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Matthew Childers’ Digital Introspect  | USA
Matthew Childers' Digital Introspect

Matthew Childers is the creative genius behind the unique project “Digital Introspect.” He’s an artist from Northern California who loves mixing art with technology. With tools like Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Unreal Engine, he creates mind-blowing digital art that challenges how we see things. “Digital Introspect” isn’t just art; it’s an experience. It takes you to different worlds filled with light, sound, and abstract ideas. Matthew’s journey as an artist is about pushing boundaries and trying new things, from making music videos to designing festival visuals.


What will we cover in this interview?

In exploring Matthew’s work, we’ll discover how he generates ideas, what inspires him, and the deeper meanings behind his art. We’ll also get a peek into his creative process and learn what makes his work stand out in today’s art world. Get ready to explore Matthew Childers’s amazing world and discover the wonders of Digital Introspect. It’s going to be a fun adventure!


What’s your project called?

My project is called “Digital Introspect.” I’m doing it for myself, where I look at how technology and creativity come together in different kinds of digital art. I use software like Cinema 4D, After Effects, and Unreal Engine to make cool visual stuff like stepping into another world. I want to make art that makes people think differently, using light, sound, and ideas to create different realities. With Digital Introspect, I’m inviting people to think about and get involved with the worlds I create.

Digital Introspect

Where are you from, and what scene do you belong to?

I’m from Northern California, where I dive into the exciting world of New Media Art. Creativity mixes with technology here, and artists like me constantly find new ways to share ideas and feelings using digital tools. It’s a lively scene, a whole of experiments and teamwork, pushing the limits of visual art. I find it both inspiring and challenging, constantly pushing myself to get better at what I do.


Briefly describe your vision for your visuals.

I aim to make visuals that break the rules and draw people in. I want viewers to feel part of something extraordinary, surrounded by light, sound, and abstract ideas. Using advanced techniques like 360 3D and creative storytelling, I want to whisk people away to different worlds where they can explore and even participate in the experience. Through all of this, I aim to stir up emotions, get people thinking, and spark their imaginations, taking them on a journey where they can discover new things about themselves and the world around them.


Why did you become a visual artist, and how do you stay inspired?

I’m a visual artist because I love blending technology with creativity. It’s this mix that keeps me excited about making art. I enjoy pushing myself to see what I can create, whether making cool animations, stunning visual effects, or interactive stuff. I’m always looking for new challenges to keep my creative juices flowing. Facing them head-on helps me learn and grow. I get inspiration from various places, like modern art, latest tech, and even nature. This mix keeps me sharp and ensures I’m always on the cutting edge of visual art.


What kind of projects have you worked on?

I’ve worked on various projects, including music videos, festival visuals, and exhibitions. I’m excited to share them with you because they tell a story about my experiences and growth as an artist.

Explore this exciting variety of creative projects below.

Project Name


World Party MV Music video for Supersillyus by Digital Introspect (April 26, 2024).
Coachella 2024 Notch VFX, VJ, and playback work at DoLaB Stage.
The Untz Festival Participation in a collaborative chill moment.
Omar Apollo Tour Visuals for Fall 2023 Tour at Madison Square Garden.
Omar Apollo Festival Festival visuals and management for 2022-2023.
Summer Block Party Lead visuals for Sacramento events (2022-2023).
Fine Art Gallery Expo Display of “Forbidden Fruit” in Rome (Nov 17-18, 2022).
Jazmine Sullivan Fest Live visuals and programming for festivals (2022-2023).

For more project details, check out my website: https://digitalintrospect.com/projects


Tell us about a project you’re proud of. What challenges did you face?

You can explore my portfolio at the Digital Introspect New Media Art Gallery, showcasing a range of projects, including concert visuals, animation, VFX, video mapping, and interactive programming. One project I’m particularly proud of is the “Beginning of the World Party” music video for Supersillyus, which premiered at Coachella 2024. The challenge I faced was creating visuals that genuinely captured the essence of the music while also pushing creative boundaries. To overcome this, I collaborated closely with the musician to understand their vision and experimented with various techniques until we achieved the desired result.

Beginning of the World

How do you start a new visual project? What are the steps from start to finish?

