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Actualize By David Schunemann | USA
Actualize USA

Actualize, also known as David Schunemann, hails from Denver, Colorado. He’s a prominent electronic music figure specializing in live visuals, custom animations, and projection mapping. His approach is distinctive; he combines manual effects with meticulous planning, creating captivating visual experiences that blend seamlessly with the music.

Actualize’s journey began modestly but has seen him rise to command stages at major festivals. His unique style of manually controlling effects using a MIDI controller sets him apart. His portfolio reflects his versatility and creativity, showcasing various projects. Stay tuned for more insights into Actualize’s fascinating journey.


Where are you from originally?

I’m originally from Denver, Colorado, a city nestled in the Rocky Mountains. The city’s lively arts and stunning natural beauty are well-known. Growing up here shaped my artistic taste and inspired my passion for visual art. Denver’s diverse culture and creativity have been vital. They’ve shaped my journey as a visual artist.


Could you tell us about your journey as a visual artist?

My journey as a visual artist has been an exciting adventure. It all started when I became interested in how visuals could enhance music events. I started small, practicing and trying out different things at local gigs. I started performing at more significant events and festivals as I got better. My style is unique because I control the effects using a MIDI controller. This means I can ensure the visuals match the music well, creating an excellent experience for all viewers.

I’ve worked with amazing artists. I’ve performed at cool places. It has been fun and rewarding. Every project I work on teaches me something new and helps me grow as an artist. I’m excited to keep exploring new ideas and techniques. I’ll share my passion with audiences everywhere!

Actualize journey as a visual artist

What is the title of your current project?

My current project is CONFLUX Creative, a studio where I work with other talented artists like Glass Crane and Arkitekt. Together, we create cool visuals for different projects. Our goal is to make unique visuals that grab people’s attention.


What kinds of projects have you worked on in the past?

I’ve worked on many projects. One of them involves creating stunning projection mapping displays, which are made at major festivals like Electric Forest, Envision, and Infrasound. I’ve also worked with artists like CloZee, LSDream, and Of the Trees. My work also includes designing and performing live visuals, projection mapping for sculptures and installations, and leading visual teams at events like the Soundhaven Festival.


Which art scene or community are you most associated with?

I’m primarily known in the electronic music scene, especially at festivals. At these events, live visuals and projection mapping are a big deal, and that’s where I come in. I get to add my creative touch to the music experience, making it even more remarkable for everyone there.


Could you describe a project you’re particularly proud of? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them?

One project I’m proud of is my work at Electric Forest in 2023. I designed projections for Sherwood Forest. Matching visuals with physical structures requires careful planning and precise execution.  Working closely with organizers helped overcome challenges. It was a rewarding experience seeing it all come together. This project highlighted my skills and creativity. Seeing the projections come to life and positively impact the atmosphere was enriching. This project showcased my skills as a visual artist and left a lasting impression on both myself and the festival attendees.


Describe your artistic style and the mediums you prefer.

My artistic style focuses on making visuals that sync with the music. I use Resolume for live visuals, After Effects for animations, and MadMapper for projection mapping. I also use a MIDI controller to control real-time dynamic effects during performances. I aim to create themes that will improve the music and draw in the audience, taking them on a visual journey.

Actualize artistic style

How do you find out about the latest design trends and technology?

I stay active in the visual arts community to keep up with the latest design trends and technology. I attend conferences and events, learning from experts and getting hands-on experience with new tools and techniques. I also work with other artists. We’ve shared ideas and learned from each other’s experiences.

I can find inspiration on online forums, tutorials, and social media. These are valuable resources for staying connected with the industry. By using these sources, I keep my work fresh and relevant. The world of visual arts is constantly changing.


What themes do you explore in your visual artwork, and what messages do you convey?

In my visual artwork, I explore themes like transformation and connection. I aim to create immersive experiences that enhance the music’s emotional impact. I use custom animations, manual effects, and projection mapping. They ensure that the visuals match the music. I convey a message. It’s about the potent mix of sight and sound.

Live shows can take people to new worlds. Working with other artists in CONFLUX Creative helps me create better experiences. They are more engaging and memorable for the audience.


Why did you become a visual artist, and what inspires you?

I became a visual artist because I love blending music and visuals. They can create impactful experiences. The thrill of seeing how my work affects the audience inspires me to keep going. I’m fascinated by how technology keeps changing. It gives me new ways to be creative. Seeing how people react to my art motivates me to keep exploring. It pushes the limits of what’s possible.

Actualize inspired art

Can you explain more about your collaboration with other artists?

I enjoy teaming up with talented people to create unique visual experiences. In my current project, CONFLUX Creative, I work with artists like Glass Crane and Arkitekt. We brainstorm ideas together and make custom visual packages that stand out. When I work with others, their new ideas make our projects more creative and exciting.

Their input is valuable even if they don’t know much about design. It just means I have to explain things clearly. Collaborating helps me grow and makes our work even better for the audience.


Do you have experience with multimedia design, such as video editing or animation?

Yes, I’m experienced in multimedia design, including video editing and animation. I use tools like After Effects for animations in my live visuals. I also use Resolume for live mixing and syncing visuals with music. Additionally, I do projection mapping using MadMapper for interactive displays. I combine these skills to create exciting visual performances.

What’s it like collaborating with people who don’t have a design background?

Collaborating with people who lack a design background can be challenging, but it can also be rewarding. I need to communicate and break down technical concepts into simpler terms. Despite the challenges, I must ensure everyone understands our work.

Working with non-designers often brings fresh perspectives and ideas, which enhance my creative process. I enjoy listening to their input and seeing how it can improve our work. It’s a learning experience that requires patience, good communication, and openness to new ideas.


How would you describe your vision for your visuals?

My vision for my visuals is to make them cool and captivating. I want them to complement the music and draw people into the performance. I combine art and technology. I create visuals that are beautiful and moving. We’ve chosen each element to enhance the mood and atmosphere of the show. I want my visuals to leave a lasting impression. They should make the audience feel like they’re part of something special.


How do you engage with your audience?

I engage with my audience on social media like Instagram and Facebook. I share updates about my new projects, show them what happens behind the scenes, and tell them about upcoming events. I also have a website where people can learn more about me and sign up for private lessons to know how I do what I do.

They can learn how I do what I do. This way, I ensure my fans always know what I’m up to and can be part of the journey with me. If you want to learn more, please visit my Website; all links are below.


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