Limiting Beliefs and Visualizing Success

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Limiting Beliefs and Visualizing Success
Limiting Beliefs

Welcome back! In recent articles, we delved into limiting beliefs and how they can hold you back. Today, I want you to see the potential within you genuinely. We often hear, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” Let’s flip that and put it into practice: start seeing it so you can believe it.


How can practicing visualization benefit you?

Visualization is a powerful tool. Consider Sean Connery, who lived in a modest apartment but always had a picture of a gold Rolls-Royce on his wall. He visualized owning that car, and eventually, he did. This story exemplifies the power of visualizing your goals.

It’s essential to permit yourself to think big. Don’t just visualize modest improvements; see yourself achieving extraordinary things. Imagine living in a mansion, driving a luxury car, or traveling first class worldwide. Visualization helps you move towards your goals.

Years ago, I created a vision board with images of locations I wanted to visit, such as hot air balloons in Capadocia, Lush beaches in Thailand, a List of my future bestselling books, and more. Almost everything on that board has come true. Visualization works on a subconscious level, guiding your actions towards your goals.

Practicing visualization

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Remember the story of the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. He printed out the New York Times bestseller list, replaced the number one spot with his book title, and looked at it daily. Eventually, his book did hit number one. If you can see it, you can achieve it.

There’s a saying: “You are never given the capacity to see something without also having the capacity to achieve it.” Never say, “I can’t see that happening.” Whether it’s getting married, making money, or losing weight, if you can visualize it, you can believe it. Your mind’s job is to pursue and help you achieve what you want.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

Visualize BIG

Visualize big, bold images of abundance in your life. The bigger your vision, the more likely you are to achieve it. Don’t limit your visualizations to small things like getting a parking spot. Instead, visualize having a fantastic car and a chauffeur. Visualization works to make your goals massive, outstanding, and powerful.

You get to create your life movie and change its ending. Close your eyes and visualize abundance. Imagine your life with an abundant mindset, where everything you need is always available. Picture the endless sun in a hot country; that’s the mindset you need.

An abundant mindset means believing that the more you have, the more you can give, and the more you give, the more you receive. What if you had so much that you could help others without hesitation? Share your wealth like Bill Gates, who uses his resources to benefit others.


Now, let’s focus on practical visualizations:

  1. Visualize Abundant Finances: Imagine checking your bank account and seeing more than enough money. Picture yourself buying things and giving generously. You have a fulfilling career that provides immense value and financial abundance.
  2. Visualize Abundant Health: Imagine walking through your home, seeing a fridge full of healthy food, and sharing it with friends. Picture yourself doing yoga, meditating, and treating your body with respect. Your body will love you back for it.
  3. Visualize Abundant Relationships: See yourself surrounded by loving, supportive people. You attract love because you give love and celebrate yourself. You deserve a special relationship with someone who invests in you as much as you invest in them.
  4. Visualize Abundant Work: Envision a job that pays well and allows you to help others. Picture paying for a nephew’s school fees or sponsoring a child in Africa. The more people you help, the more abundance flows back to you.


Practice Visualization through contribution

Share your abundance with others. Teach your friends and family how to cultivate an abundant mindset. Imagine the gratitude and joy from those you help. Your success inspires others, showing them they can achieve an abundant life.

Language is vital in maintaining an abundant mindset. Avoid saying things like, “It will all run out,” or, “I better save this in case I never get more.” Instead, say, “This is wonderful, and I will continue to experience abundance.” Believe there is enough for everyone.


The best time to start is now

Now, take a moment to visualize your abundant life. See, hear, and feel what living with abundance is like. Imagine tasting the better life you’ve created for yourself. Feel the joy of achieving your dreams and sharing your success. Visualization is not just about seeing; it’s about experiencing abundance. So, close your eyes and start imagining your abundant life now. Make your movie outstanding and create a masterpiece of your life.

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