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Simon Kistler

In the heart of Switzerland, Simon Kistler is changing electronic music with his Space Cruiser project. He’s passionate about it and works super hard. Simon concentrates on Psytrance music. His events are unique and different from regular parties. They’re unforgettable experiences for music fans all over the world. From small beginnings in 2016, Simon created unforgettable, other, and innovative events. He wants to create spaces where great talent and music unite to blow people’s minds.

In this interview, Simon talks about his journey, the complex parts, and how he stays ahead in the industry. He has extensive event planning experience and knows how to build good relationships with others. Simon gives some great advice to anyone who wants to organize events in the electronic music world.


What’s the name of your organization?

My original organization’s name is Space Crooser by Simon Kistler. Today, I’m primarily engaged with the Schlaflos club, where I am responsible for the club’s musical program and promotion.


Which country and city are you from?

I am from Switzerland. More specifically, I’m living in Brugg, Aargau.


What styles of music do you promote?

I mainly promote Psytrance music (Any sub-genre). Precisely Full on and Psytrance music, and I’m also a label DJ For the Belgian label “Dacru Records,” Which is one of the Top 3 Psytrance labels in the world today.

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What type of music events do you produce?

I mainly organize music events in clubs, with different types of electronic music to suit everyone’s tastes. We aim to create exciting nights that people will remember, full of great music, energy, and a lively atmosphere.

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Describe your vision in short:

I aim to create unforgettable experiences for electronic music fans by curating top-notch events that showcase cutting-edge talent and innovative production.


When did you start to organize different kinds of parties?

Around 2016, I started throwing different types of parties. At first, I only went to events occasionally. I enjoyed the music but did not get into the music scenes because I was busy. However, in 2016, I hosted my first Trends event on the side. It kickstarted my journey into organizing parties.

Before that, back in 2009, I was part of a group called the Schlafels. But, I didn’t organize events until 2016. In 2019, I got more serious about event organizing when I joined a team to revive a project. This reignited my passion for shaping the music scene and promoting the music I love.


How do you stay updated with the latest trends in this genre?

I keep up with the latest trends in my music genre in two main ways. First, I regularly get new music, so I always have fresh tunes to play. Second, I pay attention to how people react when I play these songs, which helps me understand what’s popular.

Secondly, I like to watch other DJs perform. Each DJ has a unique style. I learn new tricks and stay up-to-date with music trends by watching them.


How do you manage the creative and technical aspects of event planning?

Managing the creative and technical aspects of event planning involves finding a balance. The focus is on decoration and visuals. They are essential for the right atmosphere. While music is important, attention to detail in decoration and visuals is also valued.


Tell us about a challenging event you’ve organized in the past.

One of the most challenging situations I’ve faced in event planning was when a key performer, Filter Heads, couldn’t come due to COVID-19. At first, there was hope he could still come, but his flight got canceled because of airplane trouble. Things got worse as we had to quickly figure out a new plan, routing him to another airport in Switzerland and then onto a train to reach the venue. It was a logistical mess, sorting out last-minute changes and making sure the replacement artist could match up.

It was a stressful time, with constant communication and problem-solving. But we managed to find a replacement who went down well with the audience. However, the costs were steep – changing flights last minute really hit our budget hard. We’d already paid Filter Heads, which added to the financial pressure.

Looking back, I realize how vital it is to have backup plans and consider local talent to avoid similar risks in the future. The event had challenges, but it was a success. It taught me a lot about staying resilient and adaptable when faced with unexpected hurdles.

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How do we build partnerships in the music industry for event success?

Making partnerships in the music industry is all about who you know and how well you get along with them. The most important thing is to connect with people genuinely. You can’t force it. It’s about having a good vibe and chemistry. If you don’t click with someone, working together is challenging.

I need to spend time with someone to see if we get along. But you can’t fake it. You have to be yourself. It’s important to talk to everyone and build connections, regardless of their role. It’s not just about artists or promoters; it’s about connecting with everyone you meet. This approach has always helped me. For instance, if you’re at a festival and you chat with the organizers like you would with anyone else, it could lead to something. Networking with a variety of people can lead to valuable partnerships and opportunities.


How did you get involved with Dacru Records?

I got connected with the Dacru through various interactions with various people. At first, I was interested because I wanted to book Bitkit and Digicult for an event, especially since Bitkit was one of my favorite acts.  Despite some initial delays, I managed to host Digicult for a gathering. As we spent time together and got to know each other, we formed a good relationship, leading to more meetings. Eventually, Dacru approached and invited me to join them. Koen (Dacrus Label owner) said I would fit in nicely with their group, and the rest is history.

My professionalism and alignment with Dacru Records’ values played a significant role in my getting involved. I particularly like the close-knit and friendly atmosphere among the label artists and management. Since then, I have played in their Label parties and hosted additional Label Artists such as U-Recken, E-Mov, Spirit Architect, and many others.


What are your plans? When are your following events?

I enjoy working with my team in the club, and we are committed to bringing quality music and events to our town at affordable prices. We do not plan to move to another company or country.


What is the leading social platform that you use for promotion?

I use many promotional methods. These include physical flyers and posters, social media (Instagram and Facebook), a Telegram channel, and a mailing list.


Finally, what advice would you give to aspiring event organizers? They want to break into the electronic music scene.

I’d suggest diving deep into the electronic music scene, getting to know people, and building genuine relationships. Stay focused on your beliefs. Don’t fear challenges. They can lead to new ideas and ways of doing things. Most importantly, always remember how powerful passion and determination can be.

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