Passion Fruit: The Story behind Promango Booking

Passion Fruit: The Story behind Promango Booking
Promango Booking

We set down for an exclusive one-on-one conversation with Moti Landsman, the visionary founder of Promango Booking. As we delve into the origins of his profound connection with the electronic music scene, Moti shares the pivotal moments that fueled his dedication to curating a diverse roster of live techno artists under the Promango umbrella. This interview unveils the evolution of Moti Landsman’s visionary approach to artist management and provides insights into the driving force behind Promango Booking’s success in the realm of live techno performances.


Fruits of Passion

Moti Landsman has carved an inspiring journey from his roots as an event promoter in the north of Israel to managing a unique array of Live Techno artists. Moti’s passion for the electronic music scene led him to establish Promango Booking, a platform that stands at the intersection of innovation and creativity. His experience as an event promoter has endowed him with a deep understanding of the industry, enabling him to curate a diverse and talented roster of Live Techno artists. Moti’s commitment to pushing boundaries and fostering a dynamic music culture is evident in Promango’s mission, making it a prominent player in the world of electronic music bookings.


The Begining

As a member of a kibbutz in the Emeq Izrael region, Moti, along with his friends, conceived a distinctive idea to showcase live performances by artists they admired. Each friend in the group contributed funds to support the event and manage bookings. This innovative approach not only garnered the interest of major city promoters but also paved the way for Moti to Join a renowned event production team known as “Clicka.” The first artist they brought was the Italian Loopus in Fabula, And the likes of Kalya Scintilla & Grouch from New Zealand, And many many more. Today Moti is the brain behind “Camel Riders”, an internation event production who specilazed in collabortions with clubs and festivals around the world.


Promango Booking

Founded in partnership with Idan Tzadok, Promango stands at the intersection of innovation and artist representation, serving as both an Artist Management and International Booking Agency. Functioning as a vital conduit in the realm of Live Electronic Music, Promango is a pivotal link connecting visionary DJs and compelling projects to festivals and clubs worldwide. their company name cleverly embodies their commitment to PR and management, reflecting their mission to establish a centralized hub for burgeoning and seasoned talents alike. With a dedicated focus on fostering promising artists, our goal is to propel their music to new heights across the global stage.

The Artists

Laroz/Camel Rider

Laroz, also known as Camel Rider, is a DJ and producer hailing from Tel-Aviv, boasting over three decades of expertise in music production. Throughout his musical journey, he has collaborated with numerous iconic artists across various popular genres. In addition to this, Laroz has dedicated himself to developing his personal underground electronic project, along with overseeing his record labels, Camel Riders Records and Mau House Music.

With a musical repertoire that spans from Solomun’s ‘Diynamic Music’ to Sabo’s ‘Sol Selectas’, Laroz has earned significant acclaim in the electronic music scene. His impeccable productions and distinctive sound signature have garnered respect from influential figures in the industry. Tracks crafted by Laroz are frequently embraced by renowned DJs such as Solomun, Âme, Dixon, Acid Pauli, and many others. Whether it’s captivating audiences while globetrotting or contributing to a diverse array of venues and events, Laroz consistently delivers electronic hits, showcasing his delightful sound and seasoned touch.

Nadav Dagon

Nadav Dagon, an electronic musician and producer, showcases his dynamic LIVE electronic set in a mesmerizing 360-degree show. Utilizing samplers, drum machines, a hybrid drum set, percussion, and an array of instruments, he constructs an expansive realm of tribal sounds, captivating vocals, rhythmic enchantment, and groovy bass lines.

His distinctive creations have found a home on renowned labels such as Rumors (by Guy Gerber), Kanto Records (by Oceanvs Orientalis), Nomade Records, Camel Riders, Lump Records, and various others.

In 2022, Nadav introduced his own musical collective and label, “Circle Of Dreams,” where he not only releases music but also organizes concept events that revolve around the immersive experience of live dancefloor music.

Touring incessantly across the globe, Nadav mesmerizes audiences at lively gatherings, leaving his mark in cities like Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome, Budapest, New York, Rio de Janeiro, and Goa, among others. His inspiration stems from his journeys and encounters with diverse cultures, allowing him to absorb the essence of nature and channel it into mesmerizing melodies and rhythms.

