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Mae & Moa Event Decoration | Germany, France

Mae & Moa Event Decoration

We got to sit down with the duo behind the mesmerizing decor of the psytrance scene. MAE & MOA began their artistic journey in 1991. They turned psytrance parties into kaleidoscopic wonders. Jerome is from France, and Mel is from Germany. Together, they are known as MAE & MOA. They have led the way in UV decoration. 

They create captivating atmospheres and psychedelic realms. They have left a significant mark on the electronic music scene. From their early days, they introduced UV decoration to European psytrance parties. They have performed at some of the world’s biggest festivals. Their art has been captivating audiences for over two decades.

Here’s a glimpse into their fascinating journey and artistic evolution:


What is the name of your project?

We named our project MAE & MOA. We explore how design changes perception.


Please introduce yourselves – where are you from, and where are you based?

We are Jerome from France and Mel from Germany. Our journey began in 1991, and we are currently based in Europe.


Which scene are you most associated with?

We are deeply entrenched in the psytrance scene, where our artistic flair finds its fullest expression.


Describe your decoration style in short.

Our style is a fusion of art and space. It aims to create harmony with vibrant and imaginative designs.

Decor Artist

What kind of art do you create? (Sculpting Painting, etc)?

Our art takes many forms, including intricate sculptures and expansive paintings. It is designed to captivate and transform spaces.


Please share your journey as a Decor Artist. How did it all start?

Our journey began in the early ’90s. We met at a party in Cologne, Germany. We originally started building the team with Flo in 1995. When Flo left, Jerome continued alone until I joined in 2002.

We decorated parties and festivals and introduced UV decoration to the psytrance scene across Europe. Over the years, our passion for changing spaces has led us to work on big projects, allowing us to refine our techniques and expand our horizons.

We are working with the Esoteric family and aim to take the Ascension Stage to new heights. We are still known for our impressive UV backdrops, but we have evolved to include large lycra and LED installations.

This transformation has transformed imaginative landscapes into captivating multidimensional experiences. Our journey showcases a seamless blend of art forms and continues to captivate audiences worldwide.


journey as a Decor Artist

Please walk us through your portfolio and highlight the projects you’re particularly proud of.

Throughout our career, we’ve had the honor of decorating some of the most famous festivals. These include Boom Festival, Airbeat One, Indian Spirit, and Voov Experience. Each project holds a special place in our hearts. They showcase our growth and creativity.

Boom Festival arts


How do you approach a new decoration project? What steps do you take from concept to final product?

We used bed sheets and spray paint to make backgrounds for art, trying to change how spaces looked. As we improved, we started using brushes and airbrushes. We also used bright paint on enormous canvases. We made giant sets of decorations up to 80 meters long. Now, we use airbrushes and stencils on stretchy fabric for overhead coverings. We print digital art onto fabric. We’re now including LED lights and mapping tech in our artwork. We still use the usual painting and sculpting methods.

Explore the beauty of art installations that bring magic to ordinary spaces and add a unique touch to any location. Our digitally created hand-drawn artwork, printed on canvas, transforms spaces into captivating wonderlands.  Discover our collection by visiting our shop today.


Can you describe your experience with different design software and tools?

We initially relied on painting and sculpting, but we’ve embraced technology. We’ve added design software, LEDs, and mapping to our projects. We stay updated through continuous experiments and research, keeping our work innovative and cutting-edge.


What materials do you use for decor projects?

Our projects often involve lycra, UV paint, LED lights, and digital prints on fabrics. We get materials from many suppliers. We tailor our choices to fit each project’s needs. We aim to make beautiful, stunning spaces.


What’s the central theme of your decor artwork?

Our artwork often explores themes of psychedelic exploration, cosmic landscapes, and harmonious balance. We aim to evoke a sense of wonder, unity, and transcendence through our creations.

theme decor artwork

Describe successful project collaboration with promoters and artists.

Working with promoters and fellow artists has been enriching. It allows for diverse perspectives and creative synergy. One memorable collaboration was with the Vienna-based Phoenix Firedancers. We combined our decoration skills with their performance art talent, creating captivating shows and experiences.


Faced project limitations affecting creative vision? How to manage?

Challenges arise, but we strive to find creative solutions that complement our vision and the client’s needs. Flexibility and open communication are key. They help us navigate such situations while maintaining the integrity of our artistry.


Have experience in video or animation creation?

Our primary focus is on physical installations, but we’ve also dabbled in multimedia, adding video and animations to enhance the experience.

How does contemporary decor differ from traditional designs?

Modern decor art often uses technology in many fields, blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds. Our decor style stands out. It blends traditional art with modern technology, creating stunning, engaging spaces that inspire audiences worldwide.


What advice do you have for decor artists entering the electronic music field?

Stay true to your vision, embrace experimentation, and never stop learning. Electronic music thrives on innovation, and there’s always room for fresh and creative perspectives.


How can event promoters contact you for decor projects?

Event promoters can contact us through our website or social media. This includes Instagram and Facebook. They can contact us to discuss partnerships. They can bring their visions to life with immersive decor experiences.

event promoters

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