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Digiverse is a magical place where art and technology combine to create a fantastic 3D world beyond normal limits. There are 33 different things to check out there, and it’s great for all ages. Imagine walking into Digiverse through a unique tunnel that reflects you, like you’re reborn into a new world where anything is possible. Inside, it’s like you’re in a crazy visual show that takes you to different places.

When you step out of the tunnel, you’re in a massive area with lots of cool stuff made of futuristic materials. There are fantastic digital artworks that you can explore without worrying about time or space. As you go through Digiverse, you’ll feel like your mind and spirit are set free. You can even take photos and videos to remember the experience.

You’ll carry those memories when you leave through the infinity tunnel. It’s like stepping into the future where art and tech mix, and it’s incredible. Today, as we explore Digiverse, we encounter a blend of art and technology that forms a captivating 3D world beyond conventional limits. Additionally, we can learn about the mastermind behind Digiverse, Mr. Android Jones.


Could you share with us the inspiration behind your ART?

My unique artworks include my famous piece “Samskara.” I draw inspiration from ancient Indian ideas, particularly “Samskara.” In Indian beliefs, Samskara is like imprints on our minds that shape how we perceive the world and make decisions. I blend this ancient wisdom with my creative perspective to help you understand your inner self better. “Samskara” is a gateway to self-discovery and feeling connected to the world.

Through my art, I encourage you to reconsider your thoughts and emotions, showing how we’re all interconnected. Samskara prompts you to reflect on your mind and place it in the larger scheme of things. My art demonstrates that art can transcend language, revealing universal truths. “Samskara underscores the power of art to provoke thought, delve into introspection, and foster wisdom.

Android Jones


What was your experience with the project, and what did it involve?

The Digiverse project aimed to connect the real world with the metaverse. I was passionate about this mission because I believed great experiences could change lives. We built different zones like the Neon Forest, Mirror Labyrinth, and Nazar Eye, where people could explore new digital worlds and discover all kinds of exciting things. Each zone was like a doorway into the metaverse, allowing for exploration and new ideas. Being part of this project was incredibly exciting for me.

Neon Forest, Mirror Labyrinth, and Nazar Eye

Which types of events have you worked on?

Actually, we combine art with technology and bring visitors of all ages together with the future; we have worked on some unique events, including Unique Night, Sophia Special Night, Goom Gum, 2-in-1 Next Generation Festive Celebrations, Digiverse-Tibet Sound Meditation, Feel the Music at Digital World, Valentine’s Day Promotion, Workshop Day, Half Year Concert with Onur Erol, Pleasure Dome – New Year’s Eve Party, etc.


Digiverse  Event Lineup

An exciting event lined up will be announced soon!


Where is it located?

Kadriye Mahallesi No:1, D:No 515, 07525 Serik, Antalya TURKEY


Digiverse  Event Tickets

Excitement is building for the upcoming Digiverse Event 2024, a convergence of groundbreaking technology, innovation, and creativity. As the anticipation mounts, now is the perfect time to secure your spot at this premier event.


Get Your Tickets Now!

Excited to see the most extraordinary new tech and innovations up close? Don’t wait! Grab your tickets at ticket.digiversede.com.tr.

Please save the date and come with them on a fantastic journey through the Digiverse. Book your tickets and help shape the future.

Digiverse. Book your tickets

How do people connect with Digiversede?

You can connect with Digiversede through our official website and social media platforms. Following us helps you stay updated with the latest news and upcoming events.

To connect, follow us on social media for exciting updates!






amazing artworks


Digiverse Turkey is calling out to those who seek something extraordinary. It’s not just an ordinary event but a significant change, combining creativity and technology to redefine what fun means today. With many new and exciting events lined up, going to Digiverse isn’t just a trip.

It’s like going on an adventure into the exciting world of technology. You’ll have unforgettable experiences and moments of wonder. Each event lets you escape reality and dive into a celebration of the future.


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