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Michael Strauss Visual Reality | USA
Michael Strauss Visual Artist

Michael is a very experienced VJ digital artist and event producer from Los Angeles, California, USA, who’s been creating amazing sights and sounds for almost twenty years. He’s famous for his mind-bending artwork, which he’s used to make all kinds of events and performances more special. 


The Modern Wizard of Visual Arts

People call him a modern wizard because he’s so good at blending technology and creativity to make things that feel magical. He started working at famous nightclubs in Hollywood, and since then, he’s brought his visuals to big festivals like EDC and Nocturnal Wonderland.

He’s also worked with many well-known electronic music makers and DJs. From old buildings to super-futuristic places, his artwork has left a lasting impression in all sorts of places, even meditation centers. Let’s look closer at Michael’s journey, what inspires him, and how his artistic style has evolved.


How did your journey into the world of visual artistry begin?

My journey began around twenty years ago when I immersed myself in Hollywood’s vibrant underground scene. Initially serving as the resident visual artist for Bassrush at renowned venues like Vanguard and Cinespace, I quickly realized the transformative power visuals held in enhancing live performances.

Michael Strauss Visuals

What notable events have you been a part of?

My audiovisual experiences have thrived at renowned events such as the Electric Daisy Carnival Nocturnal Wonderland and arts festivals like Burning Man and Lightning in a Bottle, to name a few. I’ve also been the visual lifeblood for Los Angeles dance party producers like Abundance and Incognito.

Notably, I’ve had the privilege of performing alongside and enhancing the shows of leading electronic music talents like The Crystal Method, Paul Oakenfold, and Infected Mushroom. My work has been showcased at iconic venues across the board, from the Orpheum Theater to Meow Wolf’s Area 15 in Las Vegas, and embraced by meditation centers and experiential spaces alike.

arts festivals

Can you explain more about your collaboration with other artists?

The list is quite rich, involving artists across various genres. I’ve created custom stage visions with Kalya Scintilla and Desert Dwellers and worked alongside the avant-garde Lucent Dossier performance troupe.

Remarkable VJ sets include performances with Shpongle and remixing the art of Alex Grey for the Bicycle Day 75th Anniversary Tour. Additionally, my sound-healing partnership with Torkom Ji, Visual Soundbath, provided an immersive, meditative experience that resonated with thousands.


How do you adapt your visuals to suit different environments?

Adapting to different environments is all about understanding the energy and vibe of the space. Historical venues like the Orpheum Theater demand a sense of grandeur and reverence, while futuristic spaces like Wisdome demand a sense of grandeur and reverence.LA allows for experimentation and pushing the boundaries of technology. By tapping into the essence of each location, I aim to create immersive experiences that resonate with the audience on a deeper level.

Orpheum Theater

What inspired your move into 360-degree dome projections and virtual reality, and what challenges did you face?

The shift towards 360-degree dome projections and virtual reality stemmed from a desire to explore new forms of expression and engage with audiences innovatively. Of course, with innovation comes challenges, particularly in navigating the technical complexities of VR production and ensuring a seamless experience for viewers. However, the potential for creating immersive worlds and pushing the boundaries of storytelling far outweighs any obstacles encountered.


What excites you most about these emerging technologies?

The possibilities presented by the Metaverse and NFT art communities are genuinely limitless. From creating immersive virtual worlds to revolutionizing the way we buy and sell art, these technologies offer unprecedented opportunities for artists to connect with audiences on a global scale. I’m particularly excited about the potential for decentralization and democratization within the art world, empowering artists to take ownership of their work and reach new heights of creative expression.

visual arts

How can people interested in your virtual reality art contact you?

My website and social media platforms allow people to connect with me to learn more or collaborate. My portfolio and contact information are available for prospects, enthusiasts, or fellow artists who want to explore virtual reality with me. Ensure you experience the magic of Michael’s virtual reality yourself and take advantage of the opportunity to connect with a visionary artist shaping the world of visual arts, one pixel at a time.

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