RouteNote – Distribute to the Largest Music Platforms

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RouteNote – Distribute to the Largest Music Platforms

Root Note addresses the challenges artists encounter in achieving global recognition for their music. The platform aims to democratize online music, making it accessible to all artists. The process with Root Note is simple: record, mix, and master your music, then submit it for review. Once approved, Root Note distributes your music to various music stores and streaming platforms worldwide. As your music gains streams and purchases, your earnings accumulate, and Root Note ensures prompt payment of royalties.

Notably, artists retain complete control and ownership of their music with no long-term commitments. Root Note’s mission is to empower artists by providing them equal opportunities. With a team comprised of musicians and creators, Root Note continually innovates to support artists through networks, promotions, and partnerships. Ultimately, Root Note believes every artist’s music deserves to be heard and strives to make that a reality.


What is RouteNote?

RouteNote started in 2007 to make it easier for musicians to share their music online. They wanted everyone, from new artists to big names, to be able to share their music without needing a big company to help. RouteNote is known for being fair, open, and helpful to artists. They offer a way for musicians to get their songs on popular platforms like Spotify and iTunes without cost. Whether you’re just starting out or already have a following, It can help you get your music out there for people to listen to.


Where is RouteNote Based and Located

RouteNote benefits from being in the UK’s lively music scene, with its main office in London allowing it to connect with artists and industry people from around the world.


Who is the owner of RouteNote?

Steven Finch and Rolf Munding founded RouteNote in 2007. Steven Finch continues to lead the company as CEO.


How does RouteNote work?

To use RouteNote, follow these steps:

1.  Sign Up: Visit the RouteNote website and create an account.

create an account RouteNote

2.  Upload Your Music: Once logged in, upload your music files to the platform.

3.  Review and Approval: RouteNote will review your music to ensure it meets their standards.

4.  Distribution: After approval, RouteNote distributes your music to various online music stores and streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.

Music Distribution

5.  Earn Revenue: You earn revenue as listeners stream or purchase your music. RouteNote ensures prompt payment of royalties.

6.  Your Content: You can monitor your music’s performance and manage your releases through the RouteNote dashboard.

7.  Optional Features: RouteNote offers additional features like promotional services, partnerships, and distribution to new platforms.

Remember, It provides free and premium distribution options, so choose the one that best fits your needs.


What is the cost of RouteNote?

RouteNote provides a range of pricing options to accommodate different budgets and needs:


1. Free Distribution:

Artists can distribute their music for free through RouteNote. There are no upfront fees or recurring costs. Artists keep 85% of the revenue generated from their music sales or streams, while RouteNote retains 15%.


2. Premium Distribution:

RouteNote also offers a premium distribution service with a small upfront fee and an annual payment. However, with this option, artists keep 100% of the revenue generated from their music sales or streams.

cost of RouteNote

3.YouTube Monetization:

RouteNote offers a YouTube monetization service. This service allows artists to earn revenue from their music videos on YouTube, catering to both free and premium users.


Which Platforms Does RouteNote Distribute To?

RouteNote helps musicians get their music onto many platforms online so more people can listen to it. It’s like a bridge that connects artists to extensive streaming services and online music stores. RouteNote works with over 100 platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many others.

This means artists can reach millions of potential listeners worldwide. They can also get their music on special platforms like All Saints, CapCut, LINE MUSIC, Boomplay, and JOOX to reach even more people. This makes it easy for artists to share their music globally and reach their goals in the music industry.

Platforms RouteNote distributes to:

  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Amazon Music
  • Google Play Music
  • Deezer
  • Tidal
  • YouTube Music
  • Pandora
  • Napster
  • iHeartRadio
  • AllSaints
  • CapCut
  • Boomplay
  • JOOX

Platforms Does RouteNote Distribute To

Where Does RouteNote Spread Your Music?

RouteNote’s distribution isn’t restricted to specific regions; it extends its reach worldwide. This allows artists to break through geographic barriers and connect with audiences globally. Whether an artist is based in New York or Nairobi, RouteNote is a conduit between various cultures and languages, enabling music to reach and resonate with a diverse audience.


How Long Does RouteNote Usually Take for Uploads?

