Exclusive interview – Flowers of Life | Finland

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Exclusive interview – Flowers of Life | Finland

Flowers of Life

Enter the magical world of Flowers of Life, where art and imagination come together in the peaceful landscapes of Finland’s Turku Archipelago. Since it started in 2005, Flowers of Life has grown into a hub of creativity led by a talented artist, Mandala Freak, who loves transforming spaces. We had a one-on-one Exclusive interview with Vieko, the mastermind behind the project. This journey shows how art can evolve, starting with simple string art and then pioneering a new style. 


Flowers of Life Finland

With a small team of 2 to 4 people, guided by the determined founder, Flowers of Life creates stunning 3D objects that float above dance floors at light art events, accompanied by lively psytrance music. Looking back over twenty years of artistic exploration, highlights include a dreamlike forest festival in Aulanko Forest and impressive installations worldwide that change how we experience art.

Working closely with clients, Flowers of Life turns creative ideas into reality, offering unique designs for every vision. Using transparent netting and endless imagination, Flowers of Life invites you to go beyond the ordinary and embrace something extraordinary.

Flowers of Life Finland

What is the name of your project?

The project is called “Flowers of Life.” It specializes in glow art and 3D event art, including holographic-style pieces. The services range from video art projections to fabric tech and event location transformations. Flowers of Life offers a complete approach to creating immersive visual experiences.

Which country are you from?

We are based in Finland, specifically in the Turku Archipelago on an island. Our location provides a serene and inspiring setting for our creative work.


How did you start with Flowers of Life?

In 2001, I began my journey with art, starting with drawing and eventually transitioning to painting. Around 2002, I began painting backdrops with blacklight-active paints, also known as UV paints. I was inspired by sacred geometry and the Flower of Life pattern. This led to the creation of the first giant mandala, measuring 6 meters wide and 6 meters long.

By 2003, I had ventured into string art, using thin fluorescent threads/ropes to craft intricate patterns. The following year, 2004, I kept experimenting with painting, exploring more complex shapes and methods.

In 2005, a pivotal moment occurred when I had the opportunity to create a custom “iglu” themed decor set. This project, undertaken with collaborators, involved three-dimensional crystals, animals, and snowflakes. During this time, a breakthrough in our art occurred – we discovered a method to practically “paint into the air.” Excited by this new technique, we established a company based on this innovative idea. With the addition of a third partner, we founded Elämän Kukat oy / Flowers of Life Ltd.

Our decor evolved into a “holographic” style, characterized by painting in the air. In 2006, we showcased our new style at an indoor party, decorating the entire venue with three-dimensional paintings for the first time. The positive reception at events like Boom Festival 2006 sent us into the international decor scene.

Flowers of Life art

Can you share insights into your creative process?

My creative process blends tradition and innovation. It weaves ancient symbolism with modern flair. I draw from sacred geometry. I infuse each piece with intricate and harmonious patterns. Yet, it’s in the melding of tradition with my style where my art flourishes. I experiment with string art and 3D crystals. I use breakthrough techniques like painting “in the air.” This lets me carve out a niche that mixes tradition with avant-garde expression.


How many people are on the crew today?

It depends on how you calculate it, but it ranges from 2 to 4. I’m the main person in our group. I work closely with Haul Parikahu, my teammate who organizes and is a long-term team member. And we also have riggers, painters, and all kinds of helpers.


What kind of events do you primarily work with?

I mainly work in various events. These include light art events, Glow Art & 3D Event Art, Video Art Projections & Hologram Tech, Shade / Roof fabrics & Cables, UV & RGB LED Lights & Programming, Fabric Tech & Event location transformations, Installation Tech & Crew and 3D modeling, Light Art Consultation/Teaching.

Work in various events

What kind of music do the events usually have?

The music is mostly psytrance, which perfectly complements the atmosphere I create with my decorations. Its fast tempo and psychedelic soundscapes make the experience better. They draw people into a world of vibrant energy and immersion. I love how it encourages people to dance and lose themselves in the moment, creating unforgettable memories.


