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Grouch | FeedFreq’s Favorite Music Producer

Grouch music producer

Oscar, also known as Grouch, is a famous music producer from New Zealand. He’s been making music for over 17 years and loves playing hand percussion instruments, which has greatly influenced his music style. He started playing around with electronic music in the late 90s, and now he’s performing at big festivals all over the world. Oscar works with other famous artists and releases his music on big record labels. He lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has an incredible studio where he makes his music. He’s soon getting a new Zenon Records album and has many other projects. Oscar is dedicated to making music, and we’ll be exploring how he does it, his live shows, and more in this unique look into the world of Grouch.


Please provide a brief overview of your background in music.

I’m from New Zealand, and I’ve been playing hand percussion for about 17 years, shaping my music style. I started dabbling in electronic music back in 1997 using a program called Impulse Tracker. But it wasn’t until around late 1999 to 2000 that I discovered my true passion after getting into Fruity Loops. At first, I didn’t think about performing my music live, but around 2004, I began getting invitations to play at small outdoor festivals in New Zealand. That’s when I started focusing on writing minimal progressive psytrance and Psy breaks.

Various labels have released my music. I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, where I have a studio for creating new music. When I perform live, I usually bounce my tracks into stems and manipulate them using Ableton Live. I also incorporate live percussion instruments like the darbuka and synthesizers like the X-Station and Korg Monotron.

Oscar music producer


Which record labels have you released your music with?

I’ve released my music through various record labels, such as Zenon Records, Interchill Records, Enig’matik Records, Cosmic Conspiracy Records, and Broken Robot Records: Luminous Music, Up Records, Solar Records, and others. I’m considering releasing my music independently and using Bandcamp.


What festivals did you visit during your four years of travel?

In 2011, I went on a three-month trip to Europe, but it ended up being four years of continuous travel worldwide. I played at festivals like Boom Festival, Ozora, Burning Man, Universo Paralello, Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Tree of Life Festival, and many more.


How did you start using FL Studio, and what does it mean for your music?

My sister got me into making music with Fruity Loops. She’s been a DJ since the early 90s and has significantly influenced me. Even though I started with Fruity Loops, I’ve tried many other music software like Cubase, Reason, Logic, and Ableton Live. I even learned Protools during my Audio engineering studies in 2003. Eventually, I returned to Fruity Loops, around version 5 or 6, and I last switched a while ago. With all the improvements Fruity Loops has made, I’m totally in love with it again. It feels like a place where I can be creative, with many different ways to do things and many hidden tricks to discover. Even now, I’m still finding new shortcuts and secrets.


Tell me where you made the studio & what the environment is.

My studio in Melbourne is actually in my double garage at home. It’s about 6 meters by 6 meters in size. One of my friends, who knows a lot about sound, helped me design and build everything in the room. We made everything ourselves, like the floor, desk, and big bass traps. We even turned one of the bass traps into a door so we could use it as a recording booth. It took us about three months to finish, but it was worth it.

As for the equipment, I have Dynaudio BM6mk2 speakers, a Dynaudio subwoofer, and some Neumann monitors for reference. I also have a Novation X-Station and a Micro Korg synthesizer. I use an Alesis Air FX and a Kaoss Pad 3 for effects. I’m always adding new gear to my setup.

music style

Can you Tell me about a live performance?

Sure, why not? After creating a song in FL Studio, I split it into seven parts: drums, bass, synths, background sounds, melody, snare, and percussion. Then, I adjust the sound levels and effects in Adobe Audition. Next, I transfer the parts into Ableton Live to arrange them into repeatable sections. I control Ableton Live using Lemur’s app on my iPad, which allows me to adjust effects and loop sections. Sometimes, I add live darbuka drumming to the mix and play additional melodies using my X Station synthesizer and Korg Monotron device.


Where do you see the future of music production?

The future of making music is perfect all around the world. Music has a unique power to grab people’s attention everywhere. As more and more people get interested in it, there’s a chance to make a lot of money, which means the future of music-making looks bright.


What advice would you give to individuals who become a music producer?

My advice for those starting a career as a music producer is to understand that being a music producer is essential and that many people want those skills in the future. Treat it as your way of being creative without any limits. Keep learning new things to improve at producing music and grow as a producer.

How do you collaborate with artists to positively impact your project?

Cooperating is critical to success in the creative process of my project. I’ve worked with other artists like Juno Reactor, Hedflux, Perfect Stranger, and Knobs on collaborations and remixes. We have created emotional stories and scripted experiences that resonate with listeners. Something is most essential to give you fantastic feedback: file sharing, demons to give regular updates on the project, creative freedom, providing respect for each other and culture, and arranging Zoom meetings for discussion.


Can you tell me how people reach out to you and how you can guide & provide help?

To get in touch or ask for help, you can reach me through different ways.

Visit my official website and find me on Soundcloud and Facebook, where I chat with fans and music lovers. They can also email me with questions, collaborations, or anything else they need.


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