The duration for RouteNote to complete uploads typically varies based on several factors. Factors such as the volume of uploads, the complexity of the content being uploaded, and any potential review processes can influence the time it takes for RouteNote to finalize uploads. It strives to process uploads efficiently to minimize artists’ waiting times. However, artists need flexibility regarding upload timelines, which may vary depending on the workload and other variables within the distribution process.


What services does RouteNote offer?

RouteNote offers comprehensive services for artists seeking to distribute their music globally. Here’s a summary based on the provided information:

  • Global Distribution: It facilitates music distribution to music stores and streaming platforms worldwide, including major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, LINE MUSIC, JOOX, Boomplay, CapCut, and more.
  • Flexible Submission Process: After recording, mixing, and mastering their music, artists can easily submit it for review. Once approved, RouteNote distributes the music to the selected platforms.
  • Prompt Royalty Payments: Artists earn revenue from streams and purchases, with RouteNote ensuring prompt payment of royalties.
  • No Long-term Commitments: Artists maintain complete control and ownership of their music without any long-term commitments, allowing them to use the platform for free.
  • Additional Services: RouteNote offers additional services like YouTube and SoundCloud distribution, promotions, partnerships, and now even synth presets, MIDI files, and lo-fi samples through RouteNote Create.
  • Customizable Metadata: Artists can customize metadata for their releases, including title, album version, artist information, genre, copyright details, and more, ensuring proper crediting and categorization.
  • Release Management: Artists can effectively manage their releases by updating release details, changing artist names, reintroducing previously removed tracks, and merging artist pages on Spotify.
  • File Sharing: RouteNote Transfer offers secure file sharing for collaborators, clients, and sample sharing. You can drag and drop audio files onto the browser page, send files via email, or generate shareable links. Uploads are automatically deleted after 24 hours.
  • Uploading and Editing Track Details: Ensure the title matches the official release when you upload songs. Include track numbers, artist names, and contributors. Credit everyone involved, specify if it’s explicit, and choose the language.
  • Artist Name Change: You can change your artist name, but it might create a new page, so you’ll lose followers and stats. They can help merge your old and new pages on Spotify.
  • Upload Timing for Festive Music: Upload Christmas songs early to get them in on-time playlists. Also, promote cover songs before release with affordable licensing.

RouteNote offer services

Is Your Music Copyrighted with RouteNote?

Yes, your music is copyrighted with RouteNote. RouteNote provides protection for both the composition and recording of your song. This means you have legal rights to defend your property if your music is stolen. It offers distribution services to ensure you get paid for your music when it’s streamed or downloaded worldwide, further safeguarding your rights as a musician.

Music Copyrighted with RouteNote

How Does RouteNote Make Money?

RouteNote’s revenue model is primarily based on providing distribution services for independent artists. Unlike some record companies that may exploit artists with unfair royalty cuts and contracts, It offers a transparent and easy process for sharing music on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more.

Artists can sign up for free, upload their music, and choose between distributing for free with an 85% revenue share or distributing as a premium service with a small fee and keeping 100% of the revenue. It ensures artists retain 100% ownership of their music and provides detailed statistics and earnings breakdowns for their releases.


How do you receive royalties with RouteNote Publishing?

Earnings are automatically processed between the 15th and 20th of each month to receive royalties with RouteNote Publishing, provided the minimum threshold of $50 has been reached. If you distribute through RouteNote, payments are synchronized with master/sound recording royalties.

However, note that compositional royalties may take 6-9 months to process due to the collection process from various countries and societies. For further details, check RouteNote’s guidelines and email them to begin with RouteNote Publishing.


Comparison with other music distribution platforms

When considering the best platform for distributing music, various factors such as reach, features, pricing, artist support, and ease of use come into play. Below is a comparison of popular music distribution platforms to help artists and labels make informed decisions.

Platform Reach Features Pricing Artist Support Ease of Use
Spotify Large Personalized playlists, recommendations, social sharing Free (ad-supported) or Premium subscriptions Insights, promotion through playlists Intuitive
Apple Music Strong Curated playlists, recommendations, Apple ecosystem Individual, Family, Student plans Connect platform, listener data insights User-friendly, Apple ecosystem integration
Amazon Music Extensive Streaming, downloads, Prime integration, Alexa support Prime Music (for Prime members) or Music Unlimited Analytics, promotion opportunities Straightforward, Amazon Prime integration
Tidal Smaller Hi-fi audio, exclusive content, curated playlists Standard or Hi-fi subscription Higher royalty rates, direct artist uploads Sleek, modern interface, emphasis on audio quality
SoundCloud Varied Direct artist uploads, community engagement Free (with limitations) or subscription-based tiers Engagement tools (comments, messaging), monetization Straightforward, geared towards independent artists

What Types of Royalties Does RouteNote Collect?

