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Yoshi Zen: Their Unique Designs

Yoshi Zen Designs is a brand where fashion isn’t just about clothes—it’s about expressing yourself and feeling empowered. Yoshi and Gilles started this brand to create clothes that are like works of art, blending different cultures and ideas. They get inspiration from their travels worldwide, making each design unique and eco-friendly. Whether you’re walking the busy streets of New York City or relaxing in the peaceful scenery of Thailand, their clothes tell a story and stand out. 

With Yoshi Zen, fashion isn’t something you wear; it’s a way to show who you are and make a statement. Come with us on this journey. Clothes are more than fabric. They are a way to feel confident and inspired. Welcome to Yoshi Zen Designs, where every detail is a stroke of creativity in the painting of life. Let’s discover the magical place where design and destiny come together.


Understanding Yoshi Zen Designs

It’s all about making cool clothes that are good for the planet and make you feel fabulous. Yoshi and Gilles, who love traveling and being creative, started it. Yoshi grew up loving fashion. This was especially true after going to Burning Man. There, people express themselves in wild outfits. Conversely, Gilles is a self-taught artist who loves taking photos and making cool stuff.

They decided to team up and create clothes that are not only stylish but also eco-friendly. They make their clothes in small batches to reduce waste. But Yoshi Zen Designs are more than clothes. It’s about feeling confident and expressing yourself. They collaborate with other artists and love hearing from their fans.


Why does Yoshi Zen Designs Stand Out?

Yoshi Zen Designs is unique for a few reasons. First, they don’t make clothes; they create wearable art that helps people show who they are. They use excellent techniques, such as laser cutting and fabric printing, to make their clothes unique.

Yoshi Zen Designs gets inspiration from around the world, so each piece tells a different story. They also care about the planet, so they make sure to produce their clothes in an eco-friendly way. Yoshi Zen Designs isn’t about fashion. It’s about feeling good and making a positive impact.


Yoshi Zen Style Selection

It offers lots of different styles for everyone. Their clothes are all about being creative and feeling good. They use special techniques like laser cutting and printing on fabric to make their clothes excellent and good for the planet. You can find something you love in their collections: a colorful kimono or a comfy hoodie.  Different cultures from around the world inspire every style they make. So, if you want to stand out and feel great in what you wear, Yoshi Zen has something for you.


Women’s and Men’s collections

It offers clothes for both women and men. Women can explore kimonos, hoods, and face masks, while men have bold and classy options. All garments from Yoshi Zen are top quality and eco-friendly. Whether someone identifies as a woman or a man, Yoshi Zen provides stylish pieces that align with their values.

Women's and Men's collections


Yoshi Zen offers a range of comfy, stylish, and well-made hoods. Whether someone needs one to keep warm outside or to add flair to their outfit, Yoshi Zen has plenty of options. The hoods come in various designs, from bright and bold to more subtle styles.



It offers beautiful, elegant, and stylish kimonos. Each kimono is carefully crafted with attention to detail and high-quality materials, ensuring comfort. There’s something for everyone with various designs available, from bold patterns to more subtle ones. Whether someone is looking for a statement piece or something more understated, Yoshi Zen has the perfect kimono.


Face Masks

It has face masks that look good and feel comfy. They’re made with suitable materials, keeping you safe and easy to breathe in. Whether you’re out shopping or hanging with friends, these masks are cool to wear. They come in many styles to match your look and are eco-friendly. So, you can stay safe and stylish with Yoshi Zen face masks!

Face Masks

 Laser Cut Designs

It has fancy laser-cut designs. They use high-tech methods to make detailed patterns. You can find these designs on clothes, accessories, and decorations. They come in different styles and materials, like delicate lace or bold shapes. Yoshi Zen cares about the environment, so they use eco-friendly materials and make less waste. Yoshi Zen’s laser-cut designs are stylish and modern!

Laser Cut Designs


It has beautiful jewelry. Each piece is made with care and suitable materials, so it looks great and lasts long. They have necklaces, earrings, and bracelets for all occasions. Their designs are inspired by nature and different cultures, making them unique and stylish.


Global Adventures and Collaborations

Traveling for Inspiration and Connection

It travels to different countries to get inspired and meet new people. They find ideas by exploring different landscapes and cultures around the world. By working with artists from various places and attending festivals, they connect with others and share creative thoughts. Their collections reflect the beauty they see during their travels.


Collaborations with Visionary Artists

It collaborates with talented artists to create unique clothes. These partnerships bring new ideas and styles to their designs. Together, they make unique pieces that stand out. These collaborations help Yoshi Zen and the artists grow and share their talents with more people.


Participation in international festivals and events

It goes to festivals around the world. There, it meets lots of different people and shows off its superb designs. Being at these festivals inspires it to make even better clothes. It spreads good vibes, encourages others to be creative, and appreciates different cultures.


Lookbooks: Picture Stories

Lookbooks are like picture stories for fashion. They take us on adventures through space, jungle, desert, and more. Here’s a peek:

  1. Cosmic Knights: Space Adventure (2020): Imagine exploring space with clothes inspired by stars and galaxies. Shiny colors make us feel like astronauts!
  2. Balam-Ha: Jungle Fun (2019): Dive into the jungle with wild prints and colors. It’s like going on a treasure hunt with friends.
  3. Nomads of the Desert: Desert Journey (2018): Feel the freedom of the desert with sandy colors and flowing shapes. It’s like discovering new things under the big sky.
  4. Wanderlust: Exploring New Places (2017): Bright and happy clothes make us feel like travelers. It’s like going on fun adventures and meeting new friends.
  5. Dark Monarchs Rising: Rebels with Style (2016): Be bold and relaxed with dark colors and fantastic shapes. It’s like standing out and feeling fabulous.
  6. Goddess Couture: Feeling Elegant and Strong (2015): Dress up like a powerful goddess with fancy clothes. It’s like feeling confident and strong, just like a superhero!
  7. Festival Lookbook: Their festival lookbooks are like fashion storybooks, taking us on adventures through space, jungle, desert, and more, inspiring creativity and confidence.


Engaging with the Community

It connects with the community through events and festivals, sharing its excellent designs and making friends. Like its community, it cares about the environment. You can follow it on Facebook and Instagram for updates and inspiration. Together, they make a positive impact and inspire creativity.



YoshiZen Couture is all about making beautiful clothes that make people feel good. Yoshi and Gilles are the founders. They travel the world for inspiration. They use special techniques to create unique designs. They care about the environment. So, they make clothes in small batches and use materials they find on their travels. Yoshi wants everyone to feel special in his clothes. Gilles adds his artistic touch to everything they do. Together, they’re on a mission to spread good vibes and creativity through fashion.


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