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Illuminated Arts | Germany, 3D Visual Projections
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Today, we’re telling the story of Pete Lange, a brilliant visual artist from Germany. Pete is famous for changing spaces into places where his unique creations take you beyond ordinary sight. He’s the best at using projectors and maps in a world where colors and light mix. We want to take you on a visual journey as we explore why Illuminated Arts is so famous in festivals worldwide. And share his exciting story – Meet Illuminated Arts from Germany.


Who is the artist behind Illuminated Arts?

My Name is Pete, and I’m an old-school Berliner techno head and music enthusiast. I am A musician and DJ but my main work is with Visual Projections that transcends the conventional, projecting extraordinary visual landscapes that have gained recognition worldwide. With my roots in the 90s club scene, My commitment to crafting each design with my hands and my bespoke projections have become signals of creativity that resonate across venues and global events.

Illuminated Arts

What types of projects have You worked on?

I have amazed crowds with my large-scale projections at famous festivals like Fusion, Tribal Teck, Tam Tam, Psy-Fi, VuuV Festival, Indian Spirit, Sonne Mond & Sterne, and Feel. Besides festivals, I also illuminate galas and award events, leaving a lasting impact with images stretched to an impressive 100 meters while maintaining sharpness and brilliance. I’m a dedicated artist who draws every motive and creates my content, believing that art should carry the unique signature of its creator.

Illuminated painting

How do you describe your work as Illuminated Arts?

My skill in Illuminated Arts involves making details stand out or fade away in my projections using light. I understand how light affects the mind without us realizing it. I carelessly create beautiful experiences by using pleasant colors and imaginative shapes. Each light projection I create allows people to enter a new world, taking them away from where they are.


What are the most exciting technical developments for you?

I am currently working with large-scale projectors engineered by a friend, allowing sharp and brilliant expanses of imagery to captivate viewers. I remain faithful to a tangible artistic process, using instruments like a white pen to blend traditional skills with innovative methods. Amidst a digital era, I choose a less traveled path, where an image’s soul’ is profoundly tied to its originality and the hands that crafted it.

global events

Can You reconcile your passions for both visual and auditory art?

With a long history as a DJ, I am planning a fantastic performance blending analog projections with live dance. This upcoming project might mark my comeback to the world of music, where I’ll create tunes to accompany the visuals. After taking a break to focus on touring and visual arts, I feel drawn back to making music and exploring new rhythms that will enhance my stunning visual displays.

How can people get in touch with or follow your work?

If you’re keen to explore the vibrant world of Illuminated Arts, getting in touch with my work is simpler than ever. You can discover my newest projects on my social media profiles. I display unique light creations there and keep you posted on my artistic escapades. Come along on my adventures and connect with me through social media.

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