With RouteNote Publishing, Performance Royalties, Mechanical Royalties, and Neighbouring Rights can be collected. For artists interested in maximizing their music’s presence on YouTube, It also offers YouTube Micro Synchronisations.

RouteNote collects various types of royalties on behalf of artists:

  • Master/Sound Recording Royalties: Generated from the usage of the actual recorded version of the song.
  • Compositional Royalties: Earned from the song’s composition, including songwriting and publishing rights.
  • Performance Royalties are generated from public performances of the music, such as live performances, radio airplay, and streaming.
  • Mechanical Royalties: Earned from the reproduction and distribution of the music, typically through sales of physical copies or digital downloads.
  • Neighboring Rights: These are collected for music in public performances, broadcasts, or digital transmissions, specifically for performers and producers.
  • YouTube Micro Synchronisations: Offered by RouteNote to maximize the music’s presence on YouTube by facilitating its synchronization with various types of content on the platform.

Royalties Does RouteNote Collect

Does RouteNote offer YouTube uploading services?

Yes, RouteNote facilitates uploads to YouTube Music. As part of its distribution services, RouteNote allows artists to distribute their music to YouTube Music, including singles, EPs, albums, and extended albums. Artists can earn streaming revenues from every play on YouTube Music and other top streaming services and download stores worldwide.


Why should you choose RouteNote?

RouteNote offers many reasons why it stands out as the top choice for artists. From flexible pricing plans to exceptional support and wide-reaching distribution, it ensures that artists receive the best value and assistance for their music journey.

Consider RouteNote for your music distribution needs, as it offers a range of benefits that set it apart as the premier choice for artists:

  • Adaptable pricing options allow you to switch between plans easily
  • Tailored distribution plans maximize value while minimizing costs
  • Exceptional support system offers round-the-clock assistance via email, tickets, and weekday phone lines
  • Partnership with leading digital outlets covering a vast majority of the market ensures wide-reaching distribution
  • Personalized guidance and styling tips guarantee high-quality releases for all artists.

choose RouteNote music

Partnerships with Music Platforms

RouteNote indeed assists musicians in sharing their music globally by collaborating with various music stores and streaming platforms such as AllSaints, TikTok, iTunes, Resso, AWA, Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, CapCut, LINE MUSIC, BOOMPLAY, JOOX, and others.

Through these partnerships, artists can reach millions of listeners. It provides supplementary services like secure music file transfers and access to exclusive music samples, offering artists an effective avenue to distribute their music and expand their audience reach.


RouteNote’s customer support and assistance

RouteNote is committed to providing excellent customer support and assistance to its users. The platform offers a comprehensive Help Center with resources and guides to help artists navigate the distribution process and dedicated support staff who are available to answer questions and provide assistance whenever needed. It offers dedicated customer support to assist artists throughout the distribution process. Resources are available in the Help Center, and responsive support staff is available via email, tickets, and weekday phone lines.


Tips for maximizing your distribution with RouteNote

To optimize your distribution with RouteNote, taking advantage of the platform’s features and tools is important. This includes optimizing your metadata and album artwork to increase visibility on streaming platforms, promoting your music through social media and other channels, and engaging with your fans to build a loyalty.

RouteNote Music Platforms


Q: Is RouteNote suitable for independent artists?

     Ans: RouteNote is an excellent option for independent artists who want to distribute their music to major platforms.

Q: How long does it take for music to be distributed through RouteNote?

     Ans:Distribution times vary but typically range from a few days to weeks.

Q: Can I switch from a free to a paid distribution option later?

     Ans:Yes, RouteNote allows users to upgrade their distribution plans at any time.

Q: Does RouteNote take a percentage of my earnings?

     Ans:Yes, RouteNote operates on a revenue-sharing model. They take a percentage of the royalties earned from your music streams and downloads.

Q: Does RouteNote offer any promotional services?

     Ans:RouteNote primarily focuses on distribution but may offer promotional opportunities for select artists.


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