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Jack Lipke IV, the driving force behind the awe-inspiring Rynobus. Jack, his father John, and a team sculpted the Rynobus into a breathtaking spectacle. It defies convention at every turn. The Rynobus has a stunning exterior. Polished aluminum and iridescent coatings adorn it. Its interior is reminiscent of neon-clad arcades in Tokyo. The bus stands as a testament to innovation and imagination.

It serves as both a mobile stage and a social sanctuary. This larger-than-life creation has been at famous events from Burning Man to EDC Vegas. It captivates audiences with its immersive experience and endless possibilities. Join us as we unfold the story behind the project.


Can you introduce yourself and share your origin?

My name is Jack Lipke IV, and I am a visual artist and the creator of the Rynobus. My journey into the world of art and innovation started in the lively Pacific Northwest. I was raised amidst a culture of expression and experimentation. I have a deep passion for creating immersive experiences.

I joined my father, John, and a fantastic team of friends on this project. Together, we brought to life the Rynobus, a visionary fusion of art and technology. The Rynobus started in 2017. It’s been a dynamic project, evolving at each event we attend.

Rynobus Artist journey

What’s the title of your project?

The project I’ve been working on is called the “Rynobus.” It’s like a big, fancy bus but way more relaxed. With shiny metal and bright colors, we’ve made it look super cool outside. And inside, it’s like stepping into a futuristic arcade, with lots of games and fun stuff to do. We’re at big festivals like Burning Man or cruising around town. The Rynobus is always the center of attention. It’s not a bus; it’s a whole adventure waiting to happen!


What inspired you to work as a visual artist?

I decided to become a visual artist because I love art and technology. I also really enjoy bringing people together. When I noticed that festivals didn’t have many fun places for everyone to hang out, I devised the idea for the Rynobus. It’s like a giant moving party where people can have a great time. I wanted to make something practical and fun to make festivals more enjoyable. And that’s how the Rynobus came to life, blending art, tech, and community.


What are some of the unique features of the Rynobus?

The Rynobus has some excellent features that make it stand out. We’ve got a retro gaming arcade with over 20 games so that you can play your favorites. Plus, three air conditioners keep you cool, even on hot days. And if you need to freshen up, there’s a bathroom with a heated shower. So, whether you’re gaming inside or dancing on the rooftop, the Rynobus has all you need to have a good time!


What events have you been a part of?

We have been superstars at some of the most significant events around! You can find us at EDC Vegas and EDC Orlando. I also work at Coachella, Metatronica, Decadence NYE, and Goldrush. But that’s not all—we’ve also been a hit at Burning Man and many other festivals and private parties. It’s been amazing to bring the Rynobus to all these significant events.

Rynobus event

Can you share any memorable experiences or stories from events?

One of the best times was at Burning Man. The Rynobus was the party’s heart, and artists and festival-goers gathered around it. I’ll never forget the smiles on people’s faces as they checked out the bus and had fun with the art and games inside. It felt good to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Another incredible moment was spotting the Rynobus in the Netflix movie “Yes Day.” Seeing our bus on the screen was so cool and weird! These experiences make me proud of what we’ve made and excited me for more adventures with the Rynobus.


What challenges have you faced in creating and maintaining the Rynobus?

Creating and maintaining the Rynobus has had its share of hurdles. One big challenge was finding all the materials we needed. We also had to make sure everything was safe and legal. It took much time and effort to track down the right stuff and ensure it met all the rules. But with the help of our friends, family, and fans, we’ve been able to tackle these challenges head-on.

Their support has been outstanding and keeps us going, even when things get tough. It’s been a team effort from the start, and we got this far with everyone pitching in.


What is the significance of the Rynobus’s interior design?

The inside of the Rynobus is special. It’s inspired by the neon arcades in Tokyo, making it a fun and colorful place. We added lots of cool details and hidden surprises for people to find, so there’s always something new to see.

It’s not for playing games, though. The Rynobus can be a Greenroom for artists or an event demo space. It has air conditioning to keep everyone cool and a great sound system. The design makes it a fun and comfortable place for everyone inside.


How do you contribute to the festival atmosphere?

I contribute to the festival atmosphere by enhancing it with the Rynobus. Its captivating design and fantastic features draw crowds, creating a more enjoyable and exciting environment. Inside, there’s a gaming arcade where everyone can unwind and socialize.

Rynobus festival

We offer live-streaming of events, enabling more people to participate in the festivities.

The Rynobus is the festival’s central hub, providing a space for relaxation, gaming, and unique entertainment. The games, the vibrant light show, and the comfortable, air-conditioned environment add a special touch to any festival experience.


What are your plans for the future of the Rynobus?

My plans for the Rynobus are all about making it even better. In 2024, I will work on improving its programming and adding new features to make it more exciting. I want people to see it as a cool thing to do so that I will take it to many events. I’m super excited to see how it grows and changes over time!


What makes the Rynobus different from other art cars and stages?

The Rynobus is different from other art cars and stages because it’s quick to set up and has an excellent design. Unlike other stages, it can be ready in a few hours, making events smoother. Its multifunctional features, including gaming and art capabilities, appeal to diverse crowds. This adaptability sets it apart in the art car and stage scene. The Rynobus offers a unique blend of convenience, creativity, and entertainment.


Who are the key people involved in the Rynobus project?

The Rynobus project involves me, my dad, John, and many helpful friends who’ve pitched in their skills and time. A big shoutout goes to my partner Kittrix, plus Mel G and Donovan K, who’ve played essential roles in managing the project. Building the Rynobus has been a team effort, showing how working together can make big ideas happen.


How do you manage the technical aspects, like the lighting and sound systems?

We use good equipment trusted in the industry to ensure everything works great, including the lights and sound. We’re constantly updating our systems to stay on top of things. The Rynobus is ready for live streaming and has challenging lighting to handle any weather.

It has a powerful sound system and a quick and easy setup. We ensure everything’s top-notch so everyone can blast on the Rynobus! The Rynobus is pre-wired for live streaming and equipped with IP67 lighting, a powerful sound system, and fast-deploy rigging.


What feedback have you received from the community and event organizers?

The community and event organizers have given us fantastic feedback. People love its unique design, how fast we can set it up, and the tremendous experience it provides. It’s become a favorite part of many events, and we’re thrilled to see how much everyone enjoys it. The response has been positive. It’s rewarding to see the excitement the Rynobus brings wherever it goes.


How can event organizers contact you for collaborations?

Event organizers can contact us for collaborations through various channels. They can email us at [email protected], and we’ll be happy to discuss how we can work together. We’re always open to collaboration ideas and can’t wait to bring the Rynobus to more events. People can also find us on social media platforms and my website!

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