Starting a new visual project involves several steps, from conceptualization to execution. First, I gather inspiration from various sources, including the music or event I’m creating visuals for. Then, I brainstorm ideas and develop a concept aligning with the theme or message. Once the concept is approved, I move on to the production phase, which includes creating assets, animating, and programming interactive elements if applicable. Finally, I refine and polish the visuals until they meet the client’s expectations.


What design software and tools do you use, and how do you stay updated with trends?

I utilize various design software and tools, including Cinema 4D, After Effects, Resolume, Unreal Engine, Touchdesigner, and Notch VFX. To stay updated with trends and technologies, I regularly participate in workshops, attend conferences, and engage with online communities dedicated to new media art and visual effects. Additionally, I experiment with my projects’ latest software and techniques to stay ahead of the curve.


How does your online shop complement your artistry?

My online shop complements my artistry by providing a platform for people to purchase prints, merchandise, and digital downloads of my artwork. It allows me to reach a wider audience and generate income from my creative work, supporting my artistic practice and enabling me to continue pushing boundaries in visual art.

Online shop complement

Describe your artistic style and preferred mediums.

My artistic style is defined by striking and immersive visuals that blend elements of surrealism, abstraction, and futurism. My work aims to transport viewers into captivating worlds where reality intertwines with imagination. I predominantly utilize digital mediums, harnessing the power of cutting-edge software and technology to craft dynamic and interactive experiences that engage and enthrall audiences. By embracing digital tools, I can push the boundaries of traditional art forms and offer viewers unique and innovative ways to interact with my creations.


How do you stay current with design trends and technology?

I keep up with the latest design trends and technology through a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, I stay informed by regularly reading industry publications and staying up-to-date with online forums and blogs. Attending conferences and workshops allows me to immerse myself in discussions about cutting-edge developments and connect with other professionals in the field. Furthermore, I actively seek opportunities to experiment with new software and techniques in my projects, enabling me to stay ahead of emerging trends and innovations.

This proactive approach ensures that I remain at the forefront of design and technology, continuously evolving and refining my skills to meet the demands of the ever-changing creative landscape.

current with design trends and technology

What themes or messages do you implement in your work?

In my art, I like to explore profound ideas about consciousness, technology, and how the digital world meets the physical one. I want people to feel amazed and curious when they see my work, making them think about life’s big questions and all the amazing things the universe holds. By diving into these topics, I want to make people reflect on themselves and how they see the world around them. Ultimately, I want my art to inspire people to go on their journeys of self-discovery and understanding.


What’s it like working with people who don’t have a design background?

Working with people who don’t have a design background can be challenging but also rewarding. Effective communication and patience are required to ensure everyone is on the same page and understands the creative process. By listening to their feedback and explaining design concepts in accessible terms, I can often bridge the gap and collaborate successfully.

Matthew Childers' Art

Have you ever had to change your creative vision because of client demands?

Yes, I’ve had to adapt my creative vision to meet client demands on occasion. In such situations, I strive to find a compromise that satisfies both the client’s objectives and my artistic integrity. This often involves open communication, presenting alternative solutions, and finding creative ways to achieve the desired outcome within the project constraints.


Do you have experience with multimedia design, like video editing or animation?

I’m good at multimedia design, including editing videos and animations. These skills are essential for what I do because they help me make my projects look great and tell a straightforward story. By mixing videos and cool animations smoothly, I create experiences that grab people’s attention and make them feel involved. Whether working on music videos, visuals for concerts, or interactive displays, my multimedia design knowledge helps me create remarkable and memorable visual stories.

What sets modern art apart from traditional designs?

Modern art often uses digital tools, interactive features, and different media types to make engaging and lively experiences that shake up old ideas about art and design. It encourages trying new things, working together, involving the audience, mixing different areas of creativity, and exploring new limits.


What advice would you give new visual artists?

I advise new visual artists entering the electronic music scene to immerse themselves in the culture, network with musicians and event organizers, and continuously hone their craft. Experiment with different techniques and styles, and don’t be afraid to push boundaries and try new things. Above all, stay true to your artistic vision and passion, as authenticity is key in connecting with audiences in the electronic music scene.


Matthew Childers

How do you engage with your audience?

Visit my website to see more of my work and what I’m up to. Please follow me on social media using the links below.

Follow Matthew Childers’ Digital Introspect  | USA On Social Media

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