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Esoteric Festival 2025 | Australia
Esoteric Main Stage

Esoteric Festival is a five-day electronic music festival held in Donald, Victoria, Australia. It is known for its high-quality production, diverse lineup of artists, and immersive atmosphere. Esoteric Festival was founded in 2016 by friends who wanted to create a unique and unforgettable festival experience. The first festival was a sell-out, and It has since become one of Australia’s most popular electronic music festivals.

Esoteric Festival 2025 will occur from March 7-11 at the Corner of  Gil Road and Harris Road, Donald, Victoria. The festival is located on a beautiful 100-acre property surrounded by gum trees. Esoteric Festival is about creating a magical and transformative experience for its attendees. The festival features various music, art, workshops, and activities to help you connect with yourself, your friends, and the universe. 

Esoteric Festival aboriginal ceremony

What Makes Esoteric So Special?

Many things make the Esoteric Festival so unique, but here are a few of the highlights:

  • High-quality production: Esoteric Festival is known for its top-notch production values. The stages are elaborately decorated, the sound system is state-of-the-art, and the visuals are mind-blowing.
  • Diverse lineup: Esoteric Festival features various electronic music artists, from established headliners to up-and-coming talent. There’s something for everyone at Esoteric.
  • Immersive atmosphere: The Esoteric Festival is about creating an immersive experience for its attendees. The festival grounds have stunning art installations and plenty of opportunities to relax and connect with nature.

Esoteric Stages

The Esoteric Stages promise an immersive journey into the mystical realms of spirituality and self-discovery. These stages pulsate with vibrant energy, drawing attendees into a world of profound exploration. Renowned spiritual leaders, healers, and esoteric experts will guide participants through transformative workshops and enlightening discussions, delving into ancient wisdom, meditation practices, and esoteric philosophies. Attendees can unlock their inner potential, enhance their intuition, and experience a deeper connection with the universe. At this year’s festival, the Esoteric Stages are a beacon of enlightenment, offering a unique and transformative experience for all spiritual growth and self-awareness seekers. Here are a few of the highlights:

Mae and Moe canopy on Esoteric Main stage

The Sun Temple

The Sun Temple invites attendees on a transformative journey into the heart of solar mysticism. Illuminating the path to inner enlightenment, this stage hosts visionary leaders and spiritual luminaries who will delve into the mysteries of the sun’s profound symbolism, its influence on consciousness, and its role in esoteric practices. With immersive workshops, meditation sessions, and enlightening discussions, the Sun Temple offers a unique opportunity to connect with the sun’s radiant energy, awakening a deeper understanding of self and the universe.


Ascension, a captivating segment within Esoteric Festival AU 2024. It invites attendees on a profound journey of self-elevation and spiritual enlightenment. Expert spiritual guides and mystics will lead interactive workshops, meditation sessions, and insightful discussions, facilitating personal growth and awakening. Participants will explore esoteric practices, harness their inner power, and ascend to higher states of consciousness. Ascension at this year’s festival promises a transformative experience, fostering spiritual development and deepening one’s connection with the mystical. It’s an opportunity for all seekers to ascend towards greater awareness and enlightenment.


The Snakepit is a dark and mysterious stage inspired by the post-apocalyptic genre. It’s the perfect place to let loose and dance the night away to heavy bass music. The stage is decorated with industrial-style décor and fog machines, creating a truly immersive experience. It beckons adventurers into the mystical. Within this electrifying enclave, renowned spiritual guides and mystics conduct transformative sessions. Attendees immerse themselves in esoteric traditions, mastering ancient wisdom and honing intuitive abilities. Snakepit fosters a profound connection with the universe through riveting discussions and meditative practices. This dynamic stage serves as a crucible for self-discovery, delivering an immersive, enlightening experience to all seeking spiritual growth and heightened awareness at the festival.

Bush Techno

Bush Techno ignites the wild spirit within. This dynamic stage pulsates with raw energy, blending techno rhythms with the untamed essence of the Australian bush. Renowned DJs and electronic music pioneers lead the charge, unleashing hypnotic beats beneath the starlit canopy. Attendees will dance into the heart of nature, forging a unique connection with the earth and music alike. Bush Techno is a sonic adventure that captures the essence of the Australian landscape, offering an unforgettable fusion of music and wilderness for festival-goers.

