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Peter Gric | Czech Republic

Peter Gric is an artist born in 1968 in Brno, Czechoslovakia. He is well-known for combining natural and surreal images with detailed architectural designs. He started using computer graphics in the early 1990s. This led to his unique style, seen especially in his “Artificial Spaces” series. The series explores strange worlds using three-dimensional shapes.

In addition to his surreal landscapes, Gric also creates the “Mnemosyne” series. They show humans mixed with minerals and buildings. This gives Gric’s art a mysterious quality. He worked on Guillermo del Toro’s film “At the Mountains of Madness.” He also taught at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

Gric’s artworks are in famous collections worldwide. This shows how respected he is in surrealism mixed with machines. We have the chance to talk to Peter. We’ll ask him about the fascinating world of a visionary artist with big ideas. Join us as we discover the details of their journey and the powerful influence of their work.


Can you tell us about your journey from Brno to Vienna and how it has influenced your art?

Growing up in Brno, I was lucky to have parents who saw my talent for art and encouraged it. When we moved to Austria in 1980, my life changed dramatically. We settled in Linz, where I studied graphic design and later attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.

Moving from Brno to Vienna exposed me to new cultures, countries, and art. It influenced my work a lot. The vibrant atmosphere of Vienna and Prof. Arik Brauer, my mentor, helped shape my art and vision. In my creative process, I am still inspired by the connection between art and life. My journey has taught me this.

Peter Gric Art

What sorts of projects have you had experience with in the past?

I have worked on many projects. These include the concept design for Guillermo del Toro’s film At the Mountains of Madness. I have been a participant since 2010. I also taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna from 2011 to 2015.


Please provide details about the private and public collections of where your works are held.

Art collectors all around the world keep my artwork in important art collections. Some are in places like the Austria State Gallery Oberes Belvedere in Vienna. They are also in the Municipal Gallery in Traun, Austria.

Others are at Künstlerhaus München in Germany. They are also at the Art Visionary Collection in Melbourne, Australia. They are also at the Collection Rardy van Soest in Houden, Holland. Some are at Trierenberg Art in Traun, Austria. They are also at the beinArt Collection in Australia. They are also in the Westermann Collection in Germany. These collections show that people from different countries appreciate my art.


What will customers discover in your shop, and how do they show your creative style?

In my shop, visitors can explore a curated selection of limited edition prints. We have original paintings, drawings, books, posters, metal prints, cards, and more. Each piece demonstrates my commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. They invite the viewer on a journey of introspection and imagination.

Each piece is a surreal painting or a delicate drawing. They are filled with nature, symbolism, and emotion. It invites the viewer to delve into the mysteries of existence. For more information, simply visit: https://www.gric.at/shop/shop.htm

creative style Peter Gric Art

Could you share the range of painting styles and themes you’ve explored?

I’ve tried many painting styles and themes. Each one has allowed me to show something unique. I’ve painted surreal landscapes. They mix real things with things from my imagination. I’ve also done colorful abstract paintings.

They make you feel things. And I’ve painted people to show how complex we are. I’ve also painted pictures about important issues. These include saving the environment, social problems, and different cultures. Altogether, my paintings show how creative I am, how much I like trying new things, and how much I love making art.

Mute Witness painting

Has your work inspired other creators?

Yes, my work as a visionary artist has inspired other creators. I’ve received messages from other artists, writers, and innovators. They have shared how my creations have ignited their ideas. My work has encouraged them to pursue their passions. It’s very fulfilling to know that my work has helped others. It has enhanced their creative journey.


What would you recommend to someone who wants to connect with you?

If you want to connect with me and learn more about my innovative work, there are a few easy ways. Firstly, you can follow me on social media. I’m on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also follow me on my official website. I often share updates about my work there.

Secondly, keep an eye out for any events or webinars I might be attending. These will help you understand my work better.



Peter Gric’s journey from Brno to Vienna influenced a mix of surrealism and skill in his art. You can find his captivating works in collections around the world. Connect with him to explore and find inspiration in his creative world. Immerse yourself in Gric’s imaginative landscapes. Feel the transformative magic of art now.

Peter Gric visionary art

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