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UON Visuals, a talented artist from Canada, creates amazing animations that smoothly move in geometric shapes. These animations are perfect for VJ performances. They offer different versions of each animation, so they work well on other machines and software. UON Visuals shares new content regularly, so watch their page for updates.


About the artist

The person behind UON Visuals likes using fancy tech to create unique psychedelic 3D math art. They use Cinema 4D, Octane Render, and nine robust computers to make awesome visual stuff. Their art is all about complex designs and mind-bending shapes that amaze you. Blending art with maths creates captivating visuals that take you on a journey into the unknown.

This artist loves mixing technology and creativity to make extraordinary things. They create incredible animations and strange worlds that make us think. Their art is full of imagination. Watch out for them because they’re always trying new things and making art out of this world.


Can you share your journey as a visual artist?

My journey as an artist began with a simple love for drawing and painting. Over time, I ventured into digital art and multimedia design, finding my niche in creating visuals for electronic music events.

digital art and multimedia design

What’s the name of your project, and where are you located?

My project is known as UON Visuals, and I operate from Canada.


What Projects and Events have you worked on?

Every time I start a new project, I have a clear idea of what feelings I want to create and where I want people’s minds to go. One project I’m proud of is called “Neon Dreams.” But it wasn’t easy. I faced problems like needing the right technical stuff and help developing new ideas. However, facing these challenges made me grow and find new ways to do things. I kept going and eventually made the project happen.

LSDREAM and UON Visuals are working together on a project called the “PSYCHEDELIC FICTION NFT COLLECTION.” It will be available on MakersPlace on March 23 at 5 pm PST. It’s all about exploring weird digital worlds with bright colors and futuristic designs. This is LSDREAM’s first time doing digital art, and they’re also focused on helping the environment through Carbon180.


What inspired you to become a Visual Artist?

The inspiration behind UON Visuals is that they love colors and shapes. They’re really into electronic music, which gives them lots of creative energy. They stay creatively inspired by exploring new experiences and collaborating with fellow artists.


How do you keep up with new things happening in art and technology?

UON Visuals stays up-to-date by constantly learning and connecting with other designers. We’re skilled in different design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite and Blender.

art and technology

What types of art do you like to make, and what materials do you use?

UON Visuals creates lively and exciting art with bright colors and smooth shapes. They enjoy trying various materials like digital tools and mixed media to bring their ideas to life.


How did you work with non-designers, such as promoters or team members?

Collaborating with non-designers requires effective communication and patience, but it also brings fresh perspectives and enriches the creative process for UON Visuals.

Working with people who aren’t designers, like promoters or team members, can be tricky. But it’s a great thing because it brings new ideas and makes our projects even better!

So, how do we do it? Well, we make sure to talk clearly and listen carefully. Non-designers might need help to understand all the design jargon, so we explain things in simple words. We’re patient and answer any questions they have. This helps everyone know what we’re doing and why.


Have you made videos or animations?

Yes, we are good at making videos and animations to make cool stuff for people to watch.

What do You believe sets contemporary visual art apart from traditional visual designs?

Contemporary visual art is about trying new things and using technology to be more creative. They think about what makes contemporary art different from old art. They say that modern art uses new ideas and technology to be more creative and to connect with people in exciting new ways.


What Featured Products do you offer?

We offer many different products to suit our clients’ needs. We’d like to share some of them with you.

Certainly! Here’s the complete table with all the featured products they are offering:

Product Name Rating Price
[4K] ScrollingCity Looping Layer Pack (8 Layers 4K60) 5.0 (1) $7.99
HypnoCubeNeonWall VJ Loop Layer Pack (x8 layers 1080p60) 5.0 (2) $5.99
HypnoTunnelTwirls2020 Layer Pack (7 Layers) 1080p60 5.0 (1) $5.99
DMTorusTwist2020 VJ Layer Pack (6 layers) 5.0 (2) $5.99
HyperWaveTunnel VJ Layer Pack (8 Layers) 5.0 (3) $7.99
CityFlyover Pack (6 Layers) (1080p60) 5.0 (1) $5.99

You can explore the full list of products and purchase from UON VJ Loop Store.

Featured Products visual art

How do you connect with people?

I connect with people through social media platforms and I use math to create astonishing visual patterns. These patterns are for VJs and music producers to use with music. Check out the video on YouTube for more info.

Finally, UON Visuals, based in Canada, combines art and technology to make captivating animations and vibrant mathematical art. They work with others and create new and exciting projects, pushing the boundaries of art while staying true to their beliefs. By working together and keeping up with the latest trends, UON Visuals stays ahead in modern visual art. Budding artists can gain insights from their journey, focusing on being genuine, collaborating, and always learning. UON Visuals interacts with its audience through social media and its products, providing inspiration and involvement in the electronic music scene.

mathematical art

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