The Lost Lagoon

The Lost Lagoon at ESOTERIC FESTIVAL AU 2024 beckons adventurers on a mystical journey. Enveloped by ethereal sounds and vibrant visuals, attendees are guided through immersive experiences that challenge perception and expand consciousness. Esteemed mystics and artists lead participants through rituals, rituals, and transformative workshops, inviting exploration of the esoteric and metaphysical. The LOST LAGOON offers an extraordinary voyage into the enigmatic, where the boundaries between reality and the supernatural blur, awakening a profound connection to the mysteries of existence.

Chill Island

Expert instructors will lead rejuvenating yoga and meditation sessions in tranquil surroundings. Attendees can engage in mindfulness practices, fostering inner peace and mental clarity. Live music and art installations will enhance the soothing ambiance, making CHILL ISLAND a haven for those seeking respite from the festival’s vibrant energy. It’s the perfect space to unwind, connect with the self, and recharge amidst the festival’s dynamic atmosphere.

Festival Lifestyle

This dynamic space embodies the convergence of holistic well-being, conscious consumption, and sustainable living. Immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of activities, from yoga and mindfulness workshops to eco-friendly marketplaces showcasing artisanal, ethically sourced products. Engage with visionary speakers, innovators, and wellness gurus who will inspire your journey toward a more conscious and balanced existence. Festival Lifestyle at Esoteric Festival is a haven for those seeking to harmonize their modern lives with ancient wisdom, fostering personal growth and environmental stewardship in an atmosphere of positivity and community.


It is where a kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, and flavors awaits. Immerse yourself in artisanal craftsmanship, unique fashion, and exquisite handcrafted jewelry. Savor delicious, organic cuisine, and discover holistic wellness products to nurture your body and soul. Engage with passionate vendors who share their expertise and passion for a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. The market is a haven for seekers of one-of-a-kind treasures and a celebration of mindful living within the vibrant tapestry of the festival experience.

Esoteric Marketplace


Workshops are a dynamic hub of knowledge and self-improvement. Engage in various interactive sessions led by experts in holistic health, sustainable living, and personal growth. Dive into yoga and meditation practices, explore eco-conscious living, and sharpen your mindfulness skills. These hands-on workshops empower you to enhance your well-being, cultivate a sustainable lifestyle, and foster personal growth, all within the vibrant festival atmosphere.

Esoteric make up arts

The Wastelands

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic realm, where the festival lifestyle takes on a new dimension. This unique area is a fusion of post-apocalyptic aesthetics and avant-garde culture, offering an array of interactive art installations, mesmerizing performances, and otherworldly experiences. Wander through this captivating wasteland, where creativity knows no bounds and where you’ll encounter a vibrant community of free spirits, all contributing to the festival’s captivating tapestry of expression and self-discovery. Join us in this surreal dreamscape and let your adventurous spirit roam freely.

The Shallows

Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of festival lifestyle at The Shallows, a captivating facet of the Esoteric Festival. This dynamic experience pulses with energy as it brings together diverse forms of art, music, and culinary delights. Attendees can indulge in exhilarating performances, savor gourmet cuisine, and explore interactive installations. It is a haven of creativity and connection where festival-goers can revel in camaraderie and celebration.

Eso General Store

It is a vibrant hub of festival lifestyle essentials. Here, attendees can discover various unique and ethereal items, from bohemian fashion to artisanal jewelry, all carefully curated to enhance the festival experience. Explore a diverse selection of sustainable goods, healing crystals, and organic skincare products. Engage with passionate vendors who embody the festival’s harmony and conscious living spirit. Whether you seek festival fashion or holistic treasures, the ESO General Store is your go-to destination for all things vibrant and soulful.

