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Meet the masterminds behind the Concept Cover project. They are talented graphic artists. They love electronic music, especially techno and psytrance. Their imagination is boundless, and he draws inspiration from outer space. Their designs are not just ordinary; they weave narratives. They have a background in music label management and art making. They have been involved in exciting projects, such as working with Cosa Nostra. The aim was to fuse contemporary design with the artist’s musical style. 

They excel in multimedia design and can work to tight deadlines. Concept Cover combines off-the-shelf art with bespoke design for efficiency and creativity. They value clear communication and ensuring client satisfaction. If you’re an aspiring designer, Concept Cover has invaluable advice. You want to break into the electronic music scene. Join us as we explore Concept Cover’s unique journey. We’ll look at their insights and experiences. They are in the vibrant world of graphic design mixed with electronic music.


What’s the name of your project?

My project name is Concept Cover.


Which country are you from?

I hail from Space, the final frontier.


Which scene are you most associated with?

I am most associated with Techno (Any subgenre) and Psytrance (Any subgenre).


Describe your vision when designing in short.

I am not a graphic designer. I am a storyteller.


Please tell me why you picked graphic design and how you stay creative.

I became a graphic designer as a part of my daily routine, working and managing music labels and releasing my music as an artist.


Why focus on electronic music events, and how do you keep up with trends?

The reason for focusing on electronic music events is simple: it runs in my veins.


What is your best project? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

I am very proud of a recent project. I was tasked with creating the artwork for a Cosa Nostra music release. The project required a blend of contemporary design and the artist’s musical style. I was faced with a core challenge: balancing the look with the essence of the music.

To fix this, I did a lot of research. I looked into the artist’s background, musical influences, and the themes in the album. I wanted to ensure the artwork resonated with the artist’s fan base and a broader audience. Collaborative brainstorming sessions with the artist and their team were vital. They helped us gain insight into their vision and turn it into visuals.

Furthermore, I carefully tried various design concepts, color schemes, and typography. I did this to find the perfect look for the music. This process had many iterations and feedback sessions. They aimed at refining the artwork and aligning it with the mood and message of the album.

Concept Cover graphic design

How do you start a new design project, and what are the steps to follow to finish it?

Brief Understanding: Understand the project requirements, client’s goals, and constraints.

Research and Inspiration: Research the industry and gather inspiration.

Concept Development: Brainstorm ideas, create rough sketches, and explore design directions.

Feedback and Refinement: Seek client and team feedback to refine the design.

Digital Design: Create a digital version of the design, incorporating feedback.

Client Collaboration: Continuously involve the client in the process.

Finalization: Prepare the production design and ensure quality.

Delivery: Deliver the final product and gather client feedback.


What’s your experience with design software? Do you stay current with design trends and tech?

I am proficient in various design software, including Adobe Creative Suite, Sketch, and Figma. I stay updated with the latest design trends and technologies by attending industry workshops and webinars, following design publications, and trying new tools and software. Networking with professionals also helps me stay current and adapt my skills to meet industry demands.


How do you manage time to meet tight deadlines in graphic design?

Well, I work differently. I upload a lot of ready-made art. The customer just has to choose. I will deliver ASAP. 🙂 But if you can’t find something you like in my portfolio, you can ask for a custom design. I’ll do my best to make it fast.


Describe your experience with clients or team members who have a design background.

I worked well with non-designers. I used simple, non-technical language and visual aids such as mood boards. I have also encouraged open communication. I involve clients throughout the process and seek their feedback, ensuring the design meets their vision and goals.


Have you adjusted your creative ideas due to client demands or constraints? How?

In some projects, I have found myself in situations where I had to adapt my vision to the client’s preferences or constraints. To deal with this, I started open discussions with the client. I sought a deeper understanding of their perspective and needs. I then used their feedback. I proposed alternative designs that still met their goal.

I maintained clear and respectful communication throughout. I explained the reasoning behind my design choices, which helped me find common ground. This satisfied both the client’s needs and my creative goals. This teamwork helped me achieve successful outcomes. I balanced my vision with the client’s needs and project limits.

Concept Cover art

Have you worked with multimedia design, such as video editing or animation?

I have a strong multimedia design experience in video editing and animation. I am proficient in utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects software for video editing and animation purposes. This expertise has let me add dynamic elements to my design projects, making the visuals better and more engaging.

I have also sought opportunities to expand my multimedia design skills. I attend workshops and online courses to stay updated on the latest video editing, animation techniques, and trends. I have added multimedia to my designs, allowing me to create immersive visuals that audiences love on digital platforms.


What do you believe sets contemporary graphic design apart from traditional design?

Contemporary graphic design is different from traditional design. It uses mainly digital tools, has a minimalist approach, and focuses on dynamic and interactive elements. It emphasizes the user experience and uses new media such as social platforms and immersive technology.


Finally, What’s your advice for graphic designers looking into electronic music?

Create a unique style that reflects the energy of electronic music. Network within the industry. Stay adaptable to different sub-genres. Build a versatile portfolio. Understand the music. Work with artists. Stay updated with trends. Try new techniques to stay fresh and innovative.


How can people contact you as a graphic designer?

Instagram is the go-to platform for contacting me. You can easily find me on @concept.cover. Just drop me a direct message there, and I’ll be more than happy to discuss any design-related matters you have in mind. Whether it’s a question, inquiry, or potential project, feel free to connect with me on Instagram and Facebook.

concept cover design art

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