How to Change your Mind Review Pt.1 | L.S.D


How to Change your Mind Review Pt.1 | L.S.D

How to Change Your Mind

On the 12th of July, Netflix premiered a new documentary series titled ‘How to Change Your Mind.’ This series is based on a book by Michael Pollan and explores the topic of psychedelics, which are drugs that can change a person’s thoughts, feelings, and perceptions in profound ways. The series consists of four episodes, each focusing on a different psychedelic substance. The first episode of the series takes a close look at LSD, a powerful psychedelic drug.

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in psychedelics, leading to what some call a ‘psychedelic renaissance.’ Many people are curious about these substances and their potential benefits for mental health and personal growth. As a result, there are numerous documentaries available on platforms like YouTube that discuss psychedelics in depth.

Despite the abundance of information, the reviewer felt compelled to write a review about the first episode of ‘How to Change Your Mind.’ Their goal is to help viewers decide whether it’s worth their time to watch this particular episode of the series


How to Change Your Mind” Documentary: A Summary

The “How to Change Your Mind” documentary is like a deep dive into the world of psychedelic drugs. It starts by looking back at their history, exploring how they were used and why they fell out of favor. Then, it zooms into the present, with renewed interest in these substances for their potential therapeutic effects.

The documentary explains how these drugs affect the brain and why researchers are excited about their potential to treat mental health problems and addiction. It’s a thought-provoking journey that encourages viewers to reconsider their perceptions of these drugs and their potential benefits.

Change Your Mind" Documentary"

Historical Context and Renaissance of LSD

In the first episode, Pollan’s exploration of psychedelics delves deep into their emergence in the 1950s and 1960s, spotlighting influential figures like Timothy Leary and Aldous Huxley. These pioneers, including Bill Wilson of Alcoholics Anonymous, shaped both the scientific and cultural landscapes surrounding psychedelics, paving the way for their potential therapeutic use while also contributing to their eventual prohibition. Despite differing approaches, their collective efforts laid the groundwork for the modern understanding of psychedelics.


Episode 1 of Netflix’s How to Change Your Mind:

The first episode of Netflix’s “How to Change Your Mind” is fun and informative. Although it’s not perfect, it’s worth watching, especially if you’re curious about LSD. Narrated by Michael Pollan, the show covers everything about LSD, from its discovery and early medical uses to its involvement in secret CIA tests, its ties to the counterculture movement, and its eventual prohibition.

The episode offers a good overview and includes

  • Fascinating anecdotes and insights, such as clips of LSD’s inventor, Albert Hofmann, discussing his groundbreaking discovery.
  • Personal testimonies from individuals who have found healing through the use of LSD.
  • A fun exploration of LSD’s impact on society, from its role in the counterculture movement to its current renaissance.
  • Educational content that serves as a refresher on LSD, catering to both novices and experts in the field.


LSD in “How to Change Your Mind

The debut episode of “How to Change Your Mind” takes viewers on a fascinating journey into the world of psychedelics, providing a captivating look at their potential impact on human consciousness and problem-solving abilities. One of the most intriguing segments of the episode revolves around a pioneering LSD study conducted at Stanford University in 1960. In this study, 48 senior scientists, each struggling with a scientific problem for at least three months, were administered a dose of LSD.

Remarkably, all participants reported finding satisfactory solutions to their respective problems after the LSD experience. This anecdote underscores the profound effects psychedelics can have on cognitive processes, offering a glimpse into their potential as tools for enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills.

However, while the episode offers compelling narratives and insights, it also draws criticism for its heavy reliance on anecdotal evidence. For example, the discussion on microdosing LSD overlooks the conflicting scientific evidence surrounding its efficacy. While many individuals, such as Ayelet Walman, have reported transformative experiences with microdosing LSD, controlled studies with blinded placebo controls have struggled to replicate these effects consistently.

Despite this flaw, the episode remains a valuable exploration of psychedelic experiences, offering viewers an engaging introduction. Whether new to psychedelics or seeking a fresh perspective, “How to Change Your Mind” episode 1 provides thought-provoking insights and is undoubtedly worth your time.

LSD in How to Change Your Mind

Is “How to Change Your Mind” worth watching for everyone?

Michael Pollan does a great job of explaining how psychedelic experiences can make life more meaningful, even though it’s hard to explain precisely how. He discusses it well in podcasts and books, showing how these substances can improve us. Even though his talks might focus on his own experiences, they still encourage people to explore psychedelics. His book ‘How to Change Your Mind’ tells stories that make people think and want to learn more about psychedelics.


In-Depth Look at How Psychedelics Can Improve Mental Health

Long-considered as hazardous substances, specific psychedelics, when administered under the supervision of trained professionals for the aim of self-improvement and recovery, demonstrate remarkable efficacy in addressing underlying issues hindering personal development.  This series adeptly conveys this viewpoint, blending fascination with informative insights, to shed light on the potential of psychedelics in enhancing mental well-being.


Michael Pollan’s Contribution

“Initially approaching Michael Pollan’s exploration of psychedelics with deep skepticism and prejudice, I found myself intrigued by his insights and the science he uncovered. Despite the challenging nature of some sections, particularly the dense historical accounts, Pollan’s arguments against total prohibition and in favor of therapeutic exploration ultimately persuaded me. His compelling narrative of personal experimentation and scientific research illuminates a potentially transformative perspective on psychedelics.”

Michael Pollan’s Contribution

Viewer Engagement and Reviews

  • The LSD study in Episode 1 focuses on the MindMed Phase 2a trial, but specific companies aren’t directly mentioned.
  • Some viewers feel invested in the studies highlighted in the documentary, emphasizing ownership of rights to these studies.
  • Others share positive reactions, like watching the episodes before bed and finding the documentary intriguing.
  • One viewer adds humor, joking about heavy bags, which implies commitment.
  • Concerns about investment losses are expressed, with some still having faith in the company’s fundamentals.
  • Investor perspectives vary, with some expecting long-term gains despite current setbacks.
  • Confidence in the company’s future success is expressed, with anticipation for share price increases post-trials.
  • Viewers appreciate the focus on providing help to those in need and express commitment to the space despite challenges.
  • Positive feedback is shared for Episode 2, with some finding it even better than the first.
  • Commentary on government manipulation and pharmaceutical influence on public perception is noted as particularly interesting by some viewers.



The first episode of “How to Change Your Mind” serves as a comprehensive introduction to LSD’s complex history and its potential in modern science and therapy. It balances entertainment with education, making a solid case for those curious about psychedelics to engage with this episode and perhaps shift their perspectives on the use of such substances.

How to Change your Mind Pt.1


Q: What is “How to Change Your Mind” about?

           Ans: The movie “How to Change Your Mind” explores the transformative potential of psychedelic experiences and their impact on individuals’ lives.

Q: What is the book “How to Change Your Mind” about?

           Ans: The book How to Change Your Mind explores psychedelic substances, their history, their effects on the human mind, and their potential for personal growth and healing.

Q: How many episodes of “How to Change Your Mind” will there be?

           Ans: “How to Change Your Mind” is not a series but a standalone book by Michael Pollan. It doesn’t have episodes.

Q: What is the drug program on Netflix?

           Ans: The drug program on Netflix is likely referring to “Dope,” a documentary series that explores various aspects of the global drug trade, law enforcement efforts, and the impact of drugs on society.


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