Top A.I. Tools Any event promoter must know.

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Top A.I. Tools Any event promoter must know.

AI event management

AI tools have transcended the realm of exclusivity, as our reliance on AI technology for performing many indispensable tasks has elevated artificial intelligence to a vital status. In addition to facilitating automation processes, these tools are invaluable in accomplishing seemingly rudimentary endeavors such as editing texts and orchestrating events.

Organizing an event, particularly a large-scale one, often presents a formidable challenge. Numerous factors must be considered, including meticulous tracking of all activities and duration and ensuring optimal time management. AI tools can assist event planners in optimizing this time-consuming process.

These tools simplify the work by leveraging their valuable features and functionality. Additionally, they provide distinctive guidance to ensure that the event unfolds as anticipated, delivering a unique experience for participants. This article aims to present the best AI tools for event planning.



Gatherly is a new tool that uses AI to help plan events. It’s highly praised for being efficient. Whether you’re organizing a big conference, a small event, or just a casual get-together, Gatherly promises to make it great for everyone involved. It makes the planning process easier and quicker, and it could halve the time.

Events, such as conferences, are typically for people meeting in person and having meaningful conversations. Surprisingly, Gatherly succeeds in replicating this experience in virtual events. Participants may move about in a virtual space, converse with one another, and come and go as they wish. These AI-powered features make event planning easier and create memorable experiences for attendees. Gatherly offers tools for planning events and provides detailed data analysis to track them.


The noteworthy feature of Gatherly:

  • Intuitive logistics management
  • Automatic agenda generation
  • Venue templates tailored to your needs



Starter: $500/month
Pro: $1500/month

Single Event
Starter: $8/ticket
Pro: $14/ticket


2. Taskade’s AI Event Planner

The best option is Taskade’s AI Event Planner. It helps organize events effectively, sets deadlines, assigns tasks, and tracks everything. It ensures that everything necessary is remembered. It helps to manage the budget to avoid overspending. All event details are kept safe in one place and are accessible only to authorized users. Communication within the team is made more accessible, reducing misunderstandings.

Taskade’s AI Event Planner

How do you use Taskade’s AI Event Planner?

  1. To start, go to Taskade’s website.
  2. Find the AI Event Planner section.
  3. Click ‘Use Generator‘ to get the templates.
  4. Save your project and share it with your team. Then, customize the project and complete tasks as needed.


Feature of Taskade’s AI Event Planner:

  • Seamlessly integrate Taskade’s AI Event Planner into your event planning workflow.
  • Coordinate tasks, set deadlines, and streamline communication among your team effortlessly.
  • Stay within budget while keeping all event details conveniently centralized for easy access.



Personal & Family

Basic: Free

Starter: $4/month

Plus: $8/month

Teams & Business

Pro: $19/month

Business: $49/month

Ultimate: $99/month


3. Splash

Event organizers invest a lot of time making plans, which must fit budgets and business goals. To boost efficiency, event planners can utilize tools like Splash. Splash offers a full suite for creating, managing, and promoting events. It reduces time-consuming tasks to mere minutes and provides many branding templates. It ensures a great attendee experience.

The controls are user-friendly, the integrations are seamless, and the tools are intuitive. They make event planning easy for everyone. Splash makes logistics easier. It also boosts engagement and brand recognition through excellent content delivery. Using real-time data and technology simplifies progress tracking. It also boosts revenue and validates pipelines.


Feature of Splash:

  • Event Templates
  • User-Friendly Compliance Controls
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Intuitive Tools
  • Real-Time Data Integration
  • Technological Frameworks



Basic: Free


4. Event Tech Hub

This tool offers many features. It has predictive tools for event planning and AI to enhance attendee experiences. Like other AI tools, it can manage virtual, in-person, or hybrid events. It streamlines the planning process from start to finish. It helps businesses. It provides tools to improve and speed up work. It also has features for organizing various events. The platform sees itself as a tool provider and a reliable ally for success.

To learn more, visit their website and contact them directly. Creating impactful and beneficial events for both the company and attendees is crucial. If you want to organize an unforgettable event, Event Tech Hub is a top choice.

Event Tech Hub

How to use Event Tech Hub?

  1. Go to Event Tech Hub’s website and sign in.
  2. Explore the different tools for planning and managing events.
  3. Decide if your event will be online, in-person, or a mix of both.
  4. Use predictive tools and AI technology to plan and enhance attendee experiences.
  5. Utilize additional features tailored for different event types.
  6. Make unforgettable events for your company and guests.


Features of  Event Tech Hub:

  • AI helps you run events smoothly.
  • Tailored help for smooth event planning.
  • Tools that predict what’s best for quick decision-making.
  • Making event planning more accessible and more organized.
  • Creating memorable experiences for all types of events.



Pro: $83/month

Engagement+: $300/month

Enterprise: Contact



ChatGPT is also a valuable tool for event planning alongside other AI platforms. Users often use ChatGPT to create many things. These include scripts, academic papers, and programming code. Surprisingly, it can also help with event planning. This is done by training it with relevant event data. This involves providing prompts. This includes the topic, date, location, name, and other key event details. Once trained, ChatGPT can create a complete agenda for the event. It can include time intervals and sessions if required.



One notable feature of ChatGPT for event promoters is its ability to generate comprehensive event agendas automatically, leveraging a dataset of past relevant events.



Basic: Free

Pro: $20./month



AI tools are changing event planning. They make it easier to organize and improve how guests enjoy events. They also help manage time better. They have easy-to-use interfaces and many valuable features. They are suitable for different types of events and budgets. This means events run smoothly. Everyone has a great time, making organizers and guests happy. Using AI, event planners can create fantastic events that people will remember.

Top A.I. Tools Any event promoter

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