Chill Island

Nestled within the Esoteric Festival, Chill Island embodies the epitome of the festival lifestyle. This idyllic oasis invites festivalgoers to unwind and recharge amidst its serene ambiance. Attendees can bask in the sun, lounge by tranquil water features, and indulge in soothing wellness activities. Yoga sessions, meditation circles, and holistic workshops perfectly balance the festival’s vibrant energy. Chill Island is a sanctuary where relaxation and rejuvenation reign supreme, ensuring a harmonious fusion of inner peace and festival spirit.

Esoteric Festival Location

Esoteric Festival unfolds against a breathtaking backdrop that transcends ordinary festival settings. Gumtrees in Donald, Western Victoria, this enchanting location offers a majestic tapestry of rolling hills, lush forests, and crystal-clear lakes. Attendees are immersed in the serene embrace of the Australian wilderness, providing an unparalleled connection with the Earth’s beauty. This idyllic setting enhances the festival’s ambiance and inspires, fostering a sense of oneness with the natural world. I’s location is a harmonious fusion of music, spirituality, and nature, creating an unforgettable and transformative experience for all who gather here.

Esoteric Festival Sunset at Donalds Victoria

Art Program

Esoteric Festival is a transformative journey offering diverse programs to nourish the mind, body, and soul. This event transcends boundaries from the esoteric stages, where renowned spiritual leaders explore ancient wisdom, to the vibrant main stages hosting eclectic music acts. Attendees can immerse themselves in yoga and meditation sessions, delve into holistic healing practices, and engage in insightful workshops. Ecstatic dance, art installations, and communal rituals infuse the festival with a unique energy.

Arcane Arts Arcade

It is a mesmerizing hub of creativity and mysticism. This captivating space hosts many programs and events that ignite the imagination. Attendees can practice spellbinding live performances, explore enchanting art installations, and engage with renowned mystics and artists. Workshops on tarot reading, astrology, and alchemy provide hands-on experiences, while interactive exhibits unveil the secrets of the arcane.

Couch Gardens

This offers an array of captivating programs and events. Immerse yourself in thought-provoking talks by visionary speakers, explore mind-expanding workshops, and engage in interactive art installations. Delve into consciousness, sustainability, and creativity discussions, or participate in hands-on activities, from crafting to healing arts. COUCH GARDENS provides a rich tapestry of experiences, cultivating personal growth, artistic expression, and community connections. It’s a dynamic hub where curiosity and exploration are celebrated, fostering a deep sense of belonging within the festival’s vibrant atmosphere.

Installations & Decor

Envisioned as a vibrant tapestry of creativity, this program features awe-inspiring installations and enchanting decor that transport festivalgoers to otherworldly realms. Luminous sculptures, kaleidoscopic light displays, and intricate thematic designs will adorn the festival grounds, fostering an atmosphere of wonder and inspiration. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in a visual and sensory feast, where every corner is a canvas of artistic expression, enhancing the festival’s magical ambiance.

Moonlight Bush Cinema

A captivating feature at Esoteric Festival offers an array of enchanting programs. Under the starry canopy, attendees can immerse themselves in thought-provoking documentaries, awe-inspiring independent films, and stimulating panel discussions. It’s a cinematic journey transcending the ordinary, promoting open dialogue and creativity. Whether you seek to expand your horizons or enjoy captivating visuals, Moonlight Bush Cinema is a unique festival gem that promises to ignite your imagination and foster meaningful connections through the magic of film.

Opening & Closing Ceremonies

This kicks off with an electrifying Opening Ceremony that ignites the spirit of unity and celebration. Attendees can expect mesmerizing fire performances, captivating music, and interactive art installations that set the stage for an unforgettable experience. As the festival draws to a close, the Closing Ceremony takes center stage, featuring awe-inspiring rituals, emotional farewells, and a spectacular display of lights and music. This ceremony leaves participants with cherished memories and a sense of profound connection. These ceremonies bring vibrant energy and a deep understanding of community to the festival.


They deliver an awe-inspiring array of talent and entertainment. These artists create unforgettable moments on stage, from internationally acclaimed musicians to mesmerizing fire dancers. Attendees can immerse themselves in captivating live music, mind-bending theatrical performances, and avant-garde visual arts. Workshops led by skilled performers allow festivalgoers to unleash their creative potential.

