Alhanart: Exploring the Vision Behind the Art

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Alhanart: Exploring the Vision Behind the Art


ALHAN JERIES_ASHQAR is a visionary Isra-Arab artist who uniquely approaches art. She mixes music, pictures, and deep feelings. Since 2013, she’s been using music to help people feel better and paint and colors to show what it’s like to be human. She does many projects that mix sounds, colors, and movements to make something special. 

Her paintings are full of soul and emotion, making you feel like you’re on an extraordinary journey when you look at them. AlhanArt cares about bringing people together through art and brightening the world with her work. She wants everyone to feel inspired and happy seeing what she creates. So, we invite you to check out her unique art and join us in making the world more creative and caring.


Who is Alhan?

Alhan is a talented artist who is deeply into music, art, and understanding people. She’s from a lively village by the Mediterranean called Kfar Yassif. Her diverse background, including time in Haifa and Berlin, shapes her unique view of art.

Alhan started something called The Academy for Art and Life, which mixes art therapy with helping people feel more in control of their lives.  She runs projects like Sound Colour and Movement (SCM), which use painting, music, and dance to make people feel better. Her art is all about getting communities involved and making the world a better place.


Could you elaborate on your artistic style?

It’s a lively mix of different cultures, known for its bright colors and energetic motion. Growing up in Kofor Yassif and studying in Haifa and Berlin has left its mark on my work. Through projects like Sound Colour and Movement, I often explore ideas about who we are and what’s fair in society. I don’t like to stick to one type of art; I like to combine different kinds, inviting people to experience art in fresh and meaningful ways.

Alhan artistic style

How does your background influence your art?

My artwork is deeply influenced by my multicultural upbringing in Kofor Yassif and my education in Haifa and Berlin, blending diverse cultural perspectives. My art reflects themes of identity and social justice, shaped by my experiences in human rights advocacy. My commitment to community engagement underscores my desire to effect positive change through art.


What inspired you to become a visionary artist?

I became a visionary artist primarily because of my diverse background, the scenery of the Galilee region, and the spiritual beliefs that inspired me the most. I also draw inspiration from fighting for human rights and social justice, which I express through my art themes of fairness and empowerment.  Furthermore, music, dance, and visual arts are essential to me, and I use them to create immersive projects like the Sound, Color, and Movement initiative.

Alhan visionary artist

How do you use color in her artwork?

In my art, I use color to express myself strongly. I pick colors that show my feelings and where I come from. Each color she chooses is vital because it helps me tell stories about different cultures and societal events. By using color in this way, I make art that pulls people in and makes them feel something.

Alhan's Use of Color in Art

What projects did you work on?

I’ve been working on making my Academy for Art and Life more significant, helping people express themselves creatively and feel more empowered in their communities. I also teamed with The Army of Fun to unite music, art, and dance to connect everyone.

I plan to create more exhibitions and art installations with AlhanArt, exploring important topics like who we are and how society changes. She wants these projects to get people talking and thinking globally.

Here’s a table chart for AlhanArt’s portfolio:

Portfolio Item Description
Analogue V.J.ing I paint to heal and illuminate, reflecting life’s vibrant depth through diverse artistic journeys.
SCM project It’s a mix of art, music, and dance therapy that helps balance your body, mind, and soul by using colors and sounds to connect and heal.
Paintings Various paintings created by AlhanArt
Handmade and Customized Products and Designs Handcrafted designs using various materials
Sculpting Sculptures created by AlhanArt
SSD – Art Installations and Art Deco Soul and Spirit Design – Art installations and art deco
Tattoos Tattoos designed and created by AlhanArt

chart for AlhanArt

What motivates your approach to healing?

Besides my art, I’m into therapy, where I use painting and dancing to help people heal and feel stronger. At my special events, “Colour Sound & Movement,” I mix therapeutic sounds and dancing to create experiences that help people heal, express themselves, and grow.

These events are not just for fun; they’re meant to make a real difference in how people feel mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I want to change how therapy and art can work together to help people in the future.


What are some of the events that you have worked on?

I’ve been a big part of lots of events, showing off my art skills and adding to their unique vibe. Like at Alien’s birthday party in 2022, where I showcased the first official exhibition of stage art made by AlhanArt, and at exhibitions called “Sound, Color & Movement #4” and “Toda Hayem – Thank You Life.”

My presence made a significant impact. I’ve also been at events like the Haifa Arts Festival, Tree of Life & September Ritual, and the Massada Street Festival, bringing my creative ideas and making each event lively and unique. I keep impressing people and inspiring other artists with my endless creativity and love for art.


How do you engage with your audience?

I connect with my audience on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. I also do events and work with others to share how I create. I like talking directly with people and hearing what they think. I want to make good experiences for my followers online and in person. You can also find me on my website: https://www.alhanart.com/

Explore my YouTube channel today to witness my live paintings and heartfelt performances, which have caught the attention of top news sources.

Where do you find inspiration for your art?

I get inspiration from growing up in different cultures, listening to music, being in nature, and talking to people. My art shows my thoughts about who I am, my spiritual ideas, and how people connect, all filled with deep feelings and meaning.


Why do you participate in community projects?

I join community projects because art can make good things happen and unite people. By getting involved, I want to help essential causes, teach others about art, and make people aware of important things around them. With AlhanArt, I want to encourage others and use art to express feelings, help people feel better, and speak up for what’s right.


How will your art impact future generations?

My art will leave a significant mark on those who come after us. My creative work will inspire them to care about others and want to improve the world. Seeing my art and getting involved in their communities will encourage them to be creative. Making sure everyone feels included and showing kindness will make a real difference in how art and society develop in the future.



In conclusion, Alhan’s unique approach to art goes beyond the usual limits. She mixes music, visual art, and deep emotions to give people a powerful experience. Alhan’s art lifts everyone who sees it by spreading love and positivity through her creations. As we keep exploring, let’s remember how art can bring us closer together and improve the world.

Alhan arts

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