Can you describe your decoration style? What exactly do you do?

We focus on creating 3D dimensional objects that float in the air. At parties, they are usually positioned over the dance floor. It’s more like an airspace filled with 3D objects.

Decoration style

Can you tell me about some notable projects you’ve done in the past 20 years?

Sure, let me think. In Finland, one of the highlights was organizing our first forest festival in Aulanko Forest. We created our most significant piece there, a vast, surreal installation. It was a magical moment. As for international projects, one that stands out is a festival setup where we created an immersive experience over the dance floor. It felt like a transition to the next level of installations for me.


How do you manage a decoration project from concept creation with the client to final delivery?

First, we need to understand the client’s vision and wishes. Then, we assess the location’s possibilities and limitations. Budget is also a crucial factor. We offer custom designs and ready-made options depending on the client’s preference.


How do you view technology’s impact on your artwork?

Technology serves as both a canvas and a catalyst for my artistic expression, amplifying the scope and scale of my mandala art. UV paints illuminate dark spaces, and holographic projections cast ethereal visions. Technology gives my creations a dynamic vitality. Using digital tools has been vital. They let us reach global audiences by crossing physical boundaries to share our art. Yet, in the digital symphony, the essence of mandala art remains timeless. It is a testament to the lasting allure of sacred geometry in a changing world.


How long does it take to create a custom design?

The time needed to craft a custom design can vary. It usually takes anywhere from a month to several months, depending on the complexity and size of the project. This flexibility ensures that each piece receives the attention and detail it deserves.


What materials do you use for your 3D floating designs?

I primarily use transparent netting and other lightweight materials for my 3D floating designs. Transparent netting is flexible for creating captivating visuals. Light materials make it easy to install and move.

3D floating designs

How do you source these materials?

I source these materials by purchasing them wholesale directly from an Italian factory. This allows me to access high-quality supplies at competitive prices, ensuring consistency and reliability in my projects.


Have you collaborated with other artists, and if so, how has it influenced your work?

Collaboration lies at the heart of my creative journey, a symphony of minds converging to weave tales of artistry and innovation. From the inception of Flowers of Life, collaboration has been our guiding ethos, propelling us to new heights of creativity. Whether partnering with Antti Vestola to explore new techniques or welcoming Nicolas Vollar into our fold, each collaboration enriches our artistic tapestry. My work evolves through this synergy of talents, resonating with diverse perspectives while staying true to our collective vision.

Artistic tapestry

How do you infuse symbolism and spirituality into your Flowers of Life project, aiming to connect with viewers?

Symbolism and spirituality form the soul of my Flowers of Life project, resonating with layers of meaning and cosmic resonance. Each intricate line, each geometric configuration, is imbued with ancient wisdom and universal truths. I aim to captivate the eye and stir the soul, forging a profound connection with viewers. Whether it’s the hypnotic allure of the Flower of Life or the transcendental symmetry of string arts, my mandalas beckon viewers into a realm where the mundane transcends into the mystical.


Do you have experience with multimedia designs, like video editing or animation?

Yes, I have experience with multimedia designs, particularly in video editing and animation. In my work, I specialize in creating video art using transparent netting for holographic projections. It’s a fascinating technique that allows me to combine my passion for visual storytelling with innovative technology. I can craft immersive and dynamic visual experiences that captivate audiences by leveraging transparent netting. It’s a genuinely unique approach to decoration that adds depth and intrigue to any space.

What advice would you give to aspiring decorators?

Keep creating and following your instincts” means that you should continue to make and design things as an aspiring decorator, trusting your judgment and intuition. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new ideas. Your creativity sets you apart, so embrace it and let it guide your work.

Aspiring decorators

How can event promoters get in touch with you?

Event promoters can quickly contact me through multiple channels. They can visit my website or contact me via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Whether you prefer the convenience of online communication or seek to engage directly through social networks, I’m readily accessible to discuss your event needs and explore the possibilities of bringing my unique artistic touch to your venue.

Flowers of Life

[email protected]

Skype: mandalafreak

Phone: +358415455755 (Veikko)



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