Theme Camps

Theme camps are the heart of immersive experiences. These captivating programs offer diverse activities, from interactive art installations to workshops on sustainability and mindfulness. Festivalgoers can engage in yoga retreats, visionary art creation, or learn ancient healing practices. They foster community and exploration, encouraging participants to embrace personal growth while connecting with like-minded individuals. With an array of enlightening and entertaining offerings, Theme Camps catalyze a transformative and unforgettable festival journey.

Visual Artists

Esoteric Festival is a haven for visual artists, offering various captivating programs that ignite creativity. Renowned artists lead immersive workshops, enabling attendees to hone their painting, sculpture, and digital art skills. The festival boasts interactive installations, inviting participants to explore innovative visual narratives. Live art showcases and collaborative mural projects animate the event, celebrating the fusion of imagination and expression. Visual artists at the festival transform the grounds into a dynamic canvas, bridging the realms of art and spirituality for an unforgettable, immersive experience.

Workshops (Arts & Crafts)

These engaging programs immerse participants in a world of artistic expression. Attendees can unleash their inner artists through painting, pottery, and other crafts, guided by skilled artisans. These workshops provide a unique platform to craft meaningful souvenirs, fostering personal growth and artistic discovery. The festival offers a vibrant canvas for attendees to unleash their creative potential while forging connections with fellow enthusiasts in an inspiring, active environment.

Ticket Information

This year’s event promises an unforgettable journey into spirituality and self-discovery, and securing your admission is the first step. Choose from ticket options tailored to your preferences, including single-day passes and full-weekend experiences. Early bird discounts and VIP packages are available exclusively on Triniq, ensuring affordability and exclusive perks for dedicated attendees. Online ticket sales offer convenience, with secure payment options and instant confirmations.

How it works?

Unlocking the magic of Esoteric Festival AU 2024 begins with understanding how our ticketing system operates. It’s straightforward: visit our official website, browse the available ticket options, and select the one that suits your festival aspirations. Then, proceed to the secure online checkout, where you can quickly pay. Upon completion, you’ll receive an instant confirmation, and your e-ticket will be sent to your email.

All the packages and price tiers

  • Vehicle Pass: $30 + $5 Booking Fee (1 per vehicle required)
  • Early Entry Pass: $60 + $5 Booking Fee (per person – needs to be in conjunction with festival ticket and in the same name)
  • Care Package: $65 + $5 Booking Fee
  • Convenient Camping: $900 + $35 Booking Fee (up to 2 people)

Why should you visit the festival?

Esoteric Festival AU 2025 beckons you to embark on an extraordinary odyssey of self-discovery, spiritual enlightenment, and vibrant community engagement. There are compelling reasons to make this festival a must-visit event on your calendar.

Firstly, it offers a unique opportunity to explore the depths of esoteric wisdom. Renowned spiritual leaders, healers, and visionaries will guide you through immersive workshops and thought-provoking discussions, unlocking the hidden potential within you.

Secondly, the festival is a haven for holistic well-being. From yoga and meditation sessions to sound healing and energy work, you can access diverse practices and therapies that nourish your body, mind, and soul.

Moreover, ESOTERIC FESTIVAL  is a hub of positive energy and like-minded individuals. It’s a chance to connect with a vibrant community of seekers, forging friendships and bonds that can last a lifetime.

Lastly, the festival offers an escape from the ordinary. Nestled in a beautiful natural setting, it provides respite from the demands of daily life, allowing you to reconnect with nature and your inner self.

Get in Touch with the festival.

Don’t miss out on the chance to connect with ESOTERIC FESTIVAL. Our commitment to creating a transformative and spiritually enriching experience extends to our accessibility. Feel free to reach out through our official website and social media channels for updates and inquiries and to join our vibrant festival community. We value your feedback and are here to assist with any questions you may have regarding tickets, event details, or special accommodations. ESOTERIC FESTIVAL  is more than just an event; it’s a journey, and we invite you to be part of this extraordinary adventure. Get in touch today and let the magic begin.

Esoteric flow arts in the sunset

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