visionary art movement.

Android Jones has expressed that his experiences are beyond words. He’s been to places where imagination stops, and infinity’s vastness is terrifying and beautiful. He believes it wouldn’t be worth developing if he could explain why he creates art. So, instead, he uses his art to express what he can’t put into words. He admits he doesn’t fully understand why he creates art, but it’s a mystery he wants to explore for life, and each piece of art brings him closer to understanding this mystery.


Could you share with us how you started your journey?

My journey began in Lyons, Colorado, surrounded by those majestic canyons. Their vastness always made me feel small yet strangely connected to something bigger.  That feeling translates into my digital art, where I use swirling layers and fractured light to capture the mystery of existence.  I’m entering a trance-like state where the lines between my imagination and the universe blur.  Sometimes, I see visions of ancient civilizations or cosmic landscapes.  It’s humbling, and I translate that awe onto the digital canvas, hoping viewers can experience a glimpse of that infinity.

Android Jones

Can you tell us about the projects you have worked on?

I’ve worked on many projects, like Lyons Town Hall Mural in Colorado, creating immersive experiences with SAMSKARA, and making virtual reality software MicrodoseVR. I’ve also done digital art on platforms like SuperRare, shown my work at big festivals worldwide, and designed cool art cars for Burning Man, like Luna the Art Crane. Each thing I’ve done has allowed me to try out new creative ideas and connect with people worldwide.


Could you elaborate on the types of events you’ve collaborated on?

I combine art and technology to create interactive experiences that appeal to people of all ages. Whether Unique Night, Goom Gum, or Digital World’s Valentine’s Day Promotion, each event is carefully designed to spark curiosity and encourage exploration. This commitment to interactive experiences continues with my upcoming appearances.  Here’s a look at what I have in store:

    • Live Visual Performances: Catch me performing live visuals on the Ascension Stage at Esoteric Festival 2024 (Donald, Victoria, Australia).
    • Art Exhibitions: See my new ‘Intelligent Ancestors’ series at the Envision Festival 2024 (Uvita, Costa Rica) and a full-dome Samskara show, art gallery, and AR experience showcasing my work at Digiverse Digital Exhibition Turkey (Antalya, Turkey). My ‘Electro Foliage’ piece will also be displayed at the Verse Immersive NFT Exhibit (Chicago & Denver). Take advantage of the new Android Jones mural in my hometown of Lyons, Colorado.
    • Immersive Art Experiences: Witness a unique collaboration at Random Rab and Android Jones: Immersive Ambient Journey (Portland, Oregon), where live music meets live 3D-mapped visuals.
    • Live Art Auctions: Participate in a live art auction hosted by me at Esoteric Festival 2024 (Donald, Victoria, Australia).

How do collaborations make your art better?

Like other artists or experts, working with others on your art can add new ideas and perspectives. It’s like mixing different colors to create a unique shade. This collaboration can make your art richer and more exciting and sometimes even surprise you with fresh ways of doing things. Anyone can buy my art and merchandise on my website.


What do you want people to feel from your art?

When people see or experience your art, you hope it makes them feel something. It could be happiness, curiosity, sadness, or even inspiration. Just like a good book or a beautiful view can leave an impression, you want your art to linger in people’s minds and make them see the world differently.

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Android Jones Arts

How can people connect with you?

Follow me on social media to get a behind-the-scenes look at my creative process, be the first to know about upcoming exhibitions and events, and experience the wonders of art in a whole new way! I’m always thrilled to connect with fellow art enthusiasts and share the spark of inspiration.

Get in with me on social media:





Android Jones mural

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