Niv Ast

Niv Ast, an electronic producer and DJ based in Tel-Aviv, draws inspiration from the psychedelic waves of acid, the rebellious attitude of Punk-Rock, and the infectious groove of Disco. Over the past few years, he has been on a constant global tour, gracing iconic venues like Fabric London, Kater Blau Berlin, Klein Phönix Istanbul, Opium Club in Vilnius, Le Sucre in Lyon, and Silencio in Paris, just to name a few. He has also taken center stage at leading festivals, including ‘Calvi on the Rocks’ in Corsica, Gardens of Babylon in Amsterdam, and InDnegev Festival at Mitzpe Gvulot.

Niv Ast’s live show is a robust electronic performance, featuring original materials crafted specifically for peak-time clubbing. His ensemble includes distorted electric guitars, a percussionist, keyboards, electronic drums (SPDs), and entrancing vocals, resulting in a pulsating and intoxicating experience filled with delightful hooks and powerful sounds.

His recent releases have found homes on esteemed labels worldwide, such as Correspondant, Disco Halal, Get Physical, Watergate Records, Optimo Music, Blue Shadow, and more. Niv Ast also wears the hat of the label boss for ‘Band Apart,’ serving as the home and playground for his live show materials. Additionally, he co-runs the imprint ‘New Day Everyday’ alongside Eliezer, embodying their vision of dance-floor electronic music for indie enthusiasts and disco lovers alike.

Niv Ast’s music regularly resonates with prominent DJs like Jennifer Cardini, DJ Tennis, Polo & Pan, Gorgon City, John Digweed, Simple Symmetry, Deer Jade, Terr, and Fort Romeau. He has shared the stage with notable artists such as Tale Of Us, Acid Pauli, Amelie Lens, Blond:ish, Jan Blomqvist, Konstantin Sibold, Polo & Pan, Purple Disco Machine, Seth Troxler, and many others.

Rodrigo Gallado Band

Rodrigo Gallardo, hailing from Chile, is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer who embarked on his musical journey at a young age alongside the Charango and the Zampoña. He co-founded the ‘Matanza’ band, where for nearly a decade, he contributed to compositions blending influences from folklore and electronics.

Having a rich discography, including releases like ‘Ay Que Sera Del Sol,’ ‘El Origen’ featuring Nicola Cruz, ‘Minero,’ ‘El Abuelo,’ ‘Kalimera,’ and many others, Rodrigo is a significant figure in the global organic electronic movement. His works often involve collaborations with various artists and colleagues.

Currently, Rodrigo presents a LIVE format featuring four musicians on stage, showcasing his original compositions. The band’s sonic roots lie in Andean and Latin American music, infused with electronic beats, deep bass, and entrancing vocals. Rodrigo’s distinctive use of Charangos and Guitars adds a unique touch, creating an emotional journey that seeks to connect listeners to collective consciousness and ancient roots.

Tal Wollner

Tal Wollner, a highly gifted musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist, and DJ based in Tel Aviv, stands out as a true artist constantly pushing the boundaries of musical exploration. Seamlessly blending downtempo and deep frequencies with high-tempo, energetic sounds, Tal draws inspiration from both the desert and the jungle, creating a sonic landscape uniquely his own.

In both his music and live performances, Tal showcases a fusion of organic, eclectic, and live elements, demonstrating his mastery of instruments such as the oud, saxophone, and sampler. His dedication to his craft is evident in a series of remarkable releases, each finding a home on distinguished labels like Cafe de Anatolia, Camel Riders, Circle of Dreams, Polyptych, and many others. Widely acclaimed by both music critics and enthusiastic listeners, Tal has solidified his standing as a respected figure in the industry.

Beyond the studio, Tal’s live performances serve as a testament to his exceptional talent and stage presence. His ability to read the crowd and curate unforgettable musical journeys further cements his reputation as an artist who not only excels in the studio but also captivates audiences with his live prowess.


Promango Team

  • Moti Landesman – Managenet and owner
  • Idan Tzadok – Agent & Owner
  • Shishi Meriwani-Tayar -International bookings – Nadav Dagon / Circle of Dream
  • Anael Shir Shoshan – IL Bookings
  • Jonathan Gavish – Agent

For bookings visit Promango or write: [email protected]

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